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Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by DaimonosLucifer, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. DaimonosLucifer Active Member

    my characters AA slider is being weird, it wont stick at 100% AA exp, im already at 340 and can't earn more till over level95 but im using the exp to fill Soul Traps, im also level locking these low level toons. The issue is it keeps sending the slider to 100% experience instead.

    Why cant the slider just stick to where i set it without trying to auto-fix something that isnt even a problem :(

    I've disabled quest/combat xp but thats not really a solution, anyone have any idea whats going on and how to fix it?
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  2. DaimonosLucifer Active Member

    After Disabling Quest/Combat xp on the xp bar I realized this really isnt a solution to level locking. Firstly, Soul Traps and other sorts arnt able to increase in levels, which is a pain, but also since xp is disabled it constantly spams the "You receive no xp" message, making announcements and notices lag up to 30minutes behind. this is a real pain and i dont get why it was even changed :L
  3. Nazy Well-Known Member

    If you're ftp you can't adjust the AA slider.
  4. DaimonosLucifer Active Member

    im not f2p, its just the way the slider works now. it used to be whenever you hit your AA cap it would auto-switch to Exp once, after that it would stay at whatever % you set it. now its constantly switching to Exp on every encounter. dont know why this was changed, if it was intentional or not.
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  5. Nazy Well-Known Member

    Ah ok.
  6. DaimonosLucifer Active Member

    still a massive issue, would really like to know if this was at least an intentional change, or if its just a happy accident not worth fixing since its annoying to deal with and is certainly one method of making players want to ignore all content except the latest expansion. i guess thats why the new lore and legend server was introduced, except i dont think you can transfer toons over to it. seems like a wasted opportunity to fix mentoring balance/chronomage on live servers, why must everything be so isolated :((

    alternatively, please change the "You receive no xp" so it only triggers once a minute or something, the spam is unreal.
  7. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Doing the same thing to me.
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  8. Mugwort Active Member

    It's intentional. There is a chat message (default UI and settings) stating:

    "Your alternate advancement slider has been set to zero because you have the maximum number of alternate advancement points and you are not maximum adventure level"

    Since it is intended, the only way to appeal to have it returned to the way it was (prevent all experience), is to use feedback and state the case as to why this change has impacted game play for those who play on live servers that are in guilds that use the slider bar to lock experience to control their own progression through the game. And, explain in detail, why the disable experience options are not as effective as they could be.
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  9. Arandar Well-Known Member

    It's likely this decision was made to reduce customer service issues where players are claiming they're "bugged" because they aren't getting XP, forgetting they had set the slider to convert all XP to AA.

    The same reason it's a notification spamfest when you disable combat and quest XP. It reduces CS requests, which ultimately reduces costs.
  10. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I'm not max AA on the characters affected.
  11. DaimonosLucifer Active Member

    well in the spirit of maximizing profits, they could sell us a new feature that allows us to lock without dissabling :p and maybe let us drop a level or two since i keep accidently overleveling my toons. something so simple shouldnt be so frustrating