A Note from Customer Service RE: Chains of Eternity

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    We hope you are as excited as we are about the arrival of Chains of Eternity, our 9th expansion! CS wants to help you. Below are some common mistakes made and how you can avoid them.
    • AA Slider- Are you 92/320? Make sure your AA slider is set to 0 if you want to start earning towards level 95!
    • Patch New Content - Often Customer Service sees people so excited to start their adventuring they turn in collection quests before the game recognizes they no longer are at cap.
    • Turning in Collections - Before you rush to the Collection Turn in guy to hand in all those collection quests you have been saving up, make sure you have patched the game at least one time since purchasing the expansion! (in other words, don't go AFK to buy CoE and come back to turn in your collections!)
    • AA Baubles - Chains of Eternity grants 2 AA baubles that will bring you up to 280 AA. These are not one per character, so choose wisely!
    • AA Reset - Before you jump in and start mass pulling mobs to start leveling, check your AAs. They have been reset and you will need to re-allocate them!
    For more from CS, visit the Top Known Customer Service Issues thread.