A question for discussion: Crafted item quality levels (crude, shaped, regular, pristine)

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    I do see the sense in going to a Pristine or non-pristine style of crafting. I am wondering how this might affect rares?
    As a newer player, I had to harvest all of my rares. It would really hurt to have the time spent in harvesting that ruthenium cluster wasted if a crafter didn't get my item to pristine and therefore I was left with either nothing or a non-usable product. Which, although non-pristine doesn't hapen alot, does happen frequently in the crafting market. Seems like an awful big hurt to put on crafters and newer players alike if they end up losing some rares. I like the fact that while it may not be pristine, I Can still use those crude blackened iron gauntlets and know that I at least got something worthwhile.
    What if you kept the first or second bar stats of the item and did away with the other two? Then there would always be a usable item created, whether it was an adept3, or a piece of armor, and no rares would be wasted.
    So for example, you could have two possible outcomes to your maple thing:
    A pristine maple thingy with +5, or a rough lumbered maple thingy with +2. With always having two possible outcomes the item will always be usable if a player really needs it.
    As for AppIv's, that is a good question also. I do know that alot of crafters sell their non-pristine on the broker, and that this is the perfect chance for newer players to 'snag a deal' so to speak.
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    natashabu, You're missing the parts in the proposals that solves the problem you're concerned about without a bunch of dancing around. Nest (DFC to me) style crafting - steps 1, 2, and 3 result in at LEAST the primary component back (your rare) with step 4 resulting in pristine product. Tinker style crafting - steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 all result in a pristine product with the bonus of fuel or resource diminished returns the further in the steps you manage to get. In both of the proposed crafting mechanics, you do not lose out, period. You either get your item, or you get your primary component (rare) back.
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    Istaele@Mistmoore wrote:
    This is completely off the topic of the thread but as the thread itself has gone completely off topic .. ..
    I agree. We seriously need some more storage solutions for Crafting!
    Example: Provisioner.
    Requires per Tier: Meat (2), Veggie, Fruit, Tea Leaf, Coffee Bean, Fish (1-2), Loam, Root and Fuel.
    Below is a picture of my Actual set up for my Provisioner .. these are just the 2 containers that I carry in my personal inventory for her ..
    What you don't see is my Provisoner's Bank. Which has a box dedicated to each of the Main groups: Meat / Fish / Fruit / Tea / Coffee / Veggies / Extras (loam/roots). That is 7 bank boxes out of 8 bank boxes dedicated to her Crafting supplies. I go through alot of supplies as I do a lot of writs on her and do occassionally throw some stacks of food/drink on the broker and of course supply all my characters with food/drink.
    Everyone has (6) Personal Inventory Slots / (8) Bank Slots and at least (2) House Vault & Broker Slots.
    My provisioner is also my seller so her broker slots are taken up by "junk" and I haven't moved her from her starter house so she just has the 2 slots regardless. As a provisioner, though, I have "lost" 7 of my bank slots and 2 of my personal inventory slots to crafting supplies only! And, that's with just T2-T7. We are now going to be getting T8.
    That will be another batch of 8 (+) items, to keep track of.
    What I think we need ..
    #1- Carpenters need to be able to craft a Harvest only Salesman Crate. I know we can put harvests in the general Salesman Crate but it would be better to have a dedicated Harvest only so we can get the maximum slots ... more people willing to sale harvests = more competition for sales = lower prices for harvests = less crafters HAVE to horde and can buy off broker instead.
    #2 - I have seen this idea several times ... but ... Change those "useless" Home Crafting Stations into something more useful. Give them Slots for Crafting (*) storage (boxes can be inserted like vaults) based on the "quality" of the Crafting Station.
    (*)Crafting Supplies only: Fuels/Harvests/Transmuted Componets/Provisioner&Carpenter Additional Supplies (ie:water/dough/mender items).
    Get rid of the whole "quality" = 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th level in crafting progress and change them to mean "quality" = 1 slot / 2 slots / 3 slots / 4 slots.
    Number of slots used purely as a baseline for example. More slots would be acceptable!
    The Simple Stove & Keg = Normal Crafting up to Pristine but provides (1) slots for storage.
    The Formed Stove & Keg = Normal Crafting up to Pristine but provides (2) slots for storage.
    The Worked Stove & Keg = Normal Crafting up to Pristine but provides (3) slots for storage.
    The Elaborate Stove & Keg = Normal Crafting up to Pristine but provides (4) slots for storage.
    Prices would need to be adjusted so that there is still a reason to actually buy the Elaborate verses buying (4) of the Simples.
    #3 - I would also like to see a Higher Slot Crafting Station Available to the City Tradeskill Factions. Requires ALLY Faction.
    Ironforge Stove & Keg = Normal Crafting up to Pristine but provides (2) more slots than the City Status Purchased Elaborate Stove & Keg.
    Coalitition Stove & Keg = Nomral Crafting up to Pristine but provides (2) more slots than the City Status Purchased Elborate Stove & Keg.
    ( again, number of slots just used as a baseline example. more would be acceptable. )
    Random Plea: Please don't get rid of the individual City Factions! Neriak Faction system sucks "monkey dev" balls! (should have at least put the faction earned towards: Residents of Neriak)
    If the Developers are worried about people buying a 100 elaborate crafting stations and there by increasing their storage for harvests expotentially .. they could always tie in the Number of Crafting Stations available to be placed in a House to the same system that dictates the number of Vault/Salesman Crates ...
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    [p]I hope I am not too late to add my two-cents worth to this discussion. Crafting has always been a major interest of mine in playing MMORPGs and the crafting, in EQ 2, is in serious need of overhaul.[/p][p]I like the carpentry system which returns the NPC materials if you fail to make a pristine item. This saves a ton of space in our bags and does away with items no one really wants anyway.[/p][p]You might want to make exceptions for bags and storage boxes, however, as they are useful even if not pristine. Some players don't have a lot of money to buy pristines and non-pristines tend to be heavily discounted.[/p][p]Some crafts, such as carpentry, are in sad need of more recipies so we don't have to make an endless number of one or two items. To me, carpentry is one of the hardest crafts to skill up without turning into a drooling idiot in the process.[/p][p]All the crafts require way too many clicks to make an item. It is hard on the hands, eyes, and patience. If the counter-spells did their job we wouldn't need to perform so many clicks to make a pristine item.[/p][p]It was my impression that MMORPGs were designed for entertainment. Entertainment is defined as: something that amuses, pleases, or diverts. I see crafting more as work than as something enjoyable. That is a shame because I really enjoyed crafting in other MMORPGs I have played. For example, almost all my toons mastered every skill they could in EQ I. That was no small feat as I had several accounts lol.[/p][p]My last suggestions, while not totally on topic, would really improve crafting. The current system requires that we either deal with terrible lag, in cities such as Neriak, or zone into craft areas to do our crafts. [/p][p]While it is true that player can buy tools to make crafts in their homes, the items are dearly expensive and most players aren't going to be able to afford the tools until reaching lvl 50 or so. And, as with all MMORPGs, there is a tremendous amount of down time, in game, while waiting for other players, respawns, or rare spawns. [/p][p]The down time is hardly entertaining. One way to solve this, and the problem of not being able to buy permanent tools until higher levels, is to make the tinkered tools last longer. At a bare minimum, each use of the tool should last one hour. That would make each tool useful for five hours and it would turn the down, non-entertaining time, into fun, productive time.[/p][p] [/p][p] [/p]

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