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    Lamia twiddled her thumbs in silence, pondering what to do next. She probably wouldn't be allowed to leave unwatched...

    "Hrms... Now what?"" she muttered. She sighed and leaned against a wall, pondering.


    Alucard's mischievous smile never left his face. He smiled at Calarys and nodded

    "Your mother's right.. I meant today." He then started his panpipe music again, and signalled for Fayberry to continue her lovely dance.

    Shiasia glanced at Bella and waved back weakly. She looked over at Senriala

    "I-It's just... really just a fright when you have your tail pulled by an arasai.." she replied hoarsely


    Jhyiskitches sighed and listened to the conversation without speaking, his mind somewhere else.

    "Hm.. maybe she'll forgive me if I.." his voice trailed off to mumbles in Ratongan.


    Zulgahrr muttered softly in frustration beforehe was gagged. He gave an angered growl, hisspeake muffled

    "Brienae blah mmf bfff fmff " he managed.


    Stinsmia nodded to her mother and sighed. She hugged Reane weakly.

    "T-thank you m-mama.." she whispered, trudging upstairs then, and rubbing her eyes in a child-like manner..


    Vhyrenia let her husband sleep while she herself slowly left the house, heading for the guardhouse to look at some possible bounty notices.

    "Hm. Why do I get the feeling I'm being watched?" she asked herself, looking side to side.
    (question on the side: Are satyrs considered half goat? or half deer?)
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    ((I understand the confusion with so many characters however Ssen I need to correct you on some of the interactions: Canty is a teenager Ratonga who is helping Bella and Senriala in the kitchen (Her comment was aimed at Bella.) Fayberry is the 4 year old Ratonga who was dancing to the music. As for the other scene with Jyikitches Tim is upstairs. Jyiskitches has been intereacting with Ethan and Zachary. No hard feelings I can see where the confusion came in.))
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    Ross nodded. "That would be alright, but I need to fill in the Captain of what happened." She turned to Alderman. "There is..." She frowned and took a moment to collect her thoughts. "Let's see...the cells are full for one thing. There is a gnome charged with illegal experamentation and Nerry's back again, no community service this time, he tried to escape. A prank, I'm sure he thought it, but still." Alderman nodded; the halfling seemed to be here as often as his cooking brother, though they always seemed on opposite sides of the cell doors. "Theres an Iskar Shadowknight that was captured and-oh, his sister is here too, but she became a citizen, whether he'll follow, I cannot say. And the Oldale family is sleeping in the barracks, last I saw, that Gnome is wanting to press countercharges." She sighed. Was that everything? "Ah! And there is a prisoner exchange today with Kelethin, their cells are ill equipped to handle the Coercer so the Lieutenant and my sister are taking the Priestess to the Druid Rings for that. And the kidnapping charges and who kidnapped who and if it really was a kidnapping in the first place and there's a murder in there somewhere but the child is part of the murdered person and-" She broke off and sighed.
    Alderman shook his head. "Oh for the days when our biggest concern was counterfeit coins and the population of bears along the highway."
    Ross nodded. "Things aren't all that bad." She turned to Telsi and Calish. "These two are going to get married and become citizens of Qeynos today, so there is still some light."
    Alderman reguarded the couple and then bowed. "May your new life together in Qeynos be peaceful and joyous."
    Herrigan stopped in the middle of the road by the watchtowers, staring ahead in horror. Norna took her staff out and held it out at a ready position. "What? What do you see?" She scanned the road ahead, but saw nothing. Herrigan's pale face turned to her and flushed red with embarrassment.
    "We forgot the prisoner part of the prisoner exchange..." He said meekly.
    Norna smacked herself on the forhead. "Brell's Beard!" She spun and together they started back to Qeynos.
    Alaric nodded curtly. "Necromancy is one of the few fields of magic that I abhor." He paused. "If you have an infection you should go to the Temple."
    Danlore glanced around. "Where is Uncle Thrain?"
    "He went back to Qeynos to research." Llew said.
    Bella turned to Canty. "Er...Lesse..." While thinking she caught Shiasia's words and spun indignantly. "That's arasais pulls you's tails?" She fumed and snatched a wooden spoon from the counter. "I's wills teach that's Hoddmimirs what for! You's thinks he hads learns from the last times!" She began to march out of the kitchen angrily.
    Aloysiius grinned at the boy as Ginnar slipped in through the door. "No, that's not who I met."
    Rothgut returned the grin. "Ah, so's you's is in my generations, I's was thinkings you's was from my's mother's at leasts." He winked.
    Padparadisch scowled and put his dagger away. He really had been hoping for a fight.
    Del's eyes went wide. "Ay'm Asphodelus Amandier an' s'a pleasure ter meetcha." She paused and leaned in, dropping her voice. "If yer dun mind me askin', be yer th' Bondage Breaker Betty?"
    The Dwarf bit his lip. "Yer say Thrian were 'avin' troubles? Tha' dun soun' goo' at all." He mused.

