A short story told in only ACT screenshots.

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by ALiav, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. ALiav New Member

    My damage breakdown:

    Their damage breakdown:

    My heal breakdown:

    Their heal breakdown:

    Overall result:

    Seems totally acceptable.

    I pop stifle signet, heal signet, heal pot, get ridiculously lucky ward procs, and still lose to a class with an offensive stance proc that does more damage than 2 of my hardest hitting CAs combined while having an interrupt component.

    What is wrong with this game? EQ2 has never had a particularly high skill ceiling, nor has it ever really been balanced around 1v1s, but it's actually absurd how busted this server is in terms of class balance.

    I don't really have an interest in abandoning my main to reroll Rogue like 50% of the server has already to actually be able to have fun in this game.

  2. ALiav New Member

    Fwiw, it's clear that the Assassinate in question is an outlier and it usually outputs quite a lot more, often hitting for 30-40% of total HP.

    Even taking that into consideration, it wouldn't really change the outcome of the above fight considering that the opponent didn't use a heal signet which would have negated even a cap damage Assassinate with ease.

    Predators really have zero value right now, both in PvP and PvE. Entirely non-essential debuffs for PvE content and Rogues are far more obnoxious and effective in group and solo PvP.
  3. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Rangers seem good though. I know you would make a great one.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Pretty much spot on with how rogues are right now, with the removal of focus effects and the makeshift arrows nerf to spike damage; predators are pretty dull right now.

    I'm fairly sure double up dispatch is going to do as much as assassinate right now, and debuff the opponent.
  5. ALiav New Member

    Since this server is basically a beta anyway, allow me to suggest some things that could possibly fix Predators (and some other stuff).

    This will either be the most broken, stupid thing ever, or it might actually resolve the issues.

    • Fix PvP mitigation, like, yesterday. Completely naked character mitigating 40% of physical damage for no reason, seemsgood.
    • Nerf Rogue offensive stance to proc far less often, akin to Makeshift Arrows (but maybe not that severely). Nobody (myself included) wants to see Rogues become unplayable, but there is no justification for any class to have this amount of passive damage.
    • Nerf mental breach into the ground. While power drains reduce the duration of fights in the current group pvp meta, it's still a terrible mechanic for this poison to be this overtuned. Also, fights will naturally be shorter assuming you ever actually fix PvP mit.
    • Change Concealment to mimic the functionality of In Plain Sight. IPS was added to the game anyway because people complained about how awful stealth is in this game, and how dependent Assassins are on it for every ability they have that matters. For those unaware, In Plain Sight simply removes the stealth requirements on abilities for a short duration instead of putting you in stealth on a hit. While some might argue that this lowers the skill required to play the class, let's be honest here, whether or not you get to use stealth CAs is entirely RNG right now and has nothing to do with your ability to play the game.
    • Give Hilt Strike and Cheap Shot their intended 2s durations back. This should have been fixed in beta, but here we are playing what is essentially a Kaladim test server.
    • Give Immobilizing Lunge its intended 4s duration back.
    • Give Jugular Slice a 4s duration. 8s is far too overpowered, but the current 2.6s makes it entirely non-threatening.
    • Consider giving Rangers Coverage at level 60 assuming the above changes don't put them in line with where they should be.
    • Revert Sniper Shot to a single target ability instead of this weird *** AoE thing unless it's actually just broken and not actually working that way. Seriously, wtf is this?
  6. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I agree with pretty much all of this, concealment throughout the years has proven to be extremely unreliable (thinks about the thread posted about which procs that are passive break stealth).

    CC on non proc gear is also obnoxiously bad.
  7. ALiav New Member

    It's bizarre to me that they bothered adding an entirely new ability to fix Concealment when they could've just changed its functionality to begin with.

    No biggie, we just have to wait until Prestige AAs which will be added in Nagafen Season 5™.
  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    It was an incentive to spec left side at the time, otherwise left side wouldn't of held a candle to the right side prestige for assassins. Even right side was technically higher damage than left assuming you didn't get your concealment chain ruined by random issues that plague the class.

    I enjoy concealment, autoing through it added a skill to the class that wasn't really found in any other class. But the ability is still broken, in pvp I can't imagine getting any stealth ability off at all, mostly because even later game when combat was faster it was near impossible, without PFT I might as well forget stealth combat arts exist at all.
  9. Restrained New Member

    Rogues good for 1 xpac and nerf them? I had to play through 4 weeks of garbage and now you want em nerfed...
  10. Venser Active Member

    They're not going to change rogue o stance. It was a change for live to keep them relevant in dps a while back. Live changes to abilities translate into tle changes. So if it does change it will be live xpack time if they rebalance any classes, that's when it will happen.
  11. ALiav New Member

    Bulk CC templates that utterly break several classes? No problem.

    Rogues bodying literally everyone with 50% passive damage? Way too hard to fix.
  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize they were garbage in tier 5 as well.

    Please elaborate.
  13. Satyr Well-Known Member

    We have PVP templates. What the ability does on live isn't relevant, the proc rate or damage can be changed for PVP only.
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  14. Venser Active Member

    You know I did honestly forget about pvp flagging of items, gear, and abilities. Havent played much on naggy and before that was Vox.
  15. ALiav New Member

    No worries. Half the people who post here don't know what they're talking about, either.

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