[Adept 3 = buffs ? ]

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Melinora, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Nobody knows? :/
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    Theres only about 50 lvl 50 necros in the game. I've only seen a few of them talk on the forums. I'm going to also say I doubt any of them have all 3 adept3's your asking about. Those rars often go for many many plat.
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    Concentration buffs don't usually get upgraded to adept 3 anyway... the gains from adept 1 to adept 3 for these types of spells are so slight you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that uses a T5 rare to upgrade them.

    Edit: If you're just looking if you should upgrade to an adept 3, history has shown without fail the adept 3 is usually a point or two of buff increase compared to the adept 1. Not worth the rare.

    I wouldn't upgrade deaths coil beyond adept 1 either, you may have found someone that upgraded it but I can think of alot of T5 spells I would upgrade before that one.
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