AA requests for the Devs, Please Read.

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Xaomen, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Well since they are redoing some of our aa's we might as well start a thread like this and hope they read it.

    I'll start off by saying I’ve only done easy mode raid content so far so please those hard mode raiders and vets (really anyone who plays their necro seriously) chip in.

    Starting with the Summoner Tree:
    The Animated Dagger needs a complete overhaul. In its current form its useless, not even worth casting cept for the lulz. It dies to near about a breeze, dps is akin to a wet noodle, and takes a minimum of 4 of our aa to progress the line, give us something worth using with that 4 aa. I would like to see either our temps pets be aoe immune and share our stats, or keep the name but name it a small to medium DOT, or turn it into a damage spell granted to our pet that it can cast.

    Implode is something I want to like but its just not worth losing our pet for a aoe. Now ive heard this before from other summoners and I think it would be an awesome ability as is if it would use our temp pets to fuel it, the more temp pets used the more damage done.

    For the agi and sta all of the abilities need to effect whatever pet we have summoned, this may need to be extended to the int line as well. I would like to see the abilities granted at the start of agi and sta lines to be granted to the pet and it can use them. The health increase in the sta line would be nice for any pet we have, would give our pets a bit more survivability and yes it would increase soulburn damage but I still don’t think it would make it OP.

    The one that increases the group’s multi by 15 would give us some desired utility if we are placed in scout groups and since in most cases multi doesn’t overly help mages won’t make the mage group op at all. As far as the endlines go for agi and sta, make them apply to any pet like the rest of proposed changes and good to go imo, The death save one from agi may need to be adjusted to a longer recast once proced if its going to affect any pet, maybe 3 min base recast? lower, or higher?

    For the Int line most of it I’m happy with cept the Magic Leash might need to be able to apply to any pet and have its detaunt amount greatly increased or changed to -1 hate position and perhaps a increased recast if going that route.

    Now moving on to the Necromancer Tree.

    The Gravecalling line needs help and a lot of it. The beginning pet enhancements seem fine to me, it’s the rest of the line that is near about useless. My suggestions would be to make the enhancements to Blighted Horde and Awakened Grave with 5 points spent each convert them both into DOT spells with a decent damage spread with maybe a small lifetap like component with them, if that’s too much then just make them DOTS or with the points spent make them aoe immune and let them share our stats while active. As far as Summoning goes it may be fine as is, at endgame most Necro’s I know are capped on cast but that doesn’t mean it should be changed can be nice for other levels.

    Now for Undead horde we all want to be able to cast our planeshift like spell except its nothing like planeshift and in its current form is useless. Like the other temp pets with 5 points spent make it where its aoe immune and let it share our stats. This pet especially with its huge recast time should be allowed to share our stats when used.

    The Ooze Crawler has never, ever, in any way been useful. We don’t need another pet we can summon that takes the place of our primary pet. If it’s going to be left in its current form make it until canceled when summoned that does what it does currently but doesn’t take the spot of our primary pets. Or scrap the idea of it being a pet and let the debuff it casts be a spell granted to our Primary pets. Or it can be a spell we can cast ourselves when needed.

    For the Manipulations only thing I would like to see changed mainly is change Siphoning of Souls to let us carry more charges of our temp spells say 1 extra per aa spent or with a full 5 make them permanent spells that we can use without recharging them, it’s still a debuff so it has other uses, though I admit that might be a bit op, just give us a option via aa to hold more then 1 charge per spell, at least let us make it 5 charges per spell.

    For the Rotting line its pretty good as is, but instead of Bloody ritual please switch it out with a damage increaser for either our Vampire Bats or Dooming Darkness (this of course only if you upgrade it to current tier, it hasn’t been upgraded in forever, its seriously weak at its current lvl).

    For our Shadows Tree

    Please let our Summoners Smoothing effect us and our Pet. in fact let any dehate spells or adorns we get on ourselves effect the pet. I would gladly adorn for -hate if it was also applied to my pet. For the enhancement to our Hearts, change this to double if not triple the amount the power feed once used per heart gives. Might still not take the option but at least that would make it an option worth taking. Not sure what we can do about the 5 points to make it were our cure arcane can cure nox effects but 5 aa just for that is a bit too high a cost to be taken. Maybe if it also added a small ward against nox if may be more appealing or make it turn the spell into a group cure with 5 points spent, like I said not sure what to do about it.

    I like our heroic tree options overall, only thing I’d like is the ability to chose at least 2 of the endlines if not all 3, but so would every other class. Like I said guys not saying I’m a expert necro or anything, I’m far from it just let’s get some thoughts going and some feedback and maybe a dev will listen, I know it’s unlikely but we can still try. Please post your own ideas I personally don’t think my changes would make us grossly op in anyway compared to the sheer dps I see form other classes.
    Editied Due to I suck at Typing
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    Implode can be fun to use, especially since there is no limit to the amount of mobs it can hit... So it can do a lot of damage if used in the right times. But that's where DS comes in handy, just click it after you use it and pet is back. Though it might be better if implode would either set the pet's health to 1 or something low rather than kill it, or make it a buff that can be toggled so that when your pet dies it does the damage. But it would be nice if DS would store the buffs we had on the pet, or if we didn't have to refresh them every time we summon the pet.
    As far as dumbfires, imo they should be changed to true dots. Necromancers are so limited in damage spells compared to just about every other dps class. We have Bloodcoil, Soulrot, Pandemic, Lifetap, Vampire Bats, and Bloodcloud that are on relatively low recast... 6 spells! Healers have about as many damage spells as us... If those dumbfires were converted to dots we would have 4 more spells to use! For anyone at 90 with decent gear those spells are only useful for combining with bewilderment for deaggro.
    The Ooze Crawler should just be converted to a debuff that we can use rather than a pet. It would give us some utility as well as actually make it a useful spell.

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