Account wide Deity Points. Cmon devs, when is this coming?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Revel, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Revel Well-Known Member

    Just another thing holding me back from playing alts until I know how this is going to be resolved.
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  2. Goezer Member

    Sadly, this is still being looked at and attempting to find a viable way to add. It isn't just an easy switch flip on the dev side. They have mentioned it's something that is still being entertained, however, no definitive timeline has been given on when it will go live or in testing.
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  3. -Soteria- Well-Known Member


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  4. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    The "New Member" under forum names is strictly related to how many posts a person has on these forums and doesn't tie in to their in-game account age at all. What Goezer said is's not an easy thing to implement or test, especially since anything "account wide" on the Test server would also affect the tester's live account (ask the brave folks who tested the Loyalty token changes), but the devs have said they are continuing to work on it. Right now, that's all we have to go on.
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  5. Wizx13 Member

    Account wide Deity Points are pointless. Its so easy to burn the xp needed to fill up 10 points.
  6. Luhai Active Member

    We're not talking about 10 points. We're talking about thousands of points. Per character.
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  7. Earar Well-Known Member

    yeah true pointless .. see the difference between your main with 30 tithe points in pot and an alt with half of it.
  8. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    my mains got double the figure you quoted grinding that much tilthe takes like a year of grinding.

    Wow has done some pretty good stuff for players to catch up and be competitive if its successful you got to at least look at it or just let our game die talking about all the mindless grind not just tilth here.
  9. Ingerimm Active Member

    The problem is much more complex than it is represented by most players.

    A good example thereof are e.g. The proving grounds.

    The first 3 weeks were the proving grounds full of groups, many people have built groups, a lot of people have been looking for groups. It was always possible to find a group and thus follow the actual playfulness of an MMO.

    Then came the solo instance in the proving grounds with the 90 minute locktimer for the repetition of the same, nearly the same reward and needed time for it and exactly from this point, there are almost no group activities anymore.

    The mass of the players makes only the solo instance and logs from char A to char B on char C and so on, one to complete the weekly quest x-fold and on the other hand to bypass the 90 minute lock timer.


    It breaks the entire group gaming in the proving grounds and gives the players with masses of characters a massive advantage against players with only one or few other characters.

    Because most people play their many characters not really to play these characters, but to circumvent the restrictions by blocking timers in zones and quests.

    Exactly the same problem results in the account wide deity points. People will farm deity points with xx characters by making the quests that a character can do only once a day or a week, simply with all their characters, bypassing the natural lockers.

    Whenever you create a common pool for a currency or to created points which bring an advantage, there is this to be considered.

    This leads to a massive injustice in the game as long as zones and quest timers are not accountend. And on the other hand, there will be no normal gaming anymore, because the mass of players, for a long time, will only be concerned with the deity point crews.Exactly the same situation, which has proved itself at the time in the proving grounds.

    We will see how our DEV's see and solve these upcoming problems.
  10. Earar Well-Known Member

    i hate tithe as a guy who came back in january from 10 years break, I'm just screwed.

    my tank has 17 pot 21 CB 20 hp
    my illu has 24 pot 11 cb and 5 hp
    my warden has 20 pot 20 cb and 7 hp

    I feel it's not bad .. having reached those numbers on 3 toons but I'm nowhere near some people have for playing since tithe is up. I couldn't really take advantage of the endless grind in contested, my gear was crap and didn't realise how tithe was important at first, so yeah .. I'm screwed.

    it's really frustrating, I'm not a HC player, I'm not a min maxer but I play a lot ... but I know I just cannot compete with many players just coz of the tithe.

    and I can tell u .. that above of all the other problems is REALLY frustrating for someone who likes to have the best for his toons. Fortunately I'm in a nice guild otherwise I may just have left by now :/. coz of how hard it is for returning players :(
  11. Earar Well-Known Member

    well they could have made the PG solo 90 min lockdown account wide. I see what u mean .. since now quest completion is the ONLY way to get a lot of tithe, the more quest u complete the more tithe you'll get and if account wide, then u have way more chances to complete those quests.

    but compared to PG (where u could be naked to do the solo PG, it doesn't matter) ... u need quite ok to good geared alts to manage the KA quests. And the more alts u have the harder it is to gear the all well. So it would be way more complicated to take advantage of that in KA than in PG.

    and with the diminishing curve, past a point, the bonus isn't worth the effort. past 50 .. yeah .. if you're not there already ... not enough reward for the effort
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  12. Ingerimm Active Member

    Quests are what currently brings the most experience for deity points today and not the kill of mobs as earlyer.

    And on quests here it is quite no matter if now makes KA instances or whether one uses the quests and instances in thalumbra or in phantom sea or in the old fabled EoF zones.

    For the older group zones you need neither a group nor very good gear, by today's possible stats.

    Simple KA Gear is enough to complete the quests in the older group instances.

    But this experience must also exist, for people who are new or want level their character or a new character. Therefore, nothing can and should not be changed.
  13. Mermut Well-Known Member

    With that argument, players should either a) only be allowed to have one toon or b) have all currency (including plat) and all gear be completely non-shareable. There have always been advantages to having multiple toons.
  14. Regolas Well-Known Member

  15. Ingerimm Active Member

    Well on this topic there are different complex views.

    My personal view is, who really wants to play more than one toon correctly, should have to operate according to the same effort no matter whether it is its 1st character or its 30. There is not a single real real reason, which one can interpret the other. Unless one wants to secure an unfair advantage over others. If one does not want to bring the time on one should remain with a character.

    It is his personal choice to do it or not.

    But to force others indirectly to have to create several characters to be able to compete with the crowd is quite a different matter.

    Just take advantage of the whole thing out so that it remains fair whether one or many characters and you have a really working game.

    Zones and quests logout timer is not without reason. And the reason is certainly not that you have to deal with other characters because it exists.

    For if this were the case, it would not be necessary to generate them at all.
  16. Earar Well-Known Member

    they don't force. Like they didn't force people to play a single toon in KA

    if u don't want to ... never forced. though some playstyles (like some classes) are a bit favored.

    still ... with the diminishing return curve .. there's a threshold where grinding tithe is not even worth it. so since right now people playing one toon are in a better spot, u may get enough tithe on your ONE toon to be ok and not having to fear by the time they make tithe account wide.

    if you already have above 30 .. you are in a really good spot. above 40 - 50 .. nothing to fear.

    and if u like to grind, you'll always find ways to do it. then if not .. u won't. people only force themself to reach the level they want.
  17. Goezer Member

    Don't let the "new member" tag fool you, I have been around off and on over 13 years. Just never really post much anything.
  18. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    Why not just get rid of tithe. It adds nothing but %increase to stats and creates a huge separation between players that can only be bridged with meaningless play time.

    Or at least just do a Soft Reset/Catchup mechanic every few months.
  19. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of tithe, as it gives you something to earn after you've hit level cap (it's like when Blizzard added paragon points to Diablo 3). There is a lot to consider, though, so it's not an easy task. Do new toons get the full advantage of the points from the start? How would they initially be allocated? Should they be truly account wide, or should they be specific to the server? And so's a tricky thing.

    I appreciate the complexity of making this work, so I'm glad the devs are taking time to work on it rather than rolling something out quickly (or just removing it entirely). It would be nice to have a few updates once in a while (at least a "we still have it as a goal and are working on it", but I'm going to assume no news means there isn't anything significant they can share just yet.
  20. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Maybe, if they begin doing account wide stuff, an account wide achievement system and wardrobe would be a welcome change to spark things and make life easier for alts... And our pockets.

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