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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Daray, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Caith's response to questions along that line were:

    Caith-Yesterday at 3:26 PM

    There is no way to remove the combat mit from being applied on all hits currently, and it would be a rather time intensive thing to make one.

    Caith-Yesterday at 3:27 PM

    How about you play with it after the fix and see where you land before making more requests for buffage.

    So it sounds like that's not on the table in the near future
  2. Daray Well-Known Member

    I kind of figured that would be the case, but part of me wondered if it could be done the other way around... as in Fiery Blast records based off the pre-combat mit damage values... and then just applies the combat mit penalty to the final damage value.
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    Amen...seems like there are more "broken" classes any more than ones that are working these days.
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    So I just had time for a quick preliminary test after the servers came up (will test more thoroughly later tonight).

    And Fiery Blast is broken.

    A quick (fully temped/preclicked) training dummy exercise with about 75-80bn worth of eligible damage fed into FB, returned a final damage value of only 3bn.

    And what's even weirder is that I got 2 FB hits... one for just 7m that was timestamped 4s earlier than the 3bn hit.

    Riddle me that... I'll be back later and look into it more carefully if someone hasn't done so already.
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    A dev banned me from Discord for echoing your exact sentiments.
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    Tested a bit during raid tonight.

    Sometimes FB worked well and could be as much as 10% of my parse.
    Worth casting!

    Sometimes I had an awesome FB chain lined up and it only returned a small amount of damage.
    Say 20 billion of eligible damage only returning a 1 Billion FB.

    Always FB hit 60+ times per cast.
    1 hit was the big expected hit.
    The other 60 hits are 1 millionish.
    Doesn't really make sense...

    In either case it is still unreliable and acting funky.
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    I feel your pain, Daray.

    Since Kunark Ascending my Fun has descended rapidly. I am no longer a Top Tier DPS, i'm just an Elementarist and have to press the Buttons with a 5 min recast at the right time.

    Yesterday in Vaedenmoor: Big, big AE fight... my Ascension AE was down, so i hit them with everything i got: Fusion, Insta-Eci, Insta-Blast, Insta-Rain... and was place number i-don't-care in the DPS.
    Place One and two were a Healer and a Tank, Etherealists which still had their respective Abilities and used them.

    Thanks, but no thanks.
    First step to fixing this Mess would be rewriting Ascensions to grant Aggro instead of Damage for Tanks, and Healpower instead of Damage for Healers.
    But still, Class Balance is down the drain with it.

    Ascension (the EQ2's NG) is like shutting down the Narrative Chat and NPC-say: a mistake of Epic Proportions.

    Regards, theriatis.
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    I feel like the only time you're going to see a healer and tank top the parse is if the fight is over after the first round of casting. For my guild, we are nowhere near that. So class 'balance' is still sort of there at least in terms of epic t1 dps is still way ahead of epic utility and epic tank/heals. But sure, I could see where if the thing dies very soon after everyone casts their first few ascension abilities then the rankings on parse could be all over the place. And this is part of the reason why things keep getting 'adjusted.' Some guilds are able to blow up content in one casting rotation, making the content trivial for them. For the rest of us, it just keeps getting more and more difficult.

    As far as wizards go, I was chatting with our wizard the other night, and it seems like the biggest issue is that the wizard cooldowns on spells just don't align as well as some other classes. So the need to build stacks mixed with the length of casting time for ascension just puts them all over the place in terms of having steady damage.

    Feels like the coolest epic spell a wizard could have earned would have been to greatly 'shorten' the stack on the stacking abilities like frozen rain, allowing for fewer 'filler' spells needing to be used.
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    Why do I feel like we are just going around in circles...
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    It's crazy how these type of things are ever allowed to make it to live. It's not once or twice but every other week new stupid overpowered abilities pop up.
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    It feels like we have been playing beta since 'Nov, at least we have Mythical's to come so should be another whole round of brokenness!
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    What happened to FB?? Did 2 PQ's today, and didn't do anything differently, yet my FB, which used to be near or on the top of my parse, is now relegated to close to the bottom. Huge nerf from what I see.
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    There was a bug after the last patch, you would of noticed multiple hits of FB. It had something to do with PQ's maybe its not working correctly on PQ's now.
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    I'm still going to go with my initial hunch, and it not being a doublecast issue. The original problem is still there, but my fractional returns seem to be doing a touch more now (so I guess doublecast is modifying the broken damage returns?).

    On the upside, seems the patch today fixed the multi-mini-hit thing that patch 1 added. Perhaps next patch...

    Quoting myself for the context. I really hope a way is found around the combat mit problem. I assume this doublecast modifier thing is a way to somewhat negate the issue, but I'd much rather see a fully scaling solution... or we will end up with something that is strong on the irrelevant stuff (low combat mit), acceptable on the middling stuff, and underwhelming on the stuff that matters (high combat mit).
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    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i mean that's expected since pets are broken as hell but still LOL
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    I had a picture here, but i removed it because reasons.