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    Absolute Fate is currently recruiting more people to both group and bolster our Raid Force. Our raid times are currently Monday and Wednesday evenings from 19:30 to 22:00 UK times, we also run organised guild events on Friday & Sunday evenings at the same time.

    First a little more about us:

    Who we are
    We are a group of friendly, casual players that like to enjoy every aspect of the game. We craft, we solo, we group, we raid, but most of all we enjoy each others company and a good atmosphere in guild. If raiding isn't your thing then this isn't a problem either. We have many guildies that do not wish to raid, preferring to just solo, group or craft.

    Guild Level 220, formed in 2007, 775 members, often 20-40 online EU day time.

    Who we are looking for

    We are looking for active players that want to join our active grouping setups.

    For raids, we are currently full, with 30-40 active raiding members, however, Even if your class isn't listed below, feel free to apply. We do not need large ego's, nor do we crave drama.

    These are the current classes we need:

    Classes currently required for Raid force:

    High Priority: None
    Medium Priority: None
    Low Priority: None

    As stated earlier, we are casual, but take raiding seriously, and are farming T4m raid content in Chaos Descending.

    Come have a look around our T3 High Keep Guildhall and feel free to pester anyone you find with questions you may have.

    Feel free to shoot any of our officers a tell if you are interested in joining us:
    Meshur/Biscuit, Oaksterr, Smiara, Ahmassar, Cheezerat, Gematria, Pennywhistle, Ephahia, Lowen.
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    Updated 3/3
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    Update 29/6 - Guild level, Raid progress, Required classes
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