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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-2Swole21 Guest

    I dont know what to say about this, i have a 450/450 muter, but only 185/450 adorning. Sure id like to get it maxed out, ive been saving lots of mat's for it, and not have to spend 60-70p for 1 T9 adornment. What does that cost an adorner to make? 20g? Thats a huge profit margin... Not that it really matters to me atm anyhow, my sub ends May 5 :/
  2. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    i never seen any 1-9 lvl infusions, got those infusions from 10-89 lvl, but my mute skill are currently 339/450, as far i can do as up to 75th level.
    now i am bit concern about how to transmute those items from +90 lvl The Hole and Vig, since skills are capped at 450, and with cloak of harvester only helped abit.
    my advice to Dominio, i think having few "stages" of starting levels before going to next tier adornment craftings, having few "infusions" that seem hard to get as bonus rewards, so they can make few for themselves and for others if someone needed, instead of handing out "elite" rewards.
    just curious, is these going to be another new "Instanced" crafting zone similar to Far Sea Supply quests? i do hope so, sound like fun, and if it is instanced zone, and please at least add 1 collectionable shiney per zone, all random. anti-exploit if set with timer as Moonlight's Enchanted Grottos.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kizee Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    Uhhh yes.
    I was a tinker when the expansion released so I did the the "hard way" and it wasn't as bad as people are making it out to be.
    I did the first 150 points on t1 stuff then started breaking down all the stuff I had in my banks across all my alts and bought some some stuff to break down and just got 400 the other day.
    I wish SoE would stop trying to appease the ADD/gotta have it now gamers.
  4. ARCHIVED-S1lence2 Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    This made me smile :) More of this please Domino, RAF and Guild harvesters have cheapened the acheivements/efforts of the players who "Actually" go out and earn thier level in adventure and crafting. Could you imagine the uproar if you made bonus XP returns and Special gear that was only obtainable by harvesting and crafting it for yourself? Not tradeable to another char with no exceptions? I know of some seriously Hard Core PVP players who are only recently realizing the value of being a max level crafter (Earring of Solstice, Crafters escape etc etc).
    And BTW whats the word on an Adorner/Tinkerer Epic quest and cloak with title?
  5. ARCHIVED-Kenban Guest

    Kizee wrote:
    Transmuting for a while now, adorning since the expansion was released. People complained of how hard transmuting was after you got it to 100. But most people just went into tinkering instead which means only a fraction of the game population was even trying to level transmuting. Also there was competition since there were a lot less people trying to get the items.
    It does seem like some people in this thread and others don't understand transmuting and adorning were split into separate skills as part of the game update released along with the expansion. For example the people talking about how easy it is to get their skill to 100. With transmuting your only breaking down items and frankly not very many people are talking about it being hard. Its adorning that this entire discussion is about. While one is used to make raws for the other they really should be discussed separately. They skill up totally differently.

    Primel@Befallen wrote:
    The mark up is in the cost of the raws. If the person who made that adornment had to purchase the raws on the open market the profit is MUCH smaller. Look at what you want and start looking at what it takes to make it. All of the best adornments are made using a mana. That requires breaking down fabled gear or a master spell. Even then its something like a 30% chance of getting a mana.
    If you can't afford a fabled T9 adornment look at the T8 and the legendary T9 both are a lot cheaper and often are similar just not the absolute best you can get.
  6. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Kenban wrote:
    Adorning up to 100 is harder than it was. Post 100 it's much much easier, to the point where adorners come out ahead of the former transmuting. The ability to skill up on raw conversions is a huge boon.Given the current 3 methods are effectively the same as they have been since the launch of EoF, I'm just hard pressed to see where the complaints are coming from. Until otherwise said, the skill being a pain in it is "working as intended". Everything an adorner does is tradable, suck it up or buy from the people who did.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kreton Guest

    Is this quest going to be deletable? As I can see this being completely exploited, if so, to where you do nearly all the combines, then just delete the quest and get it again before it's done and repeat until you have maxed your adorning skill.
  8. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Primel@Befallen wrote:
    Lets see, t9 treasured items vendor for about 17g each. Every recipe requires 5 of them. That's (5x17g) 85g. Of course you could of sold those same fragments for 35g each so the actual opportunity cost is (5x35g) 175g.
    Powders are perty cheap actually. Broker wise they are selling for about 40g. Why are they only slightly more expensive than fragments? Basically because you use a lot of fragments but not a lot of powder. Also powder is the common result from transmuting legendary gear. There is also an upgrade recipe to make powder into infusions. Infusions are going for about 4p each so 10 powders = 1 infusion. So the bottom price is 40g because people realize they can make infusions with powder.
    2 powders per recipe, so 80g.
    Infusions go for 4p...mostly because they can be muted into mana. Mana goes for about 40p each. 2 infusions are used per fabled adornments so (2x400g) 800g.
    Mana go for an average of 40p each. The price would be much higher if it wasn't for the upgrade recipes.
    So to make 1 fabled t9 adornment your talking about (40p+8p+80g+1p75g) 50p55g in raw material costs. Throw on the fuel costs, especially if your upconverting stuff and all of a sudden that huge profit shrinks real fast. If a few people all decide they want to buy components the prices skyrocket quickly because these arn't deep markets we're talking about. Once you eliminate the undercutters prices go up a good 10-30% for your supplies.
    Even a treasured adornment would cost (35gx4 + 40g + 10g fuel) 1p 90g to make. Adornments arn't cheap!
  9. ARCHIVED-Rendoir Guest

    What this is all boils down to is greed.

    Raider1 has just got his epic piece of gear, paid for a smashing red adorn with a few easy kills mobs. Then he wants the uberest white adorn. Goes to broker, see what he wants... 0MFG 90 pp????!!
    Runs off to try muting - but only ever logs in to guildhall to then go to flag, go in zone, raid and back to guild hall that soon finds at around 100 adorning he hates it.

    So he then starts whining about how it isn;t fair, it should be easier - he levelled to 90 in 11 days with RAF and then got geared up in 2 weeks - so why shouldn;t he also be ablew to be an adorner liek the guy making the 90pp... Which is fact is not true at all, as he isn;t making 90 pp...

    ha ha ha...
    EQ2 is sadly becoming a whole lot like that other game in terms of juvenile content, and appeasing to the laze... ^^
  10. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Impact@Splitpaw wrote:
    Actually, it comes down to
    DominoDev wrote:
    Or do you feel that way even after having read it before posting?
  11. ARCHIVED-LivelyHound Guest

    Tyrus@Butcherblock wrote:
    You can easily get to around 520+ (not in game at the mo) transmuting, which is plenty high enough to break that stuff down. Easiest boost is the unicorn.

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