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  1. Zanbarbone Member

    With the New AA Spec swap options, We can now make a macro to place on your hotbar.
    This Macro will allow you to Change :
    1} your AA Spec from Solo to AOE.
    2} your Hotbar setup ie: Solo ca/spells to AOE ca/spells.
    3} your Gear ie: solo Proc Gear to Proc Group/Raid Gear.

    This how you do it...

    FIRST the set up.
    I recommend that you make room for new macros on your hotkeys 4-6 should be good. 2 for AA Spec macros and
    a couple more to account for any spells/ca's that may pop up after you change your AA Spec.
    Open your Macro window "O" key.
    Find a <click to edit> and open an edit macro window.
    You will need to make 2 separate macros First
    Name your 1st macro to what ever your Spec is now or AASWAP1
    In the "Macro Step" pull down window choose "command" hit "add step" hit the OK button.

    Again click <click to edit> and open a new edit macro window.
    Name your 2nd macro to what ever your Spec is now or AASWAP2
    In the "Macro Step" pull down window choose "command" hit "add step" hit the OK button.

    You now have 2 Blank Macros to place on your hotbar/hotkeys. Placing them now will save you from any problems down the road.

    Open your AA window.
    In the top right we see a pull down menu. This is where you can load your AA Specs or one of the pre built Specs (server).
    After you pick a spec you can hit the "commit" button at the bottom right.

    To the Left of the commit button is the view/build button,This button allows you to change and save your spec.
    The "Commit" button turns into a "Save" button.

    The save button allows you to save your Spec to your computer's drive. You can save up to 3 in-menu preset locations and you can rename the file to Solospec / Aoespec or whatever you like, By typing in the name in "Rename Template?"

    Now to save your current spec.

    Type in a name for your Spec.
    To save it to your Computer hit the small floppy disk icon.
    A pop-up window will confirm that your spec is saved as {your name}_{file name}.aa
    You will need this file name for the Macro.

    To Save your Hotbars.
    In your Chat window type /savehotkeys {file name} and hit enter.
    This will allow you to setup any spells/ca's on your hotkeys and load them with the AA swap macro.

    (This is why we made the 2 blank macros and set them on the hotbars)

    CAUTION :: What ever spells/ca's, clickies, potions and other stuff you have on your Hotkeys now, WILL be loaded with your macro !!
    REMEMBER what ever you change on your hotbars, if you hit the AA Swap macro, They will revert to the saved hotkeys file if you don't SAVE them first.

    The Macro:
    Press "O" to open your macro window if it is not already.
    Now click on the first New macro (AASWAP1) to open the Edit macro window.

    In the command line type:
    Must be the FIRST command line of this macro!
    /load_aa_xml {your name}_{file name}.aa
    This will load the AA Spec from your computer but will NOT commit the AA Spec.
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  2. Zanbarbone Member

    This command is OPTIONAL.

    Hit "Add Step" again
    In the second Command line type
    /loadhotkeys {file name}
    This will load your Spells/ca's on your hotkeys you have saved for this AA Spec.

    You can also add steps for Equipment, Spells or Use items.

    "Add Step" one more time
    Must be the LAST command line of this macro!
    In this Command line type
    /commit_aa_profile {Your Name}_{file name}.aa
    This will Commit your AA Spec and make ready for use.

    Just Repeat the process to make your Second AA Swap Macro.
    Now you can change your AA spec or make a new AA Spec.
    Remember to change and save your hotkeys BEFORE you make the second macro.

    Your input is more then welcome.
    Thanks and Happy Swapping :)
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  3. Zanbarbone Member

    Remember to use your potions, poisons and clickies after EACH time you Swap your Spec !!!
  4. Zanbarbone Member

    Wow ... No comments ??
  5. valdoras Member

    i'm sure the effort is appreciated, but you could just press L and click commit
  6. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Actually, I was planning on doing something similar to this myself (A single macro to change gear, load hotkeys, AA spec and UI settings if necessary). I was expecting some complications, so I guess when I get around to it I can use this.
  7. Malchore Active Member

    several slash-commands I never knew existed in this game. Thanks. I only play two classes though (Ranger and Zerker), and their AA setup is pretty static. Now that I found the right AA build I don't need to change them. But thanks for the info.
  8. Bhuh New Member

    Worth noting -

    Although the /savehotkeys and /loadhotkeys command allows you to save/load the contents of your hotbar spells/gear/macros, etc., the actual macros are saved on the server and cannot be saved/loaded locally.

