1. Sagedust Member

    Hey, what are the warlock triggers please. I got a new computer and lost all of mine for Galiano.
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    My current ACT triggers are in my Dropbox (download, then import into ACT, it's an XML file).

    This is a kinda old thread, and I no longer have my triggers for old Kael Drakkel raids/zones, and I'd sure appreciate it if someone who DOES still have those triggers would share 'em.
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  3. Sagedust Member

    Could you please repost your ACT triggers? Somehow I'm not able to access the list. Thanks :)
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

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  5. Apau New Member

    anyone have the triggers for the new ROS zones? that would be willing to share?
  6. Hazimel New Member


    How do import these to ACT? I have 3 import options, none of them is XML (there is *act file, logs and clipboard).

    Thanks! :)

  7. Beee Well-Known Member

    In the upper right corner are 3 buttons : ImportXML / Show Timers / Show Mini

    Copy the text to your clipboard before clicking the button :)
  8. Hazimel New Member

    Thanks! I tried that, but unfortunately however I choose to copy the text, I get an error message. Should I do something specific to make the import be successful?
  9. Dasi Member

  10. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Here's my current set of triggers, which include some for VoV now, too.
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  11. Soraia Member

    I had the same problem. Save her file, go to Options, click on Configuration Import/Export, click Import and go find the file you just saved, click Open and then go look at the treasure trove of triggers you now have!
  12. Miauler Active Member

    Just a little snippet on regexes (especially if you have hundreds). The ^ character marks "Start of line". If you're matching a string (and look at your log files, not what you see on the screen necessarily), do add that at the very beginning. If you're definitely matching towards the end of the line, use the $ character signify that.

    For two main reasons:
    1) Efficiency of parsing the lines: If the first character after this isn't at the start of the line, then processing stops and the next attempt moves ahead. This saves precious processing cycles (especially if you're running on a not-so-new setup). It shouldn't matter _too_ much on a modern system, but hey, it's faster, neater and may remove some oddness that happens with too many regexes trying to fire on a given line. If that's not there, the regex engine will move character by character along the line looking for matches (sometimes clocking up a few hits, before rewinding).
    Matching in reverse from the end of line has the same effect (but starting at the end of the line).

    2) Spoofing. When you get enough regexes in your library, you'll end up with a few of them pinging randomly. And woe betide the person who lets mischief makers see their unanchored triggers. You'll never hear the end of random "Bulwark, Synergy, Hide under a mushroom" calls, even when you're idling.

    If you get bored one day, have a peek at: https://regextutorial.org
  13. Breena New Member

    I'm new to ACT and was able to copy triggers that were posted earlier, but can someone post triggers for all the VoV instances? The ones Sigrdrifa posted were extremely helpful, but not complete for the new zones. I would like to tank for heroic groups, but think I need triggers for bulwark. Thanks in advance
  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Here's my current trigger file, which should be considerably more complete (05/20/2022).
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  15. Breena New Member

    Thank you, Sigradrifa!
  16. Miauler Active Member

    Slightly incorrect. What you need is anchors and a minimal match. So you have ^(.*?)<text to match)> if you expect it towards the front of the line, or <match>(.*?)$ if it's towards the end.

    There nothing quite like trolling someone by sending normal looking sentences containing their unanchored text matches.
    There's a few other benefits as well, but as a 'get by', yep, a plain fragment will do as a rough and ready (drives me nuts though; I'm notorious for converting basic matches to more efficient form. :) ).
  17. Drownedinsound New Member

    Thank you so much Sigradrifa!!
  18. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    Thanks! I too lost all my triggers when my old computer died.
  19. Zorryn New Member

    Do you mind linking the latest? All the links in this thread are dead. thanks!
  20. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author