    ((I can't believe I sent Herrigan and Norna out without taking Mazra with them. ^^;
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    ((A satyr is half goat))
    “Thank you,” Telsi answered with a curtsey.
    Calish smiled and seemed to relax.
    “Captain,” Telsi began “I assume the two you sent out was for the prisoner exchange... don't they need a prisoner to exchange?”
    Gregor had finished his meal and cleaned up. He stood and saluted the new Captain.
    Wallbreaker had been silent and invisible the entire time. She now materialized “My murder and the child abuse are not related to the experimentation. You'll find a woman in one of your cells. I assure you she is not a werewolf but it would serve her right.” the ghost said “Her husband is...”
    Tygarr came downstairs and into the main room “Alright so I stayed here over night. Now I demand you let me take my wife and my niece home!”
    Senri nodded “Stay here and calm yourself.” she told Shiasisa “We'll take care of this,” she nodded to Bella.
    Fayberry started dancing again.
    One of her brothers approached her and bowed, by unseen signal the two small children began to dance together.
    Calarys smiled proudly at her young children.
    “Ohs,” Limberger said sounding disappointed. He turned to join his other siblings.
    “We haves tos bes goods,” one of his brothers said.
    “I'm always goods buts whys?” Limberger asked since he had not heard the deal.
    Tetriemmy sat down “I honestly thought you were younger than me.” she laughed.
    “At the very least maybe we should have Tetri look at it.” Kyriu suggested.
    Alyerra said nothing.
    Kyriu sighed. “Or I could have a look. I have some healing ability.”
    “Mend?” Alyerra asked “I don't want you knocking yourself out again.”
    Kyriu scowled “That happened once. I've had more training then.”
    Alyerra nodded. She screamed as the wound burned intensely again.
    Kyriu dashed to her side. She placed her hand where Alyerra's had again gone too and focused her energy. A white light glowed from within her and flowed through her hand. “I couldn't heal it entirely, but better?”
    Alyerra nodded.
    Kyriu sighed “They don't know do they?”
    “Um she does.”
    Kyriu nodded “A temple wouldn't be able to help her.” she explained.
    “Kyriu!” Alyerra exclained.
    Bettan stood “Aye, I was called that once. I was afraid that name would have been forgotten.” she sighed and turned “Xiaminara!”
    Xia turned at the exclamation of her name and reverted back to her original form. She dashed back over to her mother “Mama are you alright...I..” she swallowed “Sorry you had to see that captain... it's just it's one thing when they mess with me but when he tried to hurt Mama I lost control.”
    Sam nodded.
    Tim sighed “I have a question... what happened to make you mute?”
    Sam looked at Carl.
    Carl sighed “The Orcs removed his tongue as a punishment.”
    “Punishment for what?”
    Sam closed his eyes and focused on Tim and Nordri “I led a slave rebellion. I allowed myself to be caught so that our brother Jake could escape. He was only a boy... I wanted him to grow up and have a life. By leading and being caught I knew I was going to die, but Carl begged for my life... but in exchange for my life, they removed my tongue so I could never speak again...”
    Zach sighed “Well I really need to be going to the guardhouse. The idea was suggested of Carl taking cooking lessons in Qeynos. In order to do that we need to go to the guardhouse. If you want Jyis... sorry... if you want you can come with me.”
    Brienae sighed.
    “Lieutenant please escort the prisoner and my niece”
    “Yes sir,” the Lieutenant said as he grabbed Zulgharr by the elbow and led him out of the cell.
    “Keep an eye on his hands.” Yenter warned.
    “Of course uncle.” Brienae answered “I really think it would be wiser to send an illusionist to handle this... I know two.”
    “Brienae I trust you.” Yenter answered.
    Brienae sighed and fluttered out the door.
    The lieutenant followed pulling the Iksar with him. “If you give us any trouble I'll knock you out again. Understand?” he whispered.
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    Lamia walked around the temple a bit and sighed, bored out of her mind. Her thoughts drifted to her former Master Crimkey. She was both happy.. and sad at the same time that he was dead. On the one paw, she was glad he was dead because that meant she was free from being his "apprentice".

