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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Firnbarion, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    Being a Lvl 90 Bersi with 300 AA I am just not happy with the fighting he does. So I thought it best to ask some of you fellow Bersis for help. I would like a DPS AA Setup for Solo Gameplay. Does anyone of you have a good one to share? It would really be appriciated.
    As an example for the situation right now: With my Lvl 90 300 AA Monk I clear the Obelisk of Akzuhl without much problems by myself. Doing the same thing with my Bersi he is often near death, health is going down rapidly - not so with my Monk. So I figure that one of the problems could be my AA Setup - that is why I need your help. Armor and Weapon wise I am constantly looking for better gear - so that side is ok. But the AA Trees Setup should probably be changed.
    Thank you for sharing - I hope somebody will
  2. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    possibly give some stats along with your request so that we can see how good/bad your gear is and which may be causing your differences. brawlers have innately more avoidance so they get hit less and with their mitigation increases now take less damage. fighters generally are supposed to use a shield to absorb damage, which is where i see alot of discrepency with warriors arise lately, plates take more damage unless in a group with outside buffs and heals. it really bothers me that they nerfed the heals now, considering.
    basically until you have good gear, you will have to offset your offensive gear with defensive to try and avoid more hits and work on raising health since we really cannot heal like the "other" plates.
  3. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    Hi LygerT
    Thank you very much for your comment. It really helps me. Of course I went all for offensive and that seems to be the problem. My Monk can hold off much more of those effects mobs usually throw at you in a dungeon. And because I work for example without shield with my Berserker he takes a lot of damage resulting of course in going down with health. It is a petty though, my new sword (a double hander) is a very good one but I will change now and equipe a shield. That will probably help. I try anyway. Because I am not a raider it will take some time to get the best available outside raids. Any suggestion?
    Please excuse my English - it is not my mothertongue
  4. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    Here is the Link to the photos I took this morning: BRANDIR
    Maybe it shows something.
    Thank you
  5. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    I really would appriciate if another Berserker could give me some help - please look at my stats and AA Trees in the pictures I took (Link to BRANDIR) you find in the message just above this one.
    Thank you!
  6. ARCHIVED-Lcneed Guest

    Are you in DoV gears? Even if you are in DoV starter quest gears, you should be able to clear OoA easily without any danger of dying. Can't get to your picture.
    With damage reduction and blood rage, your self heals should be enough so you take very little damage or none. The key to fight a bunch of easy mobs and not take damage is to max out your blood rage and any of your damage reduction. Not many classes could pull the entire front room of OoA, but zerker is one of them.
  7. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    Hi Lcneed
    Thank you for your reply. That helps. I will now go on the path you mention.
    BTW the Link to Brandir's pictures is two messages above yours. In the message just above yours there is no link just the mentioned of it.
    I would be really glad, if you could have a look at those, especially at the AA settings - maybe you see something that does not fit.
    Thanks for your help!
  8. ARCHIVED-TuxDave Guest

    Firnbarion wrote:
    Why are you spec'd into dragoon's cyclone when your mythical buff should grant you 100% aoe autoattack?
  9. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    That is because I do not have the mythical buff. We are just the two of us (my wife and I and on and off a friend of ours) in the guild. It's fine, but of course if a group or even a raid is needed we are at a loss. So as you can see, we do not raid. Since the DoV equipment we run sometimes a dungeon but the mythical we never managed to finish (of course we started the quest).
    Would you equip a shield? I ask because right now, as you can see on one photo, I fight with a two hander (a nice piece that I melded myself from the Drunder recipe).
    Thank you for your help.
  10. ARCHIVED-circusgirl Guest

    Part of the difference between your zerker and your monk is that avoidance is much more useful against low-level opponents than it is against even-con or higher mobs. Try putting on a shield and you'll see your zerker take much less damage.
  11. ARCHIVED-Grifion Guest

    Just from looking at your defensive stats i can belive that you are dying. I would expect more then 5300 mit from a plate tank, and at 22% overall aviodance I'm not surprised that you are dying. Anything you can do to improve damage reduction and any self heals, and maybe defensive stance if you want to use the 2 hander. Otherwise I agree with going sword and board for now.
  12. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    For your myth buff just do the enviterated version it will give you the buff with out having to get you actuall myth. It can be grouped and I am sure that you can find one for it. That will free up some points for you out of the Agi line that you can put into the stam line to get the end line there that reduces your power cost. I DW on my zerk and run Def stance when the mobs hit hard. If they hit to hard get a shield and go that route.
  13. ARCHIVED-TuxDave Guest

