A Quick Note from Jenn Chan, Head of Studio, Darkpaw Games

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    I would say to adhere to the old Barbarian Wisdom Saying about this takeover/buyout by EG7 and "Hope for the best, Expect the worst & Be pleasantly surprised with results." Or is that a biker saying? Anyway, that is how I am looking at it. But reading the Excerpt from EG7 seems really hopeful with such heavy hitting games as D&D, LOTR, DCUO, EQ1, EQ2 and all the revenue brought in thereby = why would they stop or tear down any of these moneymaking franchises? Perhaps they'll add new games and a EQ3 would be oh so sweet! As long as EQ1 and EQ2 with my 20 characters are still fun and playable. The more games the merrier!
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  2. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Lots of what we do is targeted incredibly specifically which is why you don't see it, you're playing the game.
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  3. Risxsoul Member

    So.... no Meatballs?!?! I was enthusiastic about Meatballs!
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  4. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Oh there's meatballs for sure!
  5. Magoo New Member

    That's some funny stuff right there...
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  6. Magoo New Member

    That's some funny stuff right there...
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  7. Sedient Member

    I have seen no evidence that free meatballs has been definitely ruled out
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  8. Miauler Member

    Hope that means good things for all at Daybreak. And hope it soon settles down and gives you all some peace of mind! :)
    You've kept this well under wraps, so I suspect there's been a fair bit of stress your side.. Hope that it helps to have it out in the open and be able to have that load off your mind.

    Now get ready to put feet up, choose the glasses of mulled wine, and relax!

    slappna av och njut!
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  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    If advertising for a game isn't seen by the people playing the game, that suggests the advertising isn't targeting the type of people that play the game...
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  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    Probably they are only targeting MMORPG customers who don't already play the EQ franchise, because I'll bet you pay per ad served per person and targeting us would be a waste of money as we're already at the ad destination. :)

    And advertising has cost outrageous sums (which require constant renewing) for decades. Even with yellow pages waaaay back in the 80s and 90s, you paid $500 for one dollar-bill sized black and white ad in one town. And you had to pay again for every other town you wanted to advertise in, even though there were many towns in one book! Then you had to keep paying to keep renewing your ad, or they'd yank it out.

    Imagine how fast all your money can disappear today, when one ad hits one viewer then 2 seconds later is gone forever, forcing you to pay again!
  11. nooz Where is my cat nip err I mean nap!

    The ad game? Everquest2 has always been a word of mouth type ad... wow was successful at mass blanketing with ads but I liked your post Siren, Thank you!
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  12. Elskidorr Active Member

    Advertising can get expensive, and entirely wasteful if you're targeting the wrong people. I've dropped loads of cash in the trash by not knowing what I was doing when trying to sell stuff and hitting the wrong audience.
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  13. Jamzez Member

    The last live stream for the game is 2 year's old :( where exactly does Daybreak think people go when they want information on a new game to try.
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  14. Goldheart Member

    For the game's sake I hope you're right. Maybe the churn in management and direction since the Smedley/Smokejumper era combined with a long-term growth strategy by a new owner means good things, but I retain a healthy skepticism. Admittedly, my outlook is tainted by experience with the EQOA and Next/Landmark disappointments. God, I loved EQOA Frontiers! :)
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  15. dreamweaver Community Relations

    That's not the way it works in modern advertising, you're already playing the game therefore you don't need to see the ad. Targeting is specific enough that we can look at things like that and make choices based upon that information. Widespread advertising costs more and does not see a similar return.
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  16. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I think what Mermut was referring to was the collective group of people who play MMOGs, not a specific game. There's minimal reasons to target an in-game audience to buy your product if they're already playing it. There are reasons to advertise in the mediums that MMOGs flock to--regardless of medium used--to attract new customers. That's why, not surprisingly, car sellers advertise in Car and Driver magazine. You don't target them in Gourmet magazine unless demographic studies indicate a high correlation between buyers of your automobiles and the propensity to be readers, users or purchasers of goods sold or made in Gourmet magazine. In other words, you don't advertise a PC game in the marketplace where people are looking for cellular phones, but you would in a computer gaming magazine or website.
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  17. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Fair and that's where those ads are being targeted but keep in mind even the website banners you see might be different than the ones I see. Targeting extends to the cookies and data you provide to those websites and that information tells advertisers way more than a magazine once did.
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  18. Finnwizz New Member

    Advertisers probably already know how much of our blood is Vah Shir but they aren't sharing the info with the Ratonga or Froglocks :)

    Yes advertising is very expensive but most if if comes down to perception and as far a most of us are concerned when it comes to advertising we are analogue models in a digital world.
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  19. Siren Well-Known Member

    Except with those of us who use ad blockers.
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  20. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Well then you definitely arent gonna see our ads, also even ad blockers aren't 100% blocking all the data you share. Don't forget that.
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