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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fixit, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Fixit Active Member

    I have MANY accounts, most of which I lost the information to a few yrs back when I got a new computer. I recently found a paper list of the accounts. No pw's but it was a start. I figured out many of them and logged them in to get to my DB cash Ive been locked out of for yrs. Let me mention that many of these accounts have old email addresses and I do not recall those.

    It seems to me DB has put a limit on how many accounts show on our launchpad now? This account is no longer on my launchpad and I do not remember the dang pw. I got in here due to the fact its saved on this site. SO where is my accounts and why have you limited how many show on the launchpad? This means each time I log in just one account more than DB limit, another account gets knocked off the list it seems. Can someone confirm this new account limit thing for me and explain why this is policy now. Im guessing it means I need to toss a few accounts and count them all a waste of my time and money over the past 10 yrs. Thanks DB.
  2. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    First of all, glad you found your account info, and welcome back to them!

    Second - none of what you describe here is actually a bug. Putting a limit on the list of "recently used accounts/files/websites/etc." is a common technique you see across multiple applications. Your accounts aren't actually missing and it's not Daybreak/Darkpaw's responsibility to remember your info for you. From your description, I'd recommend using a password manager like DashLane or something similar. The only one I'd recommend staying away from is LastPass/LogMeIn, which was sold last year and recently announced it was being sold again.

    Hope that helps!
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  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    Daybreak should clear DBC from old accounts not logged in for years ;)

    In acient times any player got 500 DBC without logging in once a month
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  4. Fixit Active Member

    Seems you missed my point to the post. I am not asking about lost passwords. I am asking about accounts NOT showing up on my launchpad list that were there before I started to re log old accounts. I have had the same 3 accounts active for 10 yrs but now one is not showing up on launchpad list. I see a total of 10 accounts on the list now. One that was there yesterday is not there today. I still have a few accounts I have not yet remembered their passwords to but whats the point if each time I log in an 11th account, another accounts get knocked off the list so only 10 remain.
  5. Fixit Active Member

    Excuse me Beee, I paid real money to put that SC on those accounts. Yes I said SC. It was NOT free to me or my accounts. These are f2p accounts so were never given any free game cash. That is money that belongs to me.
    Back in the first days of Everquest, any guild not having more than 10 members was dissolved. Maybe we should go back to doing that too Beee? As for DBC clearing old accounts, what would be the point in that? Sometimes life gets in the way of us playing our game. Maybe we have major health issues that do not allow us to play. Im very happy that our accounts to not get trashed and glad you dont make those decisions.
  6. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Reading is your friend:

    Examples of those applications include FireFox, Chrome, Word, Excel, etc., etc., etc. This is not something restricted to the Daybreak launcher.

    The launchpad list is for convenience only. It's not a birthright. And your vitriol is not going to win you any support. Again - nothing you describe here in the Bug Reports forum is actually a BUG.
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  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    wow and I thought I have many accounts .
    being hostile to somebody who asks for help is not helping.
    to bad you don't have 2 computers , or you could save 10 on one and what ever number on the other.
    Otherwise the only option I see for you here is you secure all your accounts and than to log on to those accounts you play on all the time, I mean that's all you can do.
    and yes change the e mails on the account you claimed back
    you also can find those accounts that you have not found yet if you know the old e mail and the bank information you bought the SC with .
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  8. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Some years ago I lost my passwords to my only two accounts I had then. This one and another one. Since this was back in the day of the dvds, I was able to provide the license keys. Got my accounts back.
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  9. Fixit Active Member

    My what? lol Why be so inimical towards me? I asked a simple and very worthy question. . . "Why does the launchpad only show 10 accounts now." Odd how I use to see all 13 plus those of other family members and friends. I do not know if that is a bug or new game feature now but there is no need to get so oppugnant with me. Im just trying to understand something that is new to my game-life.
  10. Fixit Active Member

    Well Schmetterling once I move I guess I will do just that. One computer is packed away atm but after the move I will do that. Good idea and thank you for your useful ideas.

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  11. Beee Well-Known Member

    Just for clarifiation: 2014 SOE changed the automatic 500 SC to you have to get it once a month. Ancient accounts might habe a huge number of free DBC which could be used for generating millions of platin.

    This behavior could be easy removed by removing the old free SC before this change; but I'm sure they know this for years ;)

    Back to the behavior of launchpad: On some updates it seems the internal storage for account/password combination is/was changed so you have to enter new password after an update. But this have not be done for the last 2 years.

    EQ2 never had a guild removal with low accounts
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  12. Fixit Active Member

    Im still in the dark as to why you want to strip ppl of their monies. You are talking about a situation that has not happened, [nor will likely happen,] and taking action to make sure it doesnt happen. Its just a game. Making plat is not most priority in life.

    Seems people forgot that we once could buy Station Cash cards and load that onto ANY type of account. Even f2p accounts which is exactly what I did. And NO SC was ever "free" as you word it. We got it for paying for membership. A first it would carry over to next month. Now we must 'claim' it. Either way the DB cash is not "free". I consider it a discount off my monthly membership fee. Well if I had a monthly membership fee. I am now a member for life. :D
    You need to understand that Sony nor DB give things away for "free". Their in business to make money not give it away.
    Just sayin :)

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