    Firnbarion wrote:
    To improve your zerker, the biggest gain you can get is to finish the enervated questline which requires you to do instances that were released back in TSO. If you are in DoV geared, majority of them can be duo'd with Cella being the only one that may require a couple more people to help.
    I generally don't wear a shield if I'm solo-ing content.
  14. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    Thank you all for your comments. There are some very good suggestions in there and I will surely try them out. I just read through some new posts in the Berserker Forum and realized, we have some major problems that need fixing.
    Overall: Until now I thought: Solo = DPS/Offensive Group/Raid = Defensive - but I can see now, that this is not true with Berserkers (it is true with my Monk). So I will change my Berserker to Defensive and see what he can do than. I am really curious - if I think about it: My Monk is a Leather wearing Class and he is much better off soloing than my Berserker as a Plate Class - so something is very wrong here, something that I need to fix now.
    If there are more suggestions, especially some AA Tree recommondations it is greatly appriciated - since they changed stats it could well be, that this needs a great overhaul of the AA abilities settings.
    Thanks again and good gaming to you!
  15. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    untrue, i always focus on offensive as much as possible only taking defensive measures when necessary. this is especially true if you are out soloing, taking defensive AAs will probably make you even more frustruated as your DPS goes into the toilet and you take more damage overall than you dish out.
    issue you probably are running into is gear, you haven't bordered on maxing out double attack and crit% yet to focus on health and parry/defense items and using the last few AAs to get some extra mit/parry/defense from the warrior tree. after moving to EW and finishing all the starter quests from GD and gathering up all the ring war armor set, i notice a huge difference in survivability and DPS after you basically have everything solo from the GD timeline. which is basically where you can start taking AAs out of some of your offensive warrior AAs and put them into defensive ones because the gear makes the offensive AAs rather useless(with the exception of crit% going beyond 100% but we have tons of procs to get us up to 200%+ easily/regularly).
  16. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    Hi LygerT
    Thank you for your reply - that does help a lot. I wrote what I did, concerning off-/defensiv because the postings talked a lot about the need for defense. And as I have written also, my Monk is on Offensive, playing solo most of the time and doing very well. That suggestion with the armor is of course very true and I will surely focus on that very soon (Ringwar etc.). And your comment on the offensive/defensive AA because of better gear makes of course a lot of sense.
    Thanks again for the great help!
  17. ARCHIVED-CrazyHands Guest

    Hey well I currently have sort of the same issue would love to post pics but not sure how u do that on here. My base avoid is also 22. something but I dont die alot mostly because of my VoM and Battle Frenzy and I dont even use Unyielding will. I have all Rygor and a x2 charm and ring but my main prb is dps. Im always hovering betwen 11 and 20k on parse however one time I hit 50k and almost passed out but im sure that was only because I had a sweet grp setup. Would love to be more consistant. I respeced few mins ago and saw my parse go to 18 - 23k which was better but faik i went all defensive not sure how it got that jump but at the same time I got hurt more and this is with using my shield. I raid with Droc now and were in the early stages of x2 so Im sure the gear will help but would love to see a nice DPS vs Defense setup for a max 300 aa I can try out. My current setup that I went back to is as follows.
    Warrior Tree left to right
    Shadows Tree Left to right
    Heroic Tree Left to right
    Berserker Tree Left to right
    Charecter Traits all Stamina from lvl 8 to 88
    Damage Resist from lvl 15 to 90
    Max Health from lvl 22 to 82
    HP 34,334 Pwr 30,051 CC 225.5 CB 125.8 MA 127.5 MAE 101.6 Avoid 10408 Base Avoid 22.5 CM 67.8
    Now before you yell at me Im sure all this info was prbly overkill but just wanted to give a clear picture of how im looking atm specially since I dont know how to link pics of my setup lol Thanks for any and all advice and of course the guy above is more than welcome to try out this spec although its pretty much the same as you already have since you have the same avoidance :)
  18. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

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