Advanced recipes lvl 90, tier 10

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    Will the lvl 90 tradeskill recipes be added at lvl 90 for TLE servers? As things are now, they wont be added before ToV- No TLE have made it so far. Even if the next will, then its still a lot of time/lvls to wait before something so basic is available for the players.

    - And just as important. Will the adornment tiers be available relative to lvl-progression?
    Ethereal adornments cover 81-90, where lvl 90 is Superior adornments, 81-89 is Lesser and Greater
    But t11, Astral adornments starts at lvl 90 with lesser version. - and both is available on TLE servers.
    Lesser adornments is in other word causing a lot of issues regarding consistency of tiers and difficulty in obtaining materials. Lesser(astral) adornments is in many(all?) cases better than their Greater (Ethereal) counterpart in same level-range
    Additionally. - We dont have advanced adornments 10 available in a way that makes sense for a TLE. The materials we get from lvl 90 and up can currently only be used for lesser adornments despite we get manas from xmuting fabled items from curent tier.
    Would it be possible to fix the type of manas we get from xmuting lvl 90 items, so they also yield Distilled manas, and not Frozen as they do now? , OR. mebbi adjust the release of Greater and Superior Frozen adornments so lesser isnt available until lvl 91, and greater/superioer is released at lvl 92? Feelsbad to see lesser adornments flagged as lvl 90 in the same game-tier as Superior is lvl 90. It doesnt make mich logic sense to me.

    - therres something very wrong that we get borderline useless materials from Sundered Frontier(Lvl90) all the way to... Skyshrine?? However, Skyshrine could mark the point of where Frozen adornments could be released.
    Incandescent is not until lvl 95 iirc, but the Frozen have the Superior released at lvl 95(iirc)

    II might be wrong about details, but this is defo something that needs to be adressed.