A Plea for Frostfell Harvest Consolidation

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Reposted from the old forums.

    I'd love for the amount of Frostfell harvests to be condensed. Currently I'm using up two slots to hold them all in my Inquisitor's bank, and during Frostfell it's two slots in my shared/inventory instead. >.< It doesn't have to be condensed down to 1 item or even 10 items, but getting it to all fit into one bag would be appreciated. Either that or make the bag for the harvests bigger!

    Here are my suggestions for bloated items that could be condensed:
    • New Item: Frostfell Fabric Dye
      Old Items: black fabric dye, blue fabric dye, gold fabric dye, green fabric dye, purple fabric dye, red fabric dye
    • New Item: Frostfell Pattern
      Old Items: candy-striped staff pattern, frostfell elf cap pattern, frostfell stocking pattern, male frostfell elf pattern
    • New Item: Prismatic Gem of Joy
      Old Items: cerulean gem of joy, scarlet gem of joy, onyx gem of joy
    • New Item: Fancy Wonderland Wrap
      Old Items: fancy black wrap, fancy red wrap, fancy red and white wrap, fancy purple wrap
    • New Item: Bundle of Frostfell Spices
      Old Items: frostfell coloring, frostfell spice, gigglegibber baking mix, gigglegibber sweet tooth, orange rind, raw vanilla, scented sandalwood, sugar 'n spice mix
    • New Item: Magical Frostfell Mold
      Old Items: chunk of wax, frostfell candle mold, frostfell snowdrift spell scroll
    • New Item: Malleable Metal Bar
      Old Items: malleable gold bar, malleable silver bar

    That still leaves flavor while taking an astounding number of components down some. Items that would not be touched by that would be cotton twine, everfrost icicle, handful of snips 'n snails, icy snowball, parchment sheets, bourbon, brandywine, crusty bone, cured ham, cup of cranberries, festive fabric, fresh celery, fresh eggs, frosted apple, frostfell coloring, molasses, orange rind, raw fowl, sweetened bread, bolt of cotton, frilly ribbon, glittery powder, magical thread, scrap of white fur, spark of goodwill, stretch of reindeer leather and unadorned silk (27 untouched). Add the remaining with the combined ones and it'd be 34 total components, which would... fit in a bag with a bit of space remaining!

    Sound a lot better then the current 55 harvests we have, assuming I counted right.
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  2. Mezaka Active Member

    I second this suggestion. Granted, I have no idea of the coding behind this, but I would venture a guess that less components for making items would use less computer resources over time.

  3. Erszebeth Active Member

    I put forth my vote and third this...WAY too many components currently for frostfell. even 34 is alot, but a far cry better then your count of 55.
  4. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I'm neutral on this topic, but considering that a new expansion is out in a few days (and every year generally around November) I don't think dev is going to fix what isn't broken *this* year. So even if they like this idea I doubt it would happen for this Frostfell.
  5. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    It didn't happen for last Frostfell either (my OP was from Sept 2011), and by this point I certainly don't expect it this Frostfell. My previous suggestion had been buried as a reply in another large thread though, so hoping that maybe this gets some notice this time.

    Honestly, I'd just be happy if the Frostfell harvest bag was bumped to 60 slots. Problem solved.
  6. Kaisha Triol New Member

    Been asking and begging for this practically since the beginning! It's a stupid amount of items required for a yearly event!
    So yah .. +1.

    And the above suggestion is a good quick fix! Add (7) new items to the dbase and switch out the affected recipes. Retire the old ones. Means we'd have to re-harvest for the new items but pfft! minor inconvenience compared to the saving of inventory space!
  7. Calthine Well-Known Member

    I'd be for consolidating it down to one Frostfell Shopping Bag's worth of raws. That will still leave plenty of flavor and alleviate some room issues.
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  8. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    Not sure which would be more work, consolidating the harvestables down and changing the affected recipes or creating a 60-slot Frostfell bag to hold them all. Currently it's 48 slots which matches the largest capacity normal crafted backpack. I am for either method. If Halloween can be condensed down to Candy Corn for everything, I don't see any problems converting everything to Candy Canes for Frostfell but I get the appeal of the variety.
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  9. Taysa Well-Known Member

    I vote yes for this as well!
  10. Afista Well-Known Member

    Please, please, please consolidate it some! It's absolutely ridiculous how many items there are. It zaps the joy out of Frostfell when you have to harvest forever for just one small item to make something specific. I'd love to do less harvesting and enjoy the season more. I think this proposal of 7 items still leaves interest and is definately more managable.
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  11. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    I guess I always liked the multiple items in the early days it was a lot like opening presents and getting all kinds of things. Then the crafter in me is like oh my goodness this is such a mess and needs to be organized for crafting. The one thing I do know is that the number of ingredients should not be more than the slots in the holiday bag. I like keeping a bag in the bank to pull out each year, but 2 is a bit intrusive hehe
  12. Faeonara Well-Known Member

    Oh yes please please do help folks as messy as me keep a bit better organized by allowing us to consolidate all the Frostfell ingredients .My poor attempts at organizing it all has defeated me and I have odds and ends popping up in the most unlikely places .Just think how much more I could do if I only had one stack of things to find ! Frostfell is nearly upon us ..oh dear if could only remember now where that dratted fabric dye went to ...hmm maybe in Everfrost harvest depot ....must go look :p
  13. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    +1. No matter how it would be done, something like this would take some time as recipes would need to change. Hopefully, we've been pleading for this long enough that they did start working on it some time ago. It's a lot for a person to handle. Nowadays with the silver plan, it's an even bigger inconvenience for some folks.
  14. Raienya Member

    I agree with increasing the frostfell bag size. It would be the easiest and quickest solution, so that they can rework the gathered materials for next year (maybe?).
  15. Tkia Well-Known Member

    No it wouldn't as they've apparently reached a coding limitation on bag sizes.

    All they actually need to do is take Cy's suggestion for consolidation and do just the fabric dyes and gems and we'd be down to 48 items which will fit the existing bag.
  16. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    That would work as well, somewhat of a compromise there. ;)
  17. Rijacki Member

    I like having all the different bits and bobs and think 7 items would be too few. But, having the number throttled at the Frostfell bag size with the fuels for Frostfell also going into that bag (and included in the count for the the max number of components) would be great. In addition to that, I would love love love to have a trader in Frostfell village that would take any of the old harvests that are no longer used and trade them for one of the new harvests, it could even be a random trade. That would reduce down the various items some of us have from the past that we aren't sure we can get rid of.
  18. Senya Well-Known Member

    I'd love to have Frostfell harvestables consolidated like other holidays. I'd also like to have a way to craft Frostfell items all year. I spend most of Frostfell trying to harvest random bits I have too few of and then to craft items that I *might* need before next year.
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  19. Zannah Active Member

    I no longer make Frostfell items, because I simply don't have the space in my inventory/bank/house vault/broker to gather all the ingredients needed (yes, I may have a small hoarding problem). So yeah, I'd like to see them consolidated so maybe I can enjoy the festivities again! Frostfell crafting used to be a lot of fun, but over time it just became too.. bloated, really.
  20. Rosebelle Member