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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    I like the idea of it being a Mara quest with the Mara pre-req being its pre-req, too (i.e. requiring someone to have leveled a crafting class to 50 and done Ship Out), with a tinkering quest as well. I, too, think it should have virtual dings or items which are unusable, especially if the components are going to be free, even if the fuel isn't (fuel cost would be returned in the reward).
    Part of the reward could be Mara faction and tokens with special adorning and tinkering recipes put on the Mara merchant.
  2. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    Make it extensive like our new signiture quest and throw some guild status on it, too! I could go for that.
  3. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    I kinda like linking it to FSSD, too. However, because it allows an additional method to gain adorning leveling, it also alienates other types, too. So, it should be across the board - tinkering, adorning and transmutting.
    One can pick which type of quest they wish to do. One cannot do all three at one time, but perhaps on a rotating schedule with similar idea to the FSSD instances, crafting quests and solo quests.
    And to take advantage of an additional method to skill up, one must have full faction with FSSD or at minimum 25K.
    If this is not to be linked to FSSD, then utilize the Craftkeepers of Paineel. In that case require full crafting faction (or at least 25K) in Craftkeepers, QQ, Pandas and Kerra in order to take advantage of the additional method of skilling up.
    This way, it's not instant - gratification, yet will still take time to utilize as an addition to normal methods of skilling up rather than as the only method.
  4. ARCHIVED-Oxie Guest

    I'd say "yes" to something like this, but I agree with the folks who are calling for something similar for tinkering.
    I have one toon that I did "everything" on, prior to SF launch. Because he was a tinkerer, I made my jeweler alt a muter 3 weeks before the announcement at FanFaire that we'd be able to do both tinkering and transmuting/adorning on the same toon (DOH).
    Once SF launched, I easily got my main toon to 450 tinkering and 450 transmuting, but I decided to not do adorning on him because I already had a transmuting/adorning toon on my account. The only reason that I'd like to get adorning leveled up on my main toon, is just so I can have the ease of looking at his gear and at my recipe book to decide what to make adornment-wise.
    I have already mentored down to farm for my alt's transmuting/adorning prior to SF's launch, and no way I'd do that again to level up another toon's adorning. I "chronoed" my way to 450 transmuting on my main, but the pain of going to 400+ on the adorning aspect of this character I couldn't handle doing again. Being able to do this via a daily quest would be the only way I'd consider leveling up my main's adorning skills.
    I'm already so bored with SF now, that the only real reason I'm sticking around is because of my friends and guildies that are still around. This daily quest would give me something to do for another month or two while I sit around and hope that SOE fixes all the other "things" that are annoying the crap outta me with this game at the moment. It's either adorning daily quests or doing YET ANOTHER harvesting cloak on a crafting alt...oh the joys of running yet another lowbie toon through zones like Nek Forest, Rivervale, Feerrott, etc. Blasted dens!
  5. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    I do not like this idea at all. As long as you can get skillups off grey combines there's no need to add an option to make more difficult level ranges easier.
    My transmuter/adorner (maxed on both) leveled for approximately 0 plat, but I level locked and between his time leveling up and a lot of sharing from alts leveling up, I leveled him up in about 3 months time. Not really that long in my opinion considering it was already pretty far into the TSO expansion and the rush to get geared up was pretty much over for the min/max players.

    If you really insist on implementing something like this, I definately want it added as an option for tinkerers as well, so I can level up my transmuters tinkering skill easily.
  6. ARCHIVED-hellfire Guest

    There is nothing wrong with transmuting or is working perfectly.
    Why are you gonna put resources/time/effort into modifying something that isnt broken in any way?
  7. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    I would say to wait another 4-6 months to see if this is even necessary. We're not even at the 2 month mark for SF and people want to nerf adorning. Let things cool down with people making a mad rush to raise the skill, then decide if something like this really needs to be fixed.
    I disagree with the whole idea of spoonfeeding a tradeskill like this. Once you start with one, people are going to start expecting more opportunities along that line. Next thing you know, people are becoming level 90 tradeskillers over a 5 day period, spending 6 minutes each day on something.
    Leave the grind alone!
  8. ARCHIVED-Kizee Guest

    I am kind of boggled why people think that tinkering needs to be easier.
    Regular tradeskilling is more tedious than tinkering.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    I don't see adding any daily quest for any crafting aspect is "making [craft] easier", I see it as adding in another optional activity for crafting.
    Why were the Journeyman quests added? there were perfectly valid ways to obtain the Advanced books for all crafts. Did those quests make crafting easier? Yes, they made getting ONE book (which many of us already had on our primary crafter by then) easier, but didn't make crafting or even leveling any craft easier.
    Why were the Hungry Halfling quests added? It was possible to harvest without them. It was even possible to harvest a plentiful amount of roots and ore without the HH quests. The HH didn't make harvesting easier. It did provide an optional different use for certain harvests.
    Why add in any of the Mara crafting? It has provided an optional alternative way to gain levels in crafting. Did it make crafting easier? not in the least.
    So, would having a daily quest with a handful of tinkering and/or adorning combines make either of those "easier"? no, not in the least. Heck, if one relied solely on that daily quest, it might take even longer to skill up even though it would be for "free".
  10. ARCHIVED-Kizee Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    It makes it easier because you don't need raws to do those 10 combines a day.
    You are completely removing the effort of having to go out and get the raws....which is quite a bit of time considering thats 60 frags and 10 powders you need for those 10 combines.
  11. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    I really like the guild status. While you are at it, can we have regular writs for tinkering and adorning that give guild status? Why not give an extra reason to lvl up for those who need to lvl guilds or pay t3 guild rents?
  12. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    Deveryn wrote:
    No, just add tinkering/adorning writs for mara/guild/personal status so that people will have 2 reasons instead of one to lvl the alternate tradeskills.
  13. ARCHIVED-kreepr13 Guest