    On the other paw, she was sad because, after all, it was a person dying. Dying was a subject she was not too fond of, seeing as how she lost her father because of it.


    Shiasia shivered and nodded, frowning. She had no idea who this Hoddmimir was, but she knew it was an Arasai that pulled her tail. She merely watched as Senri and Bella went out to deal with the creep. She also walked out and over to her son, picking him up.

    She pulled out his bottle and started feeding the Ratongan child, walking slowly over to a table near Rothgut and Tetri. She slowly rocked her son as he drank.

    Alucard's music became a little faster as he watched the children dance, encouraging the two Ratongan children.


    Jhyiskitches' ears perked and he nodded to Zach, sighing.

    "I's gots nothings better to dos.." he muttered, shrugging his shoulders with a slight frown. His tail twitched


    Zulgahr gave a soft growl and nodded reluctantly, a cold expression of narrowed snake eyes on his face the entire time.

    'When will I have a chance..?' he thought to himself


    Stinsmia yawned and walked into her new room, climbing into the bed and snuggling under the covers, quickly falling asleep with ease


    Vhyrenia shrugged her thoughts away and continued on her way, entering the guardhouse and looking at the bounty board.
    "Hm.." she mumbled, just barely hearing a conversation down the stairs, recognizing one voice was a male kerra's.

