ACT parser. I play a healer how do I show healing only?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-meaogre, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-meaogre Guest

    Just downloaded this parser. Anyways anyone know how to set it up to show healing only? Ive only fiddled with it for a few hours but it always shows damage instead of healing.

  2. ARCHIVED-sarge Guest

    meaogre wrote:
    in general tab open text only formating and in per player use this
    {n}{name}I {damage} Dmg I {healed} Heal I
    this shows

    xxxxxI 3756294 Dmg I 466 Heal I

    xxxxxI 2500594 Dmg I 131686 Heal I

    xxxxxxI 1913634 Dmg I 23575 Heal I

    xxxxxxI 1895645 Dmg I 40855 Heal I

    xxxxxxI 1309318 Dmg I 850698 Heal I

    xxxxxxxI 134904 Dmg I 739982 Heal I
    take the damage part out if u want only heals shown
  3. ARCHIVED-Tash 123 Guest

    Maybe not exactly on the subject but.
    Heal parsers are almost never very interesting in just raw numbers.
    The break down of a heal parser are interesting for the healer but not for the group. tbh
  4. ARCHIVED-steelbadger Guest

    Yup, more important is WHO is being healed and by WHAT. The raw numbers don't mean much. Still, run the parser and check it after the raid to see who was healing who, and who wasn't doing their job.
  5. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    Gone are the days, if indeed they ever really existed, when you could just use the extHPS as the arbiter of healing effectiveness. Unfortunately too many people just look at this overall figure and use the results to wield the big "USUX" stick over the poor healers. Really and truly if you're all alive at the end of the fight then it was a success and if you're not well, err, it wasn't.
    You can look at the incoming heals figure on the MT if you like and (hopefully) see the shaman totally owning the heals however if the fight was very OT dependent then it too will hardly be a realistic measure of overall effectiveness. The mix of healers, both within a group and raid wide can have an enormous effect on the overall results as can the other members they are healing so it is very difficult to come up with a single number which denotes the difference between "suck" and "win".
    At the end of the day a heal parse is only really useful for helping work out what went wrong on a particular fight. As I said before if you end up killing the mob and you're still alive at the end then chalk that one up as a win and move on.
  6. ARCHIVED-Blackthunder13 Guest

    As a raid healer i use the hell out of my heal parse to check gear setups and aa setups for effectivness and pple know when they are in a group w me the will have to pick out thier dmg cause i list heals top:)
  7. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    sarge wrote:
    While i wold replace "healed" with "extHPS" thats a preference up to you... but dont forget on the tab that sorts it which is on top.... i think it defaults to DPS... make sure to switch it to whichever you have "healed" "HPS" "ExtHSP" etc....
  8. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    IMO, until we can parse curing, heal parses are worthless ;)
  9. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    ......and debuffs
  10. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    Tbh the first thing I would have done is gone to the Advanced Combat Tracker forums...
  11. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Noaani wrote:
    Why? so in 3 weeks someone might look at the post and then realize they dont have an account and just /shrug it off because it takes too long to get one going......
    Tons of people use ACT and an instant response is more likely here than anywhere else... as the OP obtained one nearly instantly, point proven...
    Tbh the first thing I would have done is gone to the Everquest II forums-General Gameplay Discussion and asked the question...
    And yes i agree that there needs to be a way in ACT to "parse" or at least keep track of how many and what cures / spells removed by each healer... a debuff (no damage) tracker would be great... as I know i have gone out on raids on my Mystic in an off tank group and mainly spent the time using their super debuffs for everyone to enjoy... but when the heal parse came around (this was PR mobs) it looked like i hardly did anything, when the fact was my group wards went to waste, as my group didnt take any damage, and my solo ward was usually overwritten by the MT Mystic... so i spent the time using all those 6 or so Debuffs that mystics have that are such long cast times they dont normally get used in an instnace or raid while MT'ng
  12. ARCHIVED-Benkin Guest

    For a FREE program it is fantastic. If we all gave this poor dedicated soul money for this I'm sure we could get all kinds of nice things done to it. I find these people amazing, that take the huge amount of personal time into programming these awesome utilities that make playing a game that much more fun.
  13. ARCHIVED-Agnar D'Shar Guest

    With TSO I find my healer in a group with another healer nearly all the time now. As well as showing the relative DPS of group members, I like to show the relative amount healed. Raw HPs healed doesnt mean much to people, so I show heal%.
    This often works out at:
    DPS | Heal%
    DPSBoy 4200 | 0%
    SKMan 2000 | 10%
    TemplarDude 200 | 30%
    FuryGirl 200 | 50%
    So people can not only judge DPS, but which healers are pulling their weight too.

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