aa spec for a solo warlock questnig to 80 ish

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-jam3sD, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-jam3sD Guest

    looking for ideas for a good spec to get to 80 ish with from generally questing

    i was thinking if agility+strength with aftershocks and most of the stuff in focused castings but i wasnt to sure.
    wisdom line seems broken because the freehand sorc isnt adding damage to his tooltips.
  2. ARCHIVED-arvydys Guest

    first 10 points in improved magi shield.
    then get battlemage (sta tree)
    then work on your damage

    Our damage is awesome as it is for solo. With the magi shielding and sta tree we can effectively 'tank' solo and can efficiently chain pull stuff without having to worry about roots and such.

    We can still root kill just about any ^^^, even some yellows.
  3. ARCHIVED-SageGaspar Guest

    Freehand was broken, but it is not anymore.
    My priorities for soloing up would probably be AGI line for casting speed, warlock line to focused casting including distortion, and STR line all the way up to cataclyst now which will actually be a solid solo tool to make big alpha strikes. I threw in 10 points into magi's shielding at the beginning too, just with that you can pretty much tank solo mobs the whole way up.

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