    A young boy ran through the crowds, panting as he ran to his mother with some newly bought groceries. He stopped in front of the high elf woman and handed her the goods, who promptly stored them in a small bag
    "Thank you Noël." she said, patting her son on the head and ruffling his long white hair. The Freeblood boy gave a fangy grin and nodded. He sneezed and rubbed his nose, giving a sniff.
    He looked at the high elf before him. It was his mother, high elven of course, but he himself was the one that had been turned into a Freeblood due to an attack years ago. He had nearly forgotten the incident, but everytime he felt of his own pale, cold skin, he was reminded of what had happened.
    He and his mother were still trying to make sense of his condition. Neither of them could ever understand the concept of vampires..
    "Mama? Is there any way I'll be able to be.." he swallowed, lips slightly quivering
    "N-Normal?" he choked out. His mother hugged him close and kissed his forehead, making shushing sounds so that he wouldn't cry.
    "I'm sorry sweetie, but I don't know that.. For now the best bet you have is to drink.. blood.. to keep your heart uhm.. "alive".." she responded solemnly. She was at least glad that here in Qeynos, most people accepted Freebloods like her son..
    (( ah okay. I just wanted to be sure. ^_^ ))
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    Ross took a moment and then smacked herself on the forehead. "By the Blessed Twins!"
    Alderman shook his head. "Must have been a long night indeed."
    Ross sighed and turned as the spirit materialized and the Kerra approached. "It's getting hard to keep everything straight." She muttered before replying to Tygarr. "You can't go home until this matter is sorted out fully."
    "And...what is this matter?" Alderman asked, glancing at the spirit.
    Herrigan and Norna slipped in through the door. "We uh-might have forgotten something..." Herrigan said, his cheeks flushed red.
    Bella walked purposfully up to Hoddmimir and smacked his over the head with the wooden spoon.
    "YEOW!" The Arasai spun in the chair angrily. "WOT WERE THAT FOR?!"
    "You's has beens warned befores abouts pulling tails, Sholts!" Bella brandished the spoon under his nose.
    "I didn't pull nobody's tail! It was him!" He pointed to the other Arasai, but Bella kept her narrowed eyes on Hoddmimir.
    Aloysiius chuckled at the children and closed his eyes, enjoying the music.
    Rothgut chuckled. "By a fews seasons, I's is, just nots by as manys as I was reckonings." He leaned his head down again. "I's wills needs to see if any others of our clan has survives since we's splits ups." He felt a stone in the pit of his stomach as he thought about who might have and might have not survived their hurried exile from Freeport.
    Alaric's eyes narrowed. "Your wound is beyond the temple's aide?"
    "Alaric, a word, please." Rene pulled her husband by the arm out of the room. Standing by the door they began to exchange whispered words.
    "...Freeblood in...I can't..."
    "...Aleteriq...blood debt...owed..."
    "...Don't say..."
    "...We can't have..."
    Del waved her hand dismissivly. "Nay a need ter apologize; Ay feel th' same way 'bout me own Mum." She glanced at Bettan. "She were a small girl, when yer freed 'er, but she tol' me an' me cousins th' story o' it many a time."
    Padparadisch scowled and went up to the bar, tapping it and giving the hand sign for a glass of strong wine.
    Nordri closed his eyes. "Yer a honorable lad ter offer ter sacrifice yerself fer yer brother like tha'."
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    “False accusations!”Tygarr roared.
    “Long storrry but I will try to shorten it.” Wallbreaker answered. “I saw things before they happened and well, a group decided that they only wanted me to tell their futures... I refused and they killed me, but they managed to harvest my...” she glanced at Telsi for a moment.
    Telsi sighed and whispered to Calish “I just saw someone I want to talk to. I'll be right back.” she headed downstairs.
    Wallbreaker waited until Telsi was out of earshot before she continued “They managed to harvest my blood and with it they made a copy. This copy was an infant which they couldn't figure out how to age. She has the visions, but he and his wife have beat that poor girl if she doesn't have visions to their liking.”
    “Why should they listen to you? A Mystic who can't even find her own way to the afterrrlife? Tygarr growled. “And as forrr the child, I don't know what she's told you, but it's all a lie.”
    “Hi Vhyrenia,” Telsi said quietly.
    Left alone in the Kitchen Canty sighed. She looked around. She could hear the music from outside. She closed her eyes and started dancing by herself unseen by anyone.
    Senri walked over to the other Arasai. “Are you aware that there are rules in this tavern concerning unwanted attention?” she pointed to a sign near the door which read in several languages: Do not touch any of the employees in anyway which would possibly be unwanted.
    Tetri sighed “Do I look that old?” she smiled at the mother and child.
    Faeberry slowed in her dance and started coughing.
    “They're going to kill me,” Alyerra muttered.
    “They are not.” Kyriu answered “Besides they can't.”
    “I'm not completely immortal.”
    “Remember what Tetri said? If you were destroyed then the energy would go everywhere... and possibly back into Alteriq.” Kyriu smiled “Everything is...”
    “Balance,” Alyerra finished “I'm beginning to find that harder and harder to believe.”
