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  1. ARCHIVED-Deathlove Guest

    I just want to know a couple things because I personally have a few accts that will need the xpac.
    And I have friends and family that also need it and we want to make an informed choice.
    I checked the page where we order and it says 2 tokens for 280 aa per acct,
    which will help with those pesky alts of mine.
    However do those tokens come with just CE or regular edition also?
    please don't skin me alive if this is posted somewhere else,I looked and didn't see it.
    I even checked eq2wire and it said they were offered,but not specifically which version or if both.
    also have they said if the Merc is 1 per char? I thought I saw something that said it was however
    again I want to be sure I didn't misread something.
    thanks everyone.
  2. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    The AA boost is a feature of the expansion, so both versions will receive it.
    A character must be level 90+ in order to use it.
    Also, the token increases your character's AA to 280; it doesn't automatically add 280.
    So, for example, if you're level 90 with 100 AA, it will add 180 and bring you to 280. If you're level 90 with 275 AA, it will add 5 and bring you to 280.
    Hope that helps!
  3. ARCHIVED-JamMan95 Guest

    when you say level 90. does that go for crafting level 90's or just adv level?
  4. ARCHIVED-Deathlove Guest

    Dexella wrote:
    Thank you very much, that's exactly what I needed to know on the tokens.!
  5. ARCHIVED-Jagen Guest

    yea does it work for crafting as well as adv lvls?
  6. ARCHIVED-Jagen Guest

    can we get a EQ2 person to confirm this THANKS. if this is case i will play and buy this if not i wont spend a dime

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