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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-sanadin, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-sanadin Guest

    Hello fellow Warlocks, I need a little advice.
    I'm coming back to the world of Norrath after a year hiatus and trying to return to my 71 Warlock. The first 15 minutes were great, I was quickly reminded of the great roleplay opportunities, the fun illusions, being able to Translocate, and of course the sheer power of obliterating one's foes with a wave of the hands. Oh, I also play Warlock Tank.. love it. That's all great.
    Then I looked at my quest log - it is filled to the brim with gray quests. Ah yes, I had been saving them so I might "easily" go back and complete them for the AA I had realized I desperately needed to get ahead on, for I am only at 78 AA at level 71. Well, I decided not to think about that for now, kind of overwhelming to look at and not very enticing. Right now I want to push on in Norrath and see new content... this is my highest level character, so everything is new at this point.
    Quests in the Highton. There is no one here and these quests are rather mediocre feeling. Tagging giants and discovering "strange creatures" in oversized bee hives feels like less than an adequate use of my talents. Maybe I'll try Karnor's Castle, I loved that place in EQ1. Hm, practically no one in this zone, definitely no one who wants to group. So I think maybe I'll tackle that AA... but ugh, burning through quests that are not challenging that I don't care about is even less exciting than these bees hives. wut do.
    I love this character but I feel lost in this world. I want to keep going up in adventure level so I can see and participate in the end game and get my character to her greatest potential, but I feel stuck. Do I go back and do these quests so my AA doesn't get even farther behind? Is there a more exciting way? Is there somewhere I can go that is a little more bustling or interesting than these Kunark zones? I need motivation, and maybe direction.
    I know this thread is pretty QQ, but I had to ask you guys before I rerolled, which I'm considering doing now. Doing multiple zones of quests per tier with an alt doesn't bother me, because all the content will be challenging and the reward will be constant - I'll always be beefy for my level because of all the AA. I like that, power and challenge and reward. At the same time, I want to hit cap and have this Warlock be a monster... I love her!
    Wut do? Thanks.
  2. ARCHIVED-infy567 Guest

    These Warlock forums are a bit dead, but I'll chime in.
    I would say, re roll. My level 14 Warlock has 63 AA. I won't be taking him out into the wild until I hit 100 AA. At level 14, I took GM Cataclysm, stuck my EXP to full AA, and started grinding mobs for cash and AA. Should be another few weeks and I'll hit my target of 100, plus a lot of plat to boot.
    I know how you feel. I played my Fury to level 60, and only had about 60 AA. I didn't feel like going back and doing grey quests to get the low AA. Plus setting your level down to 10, and grinding low level mobs isn't worth it as they take something like 38% of your EXP away as punishment, so grinding for AA is pointless.
  3. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    Infy567 wrote:
    Wow. And to think that at level 60 my warlock had no AA's at all. Something about AA's not existing for the 1st couple of years the game was out. . . . And yet, she didn't suck. She's level 81 now and has 146 AA's. It's not "a lot" by current standards, but it's not "bad" either. Yeah, there are quite a few more I want to get, but even so -- she doesn't suck, and I'm not a raider so having maxed out AA's to squeeze every last drop of permofmance out of my character isn't my priority. If I'm standing at the end of the fight and the mob isn't, then I'm happy.
    The AA xp amount needed was recently "smoothed" to the point where I've seen some of my toons with 60-ish AA's getting 25% or more per quest turn-in on gray quests..... you can get them quickly. Sadly, at level 71 you really don't have anywhere to go other than the RoK zones, but tbh the whole zone only takes a few hours. People complain about the Fens quests too, but I don't really see why -- they're well hubbed and don't involve too much running around as timesinks, IMO.
    After Fens, either Kunzar Jungle or the Moors of Ykesha are pretty good around level 75 to start. Jarsath Wastes at 77-ish is good also, so you've definitely got options for the 2nd half of the tier you're in. There are 80+ quests in Kylong Plains, 80+ in Fens, 110+ in Kunzar Jungle, and tbh I've never gotten through all the quests in JW or Moors, but I've done over 80 in JW on 1 toon and I'm pushing 100 in Moors on another. All those quests add up to a *lot* of AAXP without needing to "grind gray."
  4. ARCHIVED-Fendaria Guest

    Your class and AA are fine, no real reason to reroll. Solo quests aren't 'hard' by definition, unless you push yourself and start doing quests over your level against harder mobs/zones.

    More likely, it sounds like you need to find a guild and some people to run around with. Check the in game guild tool and see which ones look interesting. Having a bunch of people to chat with or run some instances is always good.


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