Adorning: Converting Powders to Fragments

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Earlhastan wrote:
  2. ARCHIVED-Earlhastan Guest

    My two main points Ive tried to make in this thread has been:
    1. Just because we where given a recipe for an upconversion it doesnt equal we should be given a recipe for a downconversion. I still think that would be a bloody stupid idea. If they should tweak anything, increase the droprates of treasureds or reduce the fragments needed in recipes. People see the wrong solution to the problem.
    2. If you are only making adornments for yourself, there isnt such a big problem. Sure you do get too many powders. But in the long run you turn them into infusions and manas and since you use up 100 powders to get one mana you will hardly have that large a supply. The only ones really affected here is the people making adornments for the broker. IF they want to compete on the market they can easily do so but they have to invest a huge wad of cash. Hence the supply and demand reference. The supply is fubar, therefore the price goes through the roof.

    I never said I was happy with the supply but id rather keep things as they are than bullying Domino to do some rash nerfing somewhere. The problem lies with the low droprates of treasured items and its on that people should focus their attention on telling the DEVs.
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    Earlhastan wrote:

    adding an up convertion with out a down convertion was indeed the reason why frags are over a plat a piece now. further more people who want personal adornments but can't spend 200 plat+ or endless mentoring to level up transmuting are stuck paying 10 plat for a tresured adornment and mind you, this is raw cost only!

    like another poster said the "dimond" is what needs to be fixed. the best way to do this is to cut the "dimond" in half so we get a "pyramid". it should look like this:
    1. allow power down convertion to frags.
    2.maybe mana down convertion to infusions. ( i dont see any problem with this but if there is please post)
    3. REMOVE all experience skill up from convertions. (this is about supply not leveling)

    further more adding more tresure drops will just add to the massive amount of coin in the world since the game lacks any real plat sinks.
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    Or leave it alone because it isnt really broken to begin with.
  5. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    Artemiz@The Bazaar wrote:
    why put in up convertions at all then? if not to fix the broken ratio between infusions and manas?
    so if that's how things are being delt with why not let powers be down converted into shards to fix the broken ratio between powers and frags?

    why leave something half done when it would be so easy to fix it all?

    yes there are exploits but they can be avoided by only adding power to frag down convertions and taking away all trade skill experience from convertions.
  6. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Davngr1 wrote:
    Ok, I give in. Domino please allow us to distill up and down and while we are at it throw in distilling between the tiers as well keeping in mind the first law of alchemy, "Equivalent Exchange".
    Takes 1000 fragments to make 1 mana and it should be equivalent going down. Between tiers it should be less to convert mana to a higher mana, probably 2:1 so 2 T1 mana = 1 T mana making about 20 T1 mana = 1 Distilled mana.
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    Artemiz@The Bazaar wrote:
    If the exchange was "equivalent" with no loss, then there would be no need to make adornments to skill up nor even to get any more than a base number of items. One could just do conversions up and down for a flat fuel cost between. Since the components are tradable, more than one person could level up just converting up and down.
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    Rijacki wrote:
    Oh there are far worse implications on this whole discussion than leveling Rijacki. Come on, you can level 0-90 in no time for tradeskilling and you can level for next to nothing doing the adorning mission. Its what can be done once you have the skill.
    Well, I am going to stay out of this conversation and see if Domino will actually put it in.

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