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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-MXGinge, Oct 3, 2009.

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    Hey all so i just got my myth and am pretty pumped how much my DPS jumped. and i want more. i really wanna up my dps on raids while still rezzing and debuffing. right now in the bard tree im specced 4 4 4 8 in agi 4 4 4 8 sta and 4 4 6 8 1(2) wis
    ive been toying with the idea of going down the int line 4 4 4 8 to make the dps song that much better. has anyone speced down the int line have any feedback on it? should i give up the agi line or (and this is a stretch) the wis line? the reason i say the wis line is because we dont use wisdom, i dont need the bow attack, run speed is nice but nothing special, 8% casting is cool but there are better things, and DKTM is amazing but at this point 7.5 crit is nice but most people have high crits anyway.

    any feed back or thoughts? any ever do this and have results. please let me know your input or feed back

  2. ARCHIVED-duuf Guest

    The reason most raiding dirges do not go for Int line is that they are already approaching or over the cap on both combat skills and Damage Per Second modifiers or they are so far along the diminishing curve that additional points are not very effective.
    Personally self buffed I am at 100 and in raid am normally paired with a Coercer who along with other buffs puts my dirge at the cap.
    Check yourself in raid to see how far along you are.
    Use a Danak Regimental Oilstone for an approximation of how much you would be buffed by selecting Minstrel's Melody.
    If you do find that you will get appreciable benifit from the Int Line you should drop the Agi line for Int.
    Agi is mostly about solo performance while the Int, Wis, Sta and even the Str line are about groups and raiding.
    DKTM not only benefits your melee (possilby more even than Ministrel's Melody would) it also enhances combat arts, spells, and heals for your entire group.
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    I moved my int line to the agi line but I did not like it very much. The poison proc was nice but I switched back and seemed happier. I also got a adornment for 12 more dps to boot.

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