    WOW a whole 10 combines...............Game will be broken, thats it!!!!!!! /throwsarmsup

    I love the idea Domino, hope you can get it pushed threw.
  14. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    Oakum wrote:
    If you need more reasons to raise something, you probably shouldn't bother with it in the first place. It seems like a lot of people want to raise the skill just because there's an achievement there. If that's the case, go ahead and earn it like everyone else has. People have already shown that it's not some kind of impossible feat. It just takes some time or money. Let's find a better use for dev time than helping achievement fiends get their fill for less.
    I think the writ is an ok idea. I just worry about resource consumption, when I see the words 'tinkering' and 'writ' together.
  15. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Kizee wrote:
    The Mara instances allow one to make combines without having to go out and get any raws. Does that mean they make crafting easier?
  16. ARCHIVED-Purr Guest

    +1 for daily quests for adorning (and tinkering ifyou want to even things out). 10 combines are not game breaking and would provide a different path for people who don't want to grind to max in a hurry.
  17. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    No but you can already harvest for free so it's not comparable.That said, writs having xp completely changed what it meant to have the faction rewards and have rendered them near useless for anything of value.
    Purr wrote:
    It's not the hurry, it's the value just like imbueing mats. The mass shift in cost changes the very nature of the tradeskill and we're only talking from 0-450 now. Let's be conservative and say it takes 180 days to cap out from intermittent work. When the cap is raised again, there's a free method of increase and at least for SF, no raising actually had to be done because everything capped out at 400. Between casually upgrading mats and making adorns, the shift here is potentially enormous. I don't like it under the current philosophy of adorning but if this is to be done, may as well just rethink the whole skill.
  18. ARCHIVED-loramil Guest

    Instead of putting in a quest for combines, I'd MUCH rather see an increase in drop rates for treasured items.
    I was going through butcherblock the other day since I had never gone back and done them yet, and a lot of the chest dropped gear that was classified as hand crafted.
    Maybe re-classify items that are 'Looted Treasure' or some other type of droped item as Treasured
  19. ARCHIVED-LivelyHound Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Makes the whole skill far too easy to level, the hardest part of adorning is material acquisition not the actual combines. Therefore by providing free materials (albeit at enough for 10 combines a day) you are in essence taking the only hard part of the levelling process away, thus making it far easier.
    As to the some lvl ranges being harder to get components, that doesn't matter as long as it is possible to skill up from grey combines becuase you can just pick a lvl range that components are easy to get in and work there until you are past the hard range. That particular complaint only matters when you are in the first tier becuase you have no options, hence the broker charges for t1 mutables, and that complaint is pretty null as everybody can chronomentor and blast the living **** out of a lvl 1-9 zone and get enough mutables in 1 hour to get to t2 and if that is too slow for you then adorning really really really shouldnt be the skill you should be working on.
    I am not for this idea.
  20. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Let's see - ya'all want free mats, free costs, free combines just so you can level up one tradeskill. Hmmmmmm...... better make it across the board..... after all it takes forever for transmuting and tinkering... and oh, yeah.... any crafting...
    Treasures drop frequently. I know - I raised muting that way, plus harvesting rares t-1 though t-3 mostly, plus making spells then breaking them down, plus doing all those adorning combines BEFORE the SF changes.
    Would I do it now? Yup.... skilling up a couple more characters in tinkering and adorning and muting. Do I want it faster? Not really - not necessary. It's already easy enough. If one really want to pwr level craftings as well as adventuring..... there is no reason why one cannot do it now, if you really think on the game plan.
    I have known peeps who leveled crafting professions, tinkering, transmuting and now adorning in less than a week. And you want to do it faster and with mats handed to you w/e you wish? How 'bout skilling up in one hour? You can do an easy quest that takes 5 minutes, and there u go - you're capped at what ever profession you want.
    IMO... I say no.... however, never say no..... perhaps a daily quest for any profession (name that profession) is in order. One has to first get 50k faction in the Order of (name that profession), with the daily quest of which each quest gives 500 faction points with one quest per week (a group quest) that will give 1000 faction points and tokens to purchase jewelry to up that profession and special recipes and a plushie and a trip to anywhere you want to go in the world.
    That way you satisfy everyone - adorners, muters, tinkerers, jewelers, alchys, sages, armorers, weaponsmiths, tailors, provisioners, carpenters, woodworkers - that is all the wouldbees who don't want to spend the time doing what it takes 'cause they hate spending the time learning a skill, nor do they want to waste time harvesting, nor doing time sinks in getting their goals accomplished.

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