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  1. ARCHIVED-Enigmatic_One Guest

    It was fine with the hotfix, the amp in damage & the 1 second cast time actually made it usable.. Even with the warlocks mythic buff in raids its pointless to use nethang except apocalypse.. sooo or mythic buff to 30% improve the damage is pretty much 0% damage cuz we dont use the crap spells unless its in drunder..
  2. ARCHIVED-Elskidor Guest

    Use it a fair bit on encounters and soloing, but Absolution use to be one of the best spells in our book but it's been a long while since those days. A fast cast and reuse time would be a great thing to keep around, but it would still need a boost in damage to earn it's spot back in the rotation. Undo the hotfix. As it is the Absolution focus on gear is really a waste.
  3. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Yeah, the way it was the last day or two was the first time I actually bothered to cast it single target..despite being one of the single target converted spells for the longest time.
  4. ARCHIVED-Mogrim Guest

    I agree. The spell went from being cast a few times a night to often, and now is complete crap again.
  5. ARCHIVED-Elskidor Guest

    Type more...maybe someone will read.
  6. ARCHIVED-hardball13vl Guest

    I think the spell is worse then before.. it is hitting WAY less then the night before. I understand the reuse/cast speed nerf.. but the damage too?
    At least compromise and make the spell worth casting by giving us one or the other (damage or cast/reuse). Right now it is a pos... Maybe do some real work for the $40 expansion you released and change our warlock tree to add damage to what it was prenerf or lower the cast speed to 1sec/4sec reuse.

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