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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Something that we're considering adding when time permits is a daily adorning quest that would allow you to do X number of adorning combines with materials provided once per day. Obviously, there would have to be quite a few checks to ensure it's not exploitable, but it's something that we think could be added as an option to help get adorning past some of the more annoying-to-get-components-in level ranges.
    I'm thinking around 10 combines per day (white con or harder as much as possible) might be reasonable. It certainly shouldn't be an "easy button" or a fast track, but just a helpful assistance.
    Again, this is still speculative, not a promise it will happen, but wanted to mention it's something we're discussing as a possibility. :D
  2. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Would you all consider something similar for tinkering?
    While it is true you can just harvest and harvest to get the components for tinkering, it does use up considerably more than adorning. And with chronomentoring & transmuting available to everyone starting at level one + recipes to convert one type of adorning material into another, it isn't nearly as hard to get the right components to level adorning as it once was.
    (as a side note, I think a daily or even twice a week or so quest would be dandy for this).
  3. ARCHIVED-JonasLupus Guest

    I do think it's a good idea. I know there are ranges that can be brutal on low level characters.
    What kind of rewards would be offered for these quests?
  4. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    Sounds great (grumble I just got 400 Adorning this weekend the broker method) but Adorning/Tinkering are skill ups not XP based so how will the quest work in those reguards? will 10 combines per daily = 10 skillups? Will we still be stuck with the RNG and possibly get 0 skillups? Getting 0 skillups would be a waste.
    Would there be a chance for a skillup per combine then a set number of skillups for doing the quest?
    What about other rewards? If fuel is used you should give back what was used in gold but should there be anyother reward? Other dailys give a cash reward so this should as well. What about XP? This is a tradeskill quest so should it give XP? Should it Give AA? Itd be nice if it gave AA.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    I like the idea for adorning -- tinkering does not need anything like this, the cost to skill it up is not even in the same ballpark.

    My suggestions would be to keep the # of combines relatively limited. 10 a day may be OK so long as the normal rate of skillups remains (ie 10 a day of white would give about 5 skillups a day). At that rate, it'd take you ~80 days to get to 400 just using this method (and assuming that constant skillup rate). That's reasonable considering it's free.
    I can think of a few things to prevent it from being exploited. The simplest one owuld be to make whatever gives the items out ONLY do it once per day. IE do not give the components out when the quest is given out, but rather as a clickie that only functions once per day. That way people can't do the quest except for one combine, delete it, and then do it again -- they only get the same share of materials as everyone else, one set worth per day.

    So long as it can't be exploited, I like the idea. I already did adorning on my main, but such a nice slow way of leveling it up without costing an arm and a leg would still be nice for those that have kept away from adorning due to the cost (on AB, even T1 stuff goes pretty pricey).
    You could even give out a nice book on say the 20th completion that lets us turn powders into fragments ;)
  6. ARCHIVED-wickermanuk Guest

    Personally I think it's a awful idea, sorry but I do.
    I just don't understand the need, with the chronomage mentoring system people can farm whatever they need to max out adorning.

    There need to be skills in this game that take some effort on behave of the players, getting adorning to max can take awhile but so what, there wont be a new expansion out for at the very least 8/10 months so what is the problem?
    I kinda liked the old transmuting system, it was tough and not everyone was prepared to make the effort to max it out. Now transmuting is incredibly easy, I was in a group the other day and 5 of the 6 people could mute items.
    For me one of the draws to playing a MMO is that you make your character unique, the work you put into your character defines what they can and cannot do. Simply making it easier and easier to achieve anything diminishes the overall game imo.
  7. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    wickermanuk wrote:
    I agree with most of this. I only disagree where the harvesting skill is concerned. I don't see much of a problem with people being able to transmute stuff.
  8. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Sounds like crafting Vanguard (which is awesome btw). You could level up crafting without having ANY harvested resources doing their version of crafting writs.

    Basically imagine doing writs and all you have to have/buy is the fuel, and the reward is more than the fuel cost by quite a bit.
  9. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    Adorning really needs some love, and I hope it's gonna be more than just 1 daily quest. Why not just make the amount of powders/fragments needed to make an adorn lower? Or when you transmute an item it has a chance of giving 2 or 3 powders/fragments back instead. This would make the cost/demand of adepts and teasured gear go down big time and make adorning not as expensive to level.
    To transmute, At 10 gold for an average adept/mutable gear, 1 in 4 chance of skill up, 450 skill ups needed thats:
    180 Plat to make an 450 Transmuter. Should be left with about 1,800 powders/fragments/infusions.
    Now you need to make an adorner with all those fragments and powders you've just made.
    at lets say 5 powders/fragments needed per adorn, 25% chance of skill up, 450 skill ups needed thats:
    9,000 powders/fragments needed to make a 450 Adorner.
    Think about that. Each one of those powders/fragments costs 10g a pop, thats:
    900 plat to level to a 450 Adorner.
    After I got my character 450 Transmuter, I thought I was half way, but I found that after I used all those transmute raws to make adorns I was only at skill level 90/450. So I either had to make another transmuter (or make continue transmuting on the same toon with no skill ups) to get the the rest of the fragments/powders I needed to continue skilling up adorns.
    So I made a second transmuter toon, got him to 450 as well, used all those transmutes to work on my adorner toon. Got my adorner to skill 175/450.
    So to make one skill 450 Adorner it will take enough powders/fragments to make at least 5 transmuters brought all the way up to skill 450.
    1 Adorner = 5 Transmuters
    That's a bit imbalanced powder/fragment ratio. Please fix.
    I'm trying to level an adorner right now, I don't even care about the money I could make if I get to 450, I'm just sick of depending on other people to make them for me nearly every day. I'd like to be able to do it myself... This is beyong painful. This is just sick. Has any developer at Sony ever made an adorner and brought them to 450? Wow, I'll be suprized if one has.
  10. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Barx@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    That would be the general idea. Of course, you might get a really bad RNG day and get no skill ups, but then, another day you might get 10. Basically you'd have as many chances at a skill up as there are combines.
  11. ARCHIVED-Krooner Guest

