AA's constant reset

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Mohee, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Mohee Active Member

    Resetting when I switch toons or log out and back in.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  2. RedJak7 New Member

    Me too. AAs are also getting reset when zoning hangs a bit on 'receiving zone info' too. Pretty much making EQ2 unplayable right now.
  3. Moammar New Member

    I posted in support forum about this. I have 2 chars that I reset before 3pst, they saved, the other 10 I set all aa's switched back and poof.
  4. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    This may be something new. But - it may also be an old bug we've had for a long time, that lots of people are (easily) running into for the first time.

    If you spend your AA "too fast", they will not stick, and will reset on the next [Zone or camp, I forget which]. The reason is that if you spend down a line too fast, you can get an AA before the server has acknowledged that you've got the prereqs AA above it, and your AA's end up being internally kafloobered. They then get all thrown out the next time they're loaded.

    Just imagine what everyone did today. They brought up their old AA's, and then recreated them as fast as possible, and got a good chance at the bug. Then they reset. You get annoyed, just want to be back in business, and respec even faster, throwing yourself over the same cliff.

    Some people just turn confirmations back on. AA, Confirm, AA, Confirm, AA Confirm, slows you down enough. Some just deliberately pace our clicks, about 1 per second. Slow enough not to confuse the server.

    I personally respeced 6 toons today, was somewhat careless speed wise, and lost two of them on the next camp. Grrr... respeced slowly, and they've been stable ever since.

    There could certainly be something new here. But I'm betting it's the same old bug people don't normally run into, but tend to trip over en masse when there's an AA reset.
  5. Proxopid New Member

    This is a really annoying bug. I had my Monk's tree reset several times today. Turning on "Confirm aa" did in fact finally make them stick, but it takes a really long time confirming 320 aa.
  6. Moammar New Member

    I set tradeskill and prestige tradeskill. Zoned, camped in and out twice. They were saved. Set my adventure AA, zoned, camped to new character. Set their AAs and camped back to check. Of course, I got kicked to character select screen telling me server is down so had to repatch. Log back into original character and EVERYTHING was reset, even what had saved through 2 camp in and out.