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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Daray, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Yards Well-Known Member

    Your conversion is a little bit off. Conversion does not take into account tithe at all. So whether you have 0 cb tithe or 100 cb tithe, your cb to pot conversion will remain the same.
  2. Xellium Active Member

    I was pretty sure last time I went through the trouble to reforge and mess with left side, I only got 800 potency.

    I'm surprised you did/do run left side spec, no other Warlock I know does.
    I looked up faceroller to check, but it looks like you have retired, or your profile is hidden.

    Mogrim certainly seems to think the 6 fervor and left side is useless.
  3. Yards Well-Known Member

    If you only have 800 potency from conversion that is because you only have ~2400 cb. The rest of your cb comes from the base%cb multiplier.

    I don't follow what people do blindly, if mogrim likes right side that's fine, but I like left side and can hold my own against any warlock playing the game.
  4. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I don't. But I rolled Etherealist as my first ascension class, and leftside is garbage unless you're either an Elementalist or Thaumaturge.

    The 6 fervor is worth taking, but not by tons. I'm merely biding my time until I'm level 10 Elementalist until I switch to left side.
  5. Zelox Active Member

    left side is so boring compared to right :|
  6. ShinyAddict New Member

    They really need to fix that.. Make left side viable to only 2 ethereal classes?
  7. Yards Well-Known Member

    I never found increments to be fun but to each his own. Oh, and increments don't make you spike anymore, they are just another average hitting ability.
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  8. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    This is really odd - because for my BL I am getting about 110 or so Pot per Deity Pot point (hence 20 points would end up something like 2.2k Pot)
  9. Natinaf New Member

    I found this to be the case for Warlock, seems different for Wizard imo
  10. Kioske Well-Known Member

    The only time the right side spec is even worth a damn these days is for AE fights, which there really aren't many raid bosses with AE mechanics. Left side doesn't work too well if you aren't a Thaum though, considering Nox Influx doesn't trigger off of any spells when you're an Etherealist. I think they should change that mechanic, to be honest.
  11. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I've never had love for the increments aspect of the class either. Also, very disappointed in how weak Toxic Assault is this expac compared to everything else, mostly because they nerfed the way Dark Siphoning worked.
  12. Xellium Active Member

    Doom, I thought that only base CB was being converted to Potency when speced left side.
    So I assumed any CB gained using deity points was not being counted in the conversion.
    I will test to make sure, but I'm pretty sure Yards knows his stuff and I was wrong.
  13. Yards Well-Known Member

    It is only base cb. The conversion happens before the base%cb is added to your cb pool. Which is why eventhough you may have 4150+ cb showing, you might only get 800 potency. It's also the reason why, eventhough warlocks cap cb easy, they get lower potency than expected from fc. Base% is a whole different stat that is multiplied to the corresponding stat.
  14. Yards Well-Known Member

    At least that is how it worked when i tested through prestige points a while back.
  15. Udonn Active Member

    What exactly, is used to compute base CB or POT? How do you find your base?
  16. Yards Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure base cb and pot is based off of anything that says gives x amount of cb/pot added up. So all your gear, aa's that give pure stat etc.
  17. Indy Member

    I agree/concur about fiery blast needing to be fixed. As for magistratus, it's working fine for me, as far as the range issue someone else mentioned with the aa I also have... there are a great many weird bugs in the game that are intermittant/clear on relog etc/only happen for some characters and not others. I'd say it's an issue with the compiler perhaps, or maybe there is some file corruption or bad sectors. The added damage component on it is a separate "proc" to the main damage it does, so with dc, both parts go off twice. The other wizzy epic 2.0 spell needs some work (To clairfy, the cast time and reuse time vs. duration makes it substandard to gear fervor procs which take a lot less effort to obtain.... epic 2.0?, and the fervor overcap is currently kinda pointless for a Wiz.) World Ablaze has issues for me where the orbs aren't always visible, this is a problem when there is an ongoing issue with hotbar icons and equipment being greyed out when they shouldn't be.. sometimes they are clickable still, sometimes not. Still having launcher lag. Would like more hot bars with the ascensions now. My two coppers atm.
  18. Xellium Active Member

    I did a quick comparison of left vs right. I did not put a lot of time into gathering this data.
    I did not use rising tide, I did not use any ascension abilities, I did not start with full stacks.
    I know which buttons to press in what order for both specs.
    The right side parse was not my best, I could have squeezed more out.
    Both parses are 2 minutes ish.

    Left Side: 4025 CB, 25,690 POT, 384.7k Abil Mod, 54.6 fervor

    Right Side: 4050 CB, 24,650 POT, 472.7k Abil Mod, 54.6 fervor

    I screwed up a bit on one FB rotation for right side, that should be 50-100m more, but I didn't feel like redoing,
    Left side parse isn't perfect as you cant really use FoV correctly as the dummy HP is random because we obliterate it nowa days.

    Looks like left side is slightly ahead of right on single target...
    The single target spec should be clearly ahead, not slightly ahead.
    On any multi target fights, right side will be a lot better.
    If FB worked correctly right side would still be better in all cases (look how sad my FBs were =()
  19. Xellium Active Member

    The no one is specifically complaining about the damage component of magistratus working.
    The complaint is that it is overall an insignificant boost compared to most other classes epic abilities in total damage output.
    Also the fervor component only goes off by toggling the buff, which is silly for such a small and short fervor boost.

    Other classes are seeing hundreds of millions in extra dps with their abilities.
    Were seeing a couple % increase with ours.
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  20. Zelox Active Member

    Well yeah now you have no skill ascension, among other things