    Jonaroth wrote:
    Yeah your a little out of the ballpark on this one.
    I just did this over the weekend. Leveled from 1-450 and only spent 25P. I drug a lowbie around and got a bunch of adepts and trash to mute. In the end I put all the muted stuff back on the broker. It sold in less than 2 hours and I made back 17P.
    you can skill up off of any level mutables.
  12. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    And please dont say "well why dont you go out and level lock at 3 and farm your own adepts instead of buy them"... Because time is money, in the amount of time it would take to farm 9,000 adepts/mutable gear, I might as well just shell out the money, it's not worth the time.
    I mean you wouldn't expect all the other tradeskill classes to actually go out and harvest every single resource they had to use to lvl all the way to lvl 90 from lvl 1, that's what the harvest depot was implimented for. But there's no harvest depot for fragments/powders. :-(
  13. ARCHIVED-slothmister Guest

    I am AGAINST this idea.
    I spent alot of time and plat leveling my adorner to 400 in TSO. This idea will be an "easy mode" for leveling that skill. I make alot of money from adorning basically becuase it is so expensive and difficult to level that only a few have bothered with it.
    If you do impliment something like this then please add some heirloom uber white adorns (or even let us craft some amazing yellow ones, again make them heirloom).
  14. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Jonaroth wrote:
    My adorner is just over 400 at the moment, and has spent about 10p in total, ever (not counting fuel costs). I don't intend to spend any more than that.
    Adorning is a choice - you can either invest time, or you can invest money. Personally, I saved up every single scrap of armor from me and my alts and ran grey quests and made low level mastercrafted to break down, and it cost very little (the 10p was me getting impatient for a short time ... but that passed quickly).
    This was all implemented before I joined the team, so I don't know all the discussions that went on at the time. I don't know if I would implement it in the same way if I were doing it now. But whether you like it or not, there's no requirement to spend any money at all. (Or in fact to become an adorner at all.) So I don't feel it's valid to try and assign a platinum cost to adorning. Time is money, as they say, equally true in Norrath as in the real world out here, but it's each individual's choice.
    At any rate, thanks for the feedback. We'll keep you updated if this ends up implemented, and if it does I'm sure you'll be able to try it out on Test server and give more feedback as appropriate.
    Update to add...
    Jonaroth wrote:
    Actually, that's exactly what I'd expect, and that's exactly how we all did it until level 80 when the guildhalls were implemented. :D
  15. ARCHIVED-wullailduo Guest

    Jonaroth wrote:
    That was your choice , mine was to farm T1 zones with fast repopping mobs for a few hours , level muting on one character and then level adorning using those T1 rares and yes , I harvested all my raws to level my other tradeskills.
  16. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    Krooner wrote:
    Actually I leveled from 1-450 transmuter last weekend and it did cost me about 150-200 plat. I was paying up to 15g per item.
    Then this week I had to level my 2nd 450 transmuter to get more fragments to try and level the adorner, this time it only cost about 120-130 plat.
    Sure, you can go out and farm 1,000-2,000+ adepts/transmutable gear, but time is money man. I rather pay 100 plat then spend all weekend farming lowbie zones. Just run 2 or 3 lvl 90 instances, win a master, and that's also 100-200 plat, and WAY MORE FUN. trying to win 1,000+ adepts level locked at lvl 3 takes fooooooreeeeveeerrrr. And hardly seems to working as intended.
  17. ARCHIVED-wickermanuk Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Why do I get the feeling that whatever the replies in this thread you were always going to implement some form of this quest idea?
    I just don't understand why you want to make everything easier and easier. Yes adorning can be painstaking but the tools are there for people to do it all by themselves, they don't need to rely on other people and they do not need 900 plat!
    Until someone comes up with a new mechanic, time sinks in MMO are a valid way of allowing players to be different from one another. The more you take these away the more you diminish the value of the particular skill.
  18. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Maybe I'm not understanding you right, but at 10 combines a day for faster skill ups.. Lets say 50% chance of skill up per combine if adorning things close to your level, maybe even 75% chance of (although I rarely ever get to do that, usually it's 25% chance of skill up per combine)
    Using the new method wouldn't it take like 45 days at best to a possible 180 days to lvl up if you only depended on the quest and didn't do it the current expensive/time intensive way?
  19. ARCHIVED-KatrinaDeath Guest

    At first I thought NO as this is a source of income for me.
    Now I say YES as 10 a day isn't much help but it is something.
  20. ARCHIVED-JonasLupus Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I wanted to say to you everything that Domino said. So I'll just quote her and be done with it. Thanks for stealing my thunder :(

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