Fixed Internally Acrylia tradeskill mount equipment NOT based off of tradeskill level

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Redshift21, Feb 16, 2023.

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    per February 15, 2023 patch :

    "ITEMIZATION - Acrylia, Hua Jubilee, Shadowscream, and Void Etched mount equipment that give crafting bonuses now restrict based off of tradeskill level instead of adventure level."

    However, the following tradeskill related items are still NOT attunable / usable for a level 125 crafter, who's adventure level is lower :

    - Acrylia Hackamore of Progress (Increases progress by 18.6)
    - Acrylia Shoes of Progress (Increases progress by 18.6)
    - Acrylia Hackamore of Skill (Increases the amount of progress gained by 7.4%)
    - Acrylia Barding of Practice (Increases Tradeskill XP of caster by 18.6%)

    I also submitted a Bug report in-game. I'd check others listed in the patch notes, but the wind has been knocked out of this toon's sails.

    (toon Breanah / server Skyfire)
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    Can't even buy them from panda if you're not lvl 125 adventurer...what's the point
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    That is not correct ... The Acrylia recipes are "purchased from Kireha in Sanctus Seru: Fabrication Hall" (part of the Reign of Shadows expansion), have nothing to do with the pandas, and only require regular mats (no rares) ... below are the rec books, to verify :

    - Acrylia Breeching Recipes :
    - Acrylia Hackamore Recipes :
    - Acrylia Reins Recipes :
    - Acrylia Saddle Recipes :
    - Acrylia Shoe Recipes :
    - Acrylia Stirrup Recipes :

    ... and here's just one of the 6x rec books from EQ2i that states where to get them :

    ... to add, all the other tradeskill-related Acrylia items are usable / mountable for all my low-adventure level (and level 125 tradeskill) alts.
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    Yes, but the pandas have other tradeskill-related mount gear that artisans at tradeskill level 125 should be able to obtain and use. there's no reason to block a master tradeskiller from these items just because their adventure level is low.
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    EXACTLY ! ... I could not agree more ! ... /thumbs-up
    ... I, personally, had spent way too much time holding my breath and stomping my feet (silent temper-tantrum) in hopes to get at least SOME kind of mount gear available for low-adventure level (high tradeskill level) toons, beyond the ancient-junk "student" stuff.
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    Then why is the Svarni crafting & harvesting tack useless to level 125 tradeskillers with low adventure level? Is this ever going to be fixed??
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    This thread is now tagged with a "Fixed Internally" ... I checked the toon and items in question and even made brand new versions of each of the 4x - no change - I am STILL unable to mount / use these 4x items (even though the L125 crafter toon in question MADE them). I checked the ticket and it states that it will need to looked into by "the team" - no surprise, as this will require a fix of the game code.

    How is this "Fixed Internally" ? ... What does this tag mean or indicate? ...

    Anxiously awaiting developer or moderator reply, please.
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    Fixed internally means that it is ready to be patched into the game during an upcoming Tuesday morning game update downtime. They happen every other week, alternating with server maintenance downtimes. The last game update downtime was February 15, so the next one should be February 29. No guarantee the fix will go in that day, but that's the next opportunity for it to happen.
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    It sounds like the next hotfix is actually going to be the 22nd to fix the krono issue, but not 100% sure we'll get a full patch.
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    Ah! You're right. Thank you.
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    Thanks for the update ... I'll keep an eye out - hopefully, tomorrow's hot-fix (22nd), or upcoming next week, will resolve this.

    sig. ... /ignore : @Bhayar ("perceived" rules of the forum)