    I had saved my hotkeys, including some macros, and then went to edit the saved file in a text editor. Since the macro contents were shown in that saved file, I assumed that I could make changes to the macros in this file and then use the /loadhotkeys to apply the changes, but the macro contents were not modified when I used /loadhotkeys.
  9. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Good info, but you mention you can macro to change gear, yet only explain how to change AA builds and hotkeys.

    I personally didn't think it was possible to switch gear with a slash command, I have a few items in my bags that are hotkeyed and I right click-equip them, but if there's a faster way I'd love to know.
  10. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    AFAIK, you can't switch gear with a slash command, but macros are more versatile than that. A macro will allow you to do one of the following at a given step: enter a Command, use a Spell / Ability, Equip an Item, or Use an Item (if you are wondering about the capitalization, the capitalized words are the ones you will actually see when creating a macro).

    To show you how you can create a macro to switch gear, I've gone step-by-step through the creation of my macro for using my Fishbone Earring. This macro actually goes considerably further than you would need to just to switch from one item to another, but hopefully it will illustrate some of the potential uses to which you can put them.

    The first step (other than naming it) is to change the macro step selection to Equip Item, and then click the Add Step button. The result is the following window:


    Next, drag the Fishbone Earring into the square to the left of the words <Drag Item Here to Equip>. It will default to the left ear, which is fine. Then change the macro step selection to Command and click the Add Step button. The following is the result:


    (Note: In the case of the Fishbone Earring, you can use the Use Item selection instead of what I am about to show you. There are, however, some items that don't work properly with the Use Item selection, but the alternate I am going to show you has worked for all of those that I have seen.)

    On the command line, enter the following command: /use_equipped_item 11. This uses the item which is equipped in slot 11 (which corresponds to the left ear slot). The following is a diagram of the numbers that correspond to the equipment slots:


    That gives you the following result:


    Next, you choose the Equip Item selection, click Add Step, then drag the earring in your left ear slot (in my case, the Hoop of the Guardians) to the square.


    Finally, hit OK and you are done.

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  11. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Just to round out Rotherian's excellent post :
    Command Slot
    /use_equipped_item 0 primary
    /use_equipped_item 1 secondary
    /use_equipped_item 2 head
    /use_equipped_item 3 chest
    /use_equipped_item 4 shoulders
    /use_equipped_item 5 forearms
    /use_equipped_item 6 hands
    /use_equipped_item 7 legs
    /use_equipped_item 8 feet
    /use_equipped_item 9 left ring
    /use_equipped_item 10 right ring
    /use_equipped_item 11 left ear
    /use_equipped_item 12 right ear
    /use_equipped_item 13 neck
    /use_equipped_item 14 left wrist
    /use_equipped_item 15 right wrist
    /use_equipped_item 16 ranged
    /use_equipped_item 17 ammo
    /use_equipped_item 18 waist
    /use_equipped_item 19 cloak
    /use_equipped_item 20 charm slot 1
    /use_equipped_item 21 charm slot 2
    /use_equipped_item 22 food
    /use_equipped_item 23 drink

    You can use gear equip macros to provide quick switching, for example, between fighting, crafting and harvesting, gear sets, although note that you can't actually switch gear once engaged in combat.
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  12. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Amazing. No idea about that at all. Thanks guys. Most I'd used macros for was setting self casting heals, etc and adding text to a spell being cast.

  13. Zanbarbone Member

    Awesome Replies Guys :) And much Thanks to Rotherian for the great tutorial on macro'n Gear !!
  14. Smidgie New Member

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this. I had no idea there were slash commands for loading aa profiles. I've been stuck not being able to switch for awhile now because no matter what I do I couldn't get the commit button to light up in order to swap.
  15. southpaw Member

    Grats on missing the point.... :)
  16. Armageddoux Active Member

    L and click commit will not restore hotkeys and combat macros saved for THIS AA configuration.
    This is a nice procedure

  17. SOE-MOD-04 Active Member

    Locking this up because of how old the thread is. If the information in the thread, however, relates to you and/or you'd like to continue the conversation, please feel free to make another thread about this.

    Thank you :)
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