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  1. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Can I just ask for a bit of clarification about the Adornment color changes. Here's what I've put together so far...

    1. Old Destiny of Velious Red and Yellow adorns are now all Yellow. Is that also true and will they work on level 96-ish Ethermere items? Are they intended to, I mean.... those had yellow adorn slots.

    2. The Wracking my brains achievement is now blue adorns not red. I'm pretty sure when I did that the first time, I got a choice of anti-stun runes from that box and they were red. I haven't heard that mentioned just that they changed color.

    3. The red runes from original Kael are now marked in text as "Yellow adornment"

    4. The red (or blue?) runes from Fabled Kael are now officially marked by text as Orange adorns? Is that correct? I'm still playing catch-up but I wonder if running Fabled Kael is a goal for me or not. That's assuming it's a heroic, not a raid.

    So back when people said that you could catch up on Fervor by running the new Kael instances, is that still possible or is it not possible anymore?
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The red adorns that only go in yellow/orange slots are explicitly to prevent them from going into BoL gear. The devs want us to have empty adorn slots rather than using old adorns until we're blessed by RNG. That's the entire reason behind the changes to all 'old' red adorns. No provisions were made (or probably even considered) for anybody that might actually be playing content where those old red adorns were current.
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  3. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    In other words, let's have a knee-jerk reaction to something without thinking through the implications of that action on all aspects of the game as opposed to just the current xpac.
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  4. Bentenn Active Member

    1. Yep can't use those any longer.. devs enjoy us logging in everyday to hope the RNG gods look upon us, because you can't get any of the red runes any other way than RNG or belong to a raid guild that FLAWLESS kills things (So a small percent lol),

    2. you didn't have a change of the anti-stun runes, however, you did have a chance at 4 red runes... The devs decided that was a mistake and changed it to blue, so now if you have old CD runes with fervor on you them you have to drop one to replace it (Which no one who has all of them will) or you can still get lucky (RNG) with a pattern that still gives the red version of the wracking your brains acheivement. Basically this achievement is complete waste of time, although you will accomplish it anyway.

    3. Yes they don't care about old content.. this is why they created kaladium (/sarcasm btw)

    petition the wracking your brains achievement as much as you want.. but they will tell you the same thing, that the devs (itemization guy) said it should've never been that way... not sure why.. oh yea i am.. RNG is the way moving forward.. you either get super lucky or you log in everyday and run overseers, solos, heroics, oh wait.. thats a job huh.. enjoy

    /rant off.. have a happy working day in norrath
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  5. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Except when you work you earn something that you can save and buy things with. RNG is like playing the lottery every day and hoping to get enough to pay your bills. Not going to work and KNOWING you'll be able to pay your bills.
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  6. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    This was a mistake on their behalf, changing the color to blue. As red, they were immensely useful, as there were slots these could be used on. As blue, none of these will be useful as ones from CD will remain in their places, both as adornments easier and better to get. All of those offered in the WL crate are terrible options for blue. /sigh What a waste.
  7. Bentenn Active Member

    TRUST ME when I say I hate RNG and the itemization is just as bad.. love getting that infuser 99% of the time and then a 150 resolve item the other 1%.. then watch a person who logs in once every other day get all 3 195 items... just irks me.. no time put in but those 3 items alone blows their resolve right up where it needs to be.. lol
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  8. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    All they needed to do was change the shape of the adornment for different areas of the game, stars, squares, circles, etc... they could have all been three/four different colors.
    Meh, who am I kidding, they cant even do a simple text on harvest mats right
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  9. Harkone Silverwolf New Member

    Where do I /how do I get Red adornments that actually go in my equipment that has red adornment slots?! All the adornments I find that are RED say they are for yellow adornment slots or they are for Temp adornment slots. It seems impossible to find blue ones as well. What is the point of giving out equipment with all the adornment slots and then not making it possible to get the adornments?
  10. Thand Well-Known Member

    The new Adorns are all expation locked now the are not good in previosu expacty or more than 1 after they come out
  11. Melkior Well-Known Member

    This is a bit of a necro thread, but you can get new red adorns several ways. The easiest to get are from the Lockbox in the Nexus. Buy the items for 0c then pop the adorns out of them and put them in the gear you want. Other Reds are available by doing Overseers and getting recipes back as rewards. Finally you can get them as drops from doing solo/heroic/raid content in BoL and Ros.
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