    Bettana smiled “Oh? Never met a descendant of those I helped before. I would love to meet with your mom again sometime. From the looks of it she's done well.” she sighed “Thank you, I really was afraid that in all the years I've been away, I would have been forgotten. It makes an old woman glad to see such success.” she winked at Del “I don't suppose you'd know anything about anyone continuing the work would you now?”
    Xia laughed. She glanced over towards Padpardisch “He looks like he needs a hug or something,” she whispered.
    Sam went back to signing.
    Carl translated “Thank you, it was worth it.” he stopped translating and turned away. Shame paling his face.
    Sam paused in his signs and frowned.
    Zach nodded and stepped outside and waited for Jyikitches.
    Brienae glided just ahead of the lieutenant and the Iksar.
    The Lieutenant muttered under his breath questions of why he had to do this. He didn't watch where he was going and tripped over a Fae gliding in front of him. He tried to use the prisoner to remain standing but still ended on the floor.
    The Fae let fly curses in Faelie.
    Brienae turned and glided back “Are you both alright?” she asked
    Relane sighed and sat in on one of the cushions in the library. She picked up the book she had been reading and picked up where she had left off. She kept her ears open in case Stimsia needed her.
    A scream echoed through the Temple of Growth.
    Finara sighed. She looked around. Where had that poor mentally ill Ratonga gotten to. She shuddered as Lazera's another scream followed the first. "Oh Lazera," she sighed.
    In one of the rooms a Freeblood struggled against vines others had summoned to hold her. Her hunger had gotten the best of her and her inner demon had taken over.
    "Lazera, please we're only trying to help," one of the priests pleaded.
    "It's no use, she's starving," another said "We should just send her out."
    "There's still hope," another priest said "She said she wanted to continue her training and Nature willing she'll over come this."
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    ( sorry for not posting; I will later today, I just need a bit more time XC)
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    ((I edited my last post to add the Temple of Growth back in. Sorry it wasn't there earlier. I just had the idea... I really do seem to have something with Freebloods don't I?))
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    Unfortunately Lamia was too lost in her own thoughts to even really notice the scream, so she merely stood where she was, twiddling her thumbs.
    The other male arasai giggled mischievously as Hoddmimir was hit with the spoon. But as dark elf Senriala came over, his laugh vanished and he put on a rather serious face, trying to hide the fact that he was completely fine with what he did.
    He looked up at the dark elf and frowned.
    "I noticed the sign, yes.. but"
    "I wasn't trying to frighten her or anything. I just wanted to get her attention so I could ask her something. I think she was just surprised is all.." he said in honesty.
    Shiasia heard mumblings from Tetri and she looked up, smiling at the older 'Tonga. But seeing the male Ratonga near her, regardless of his age, her eyes widened slightly and she shuddered, looking away quickly.
    Alucard's music quieted down considerably as Fayberry began to cough. A concerned look crossed his face and he frowned, shaking his head.
    "Now young miss, I think that you should rest a bit. You shouldn't overwork yourself.." he suggested calmly.
    Jhyiskitches quickly followed after Zach, pulling up his eye-patch and rubbing an itch before replacing it.
    Zulgahr stayed silent mostly. He grunted as he was suddenly jerked down with the Lieutenant. He growled and said some muffled words
    "Nff nmmm ffff mff .... lfff nfff!" If one were to listen closely enough, they'd make out. "Hey! I ain't some stupid cushion!"
    Stinsmia sneezed in her sleep. A good bit later she woke up panting. Somewhat dillusional and crazed from her dream, she got up from the bed and panted heavily, scratching against the walls of her new room, as if trying to get away from something.
    "G-Get away!" she squealed, frightened.
    "M-.." she struggled to get words out.
    "M-Mama!!!!" she called out in a scared tone.
    Vhyrenia yawned softly. Her hand came up and she readjusted the feather earrings she wore. Her tail twitched. She smelled something familiar and she turned in time to see Telsi. She smiled.
    "Hello there Telsi, good to see you. Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?" she asked rather seriously. Vhyrenia thought for a moment; She seemed so serious on the outside, but whenever she was home with only her husband, she revealed her true, more cute and feminine side could show itself freely.
    Yukie-Onna* hugged his mother softly and sighed. His mother stood up and began to pack up the groceries. Once finished, she picked them up and collapsed the tent.
    With son following, Aldiana Y'Frwiun headed for the gates of Qeynos, heading back to her and her son's cabin in Antonica.
    (Aye I think you do :> And I have a thing for Ratonga, Kerra and Iksar XP. But hey;
    That's what makes us all unique; -Our own preferences in various things-
    *Changed Noel's name to Yukie-Onna instead XP I like it better :p )
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    "And we cannot take your word on that. Until the investigation is finished we cannot take your word above the girl's, nor the girl's above your's." She turned to Herrigan and handed him a ring of keys. "Please don't forget the other prisoner when at the rings."
    "Yes, Ma'am." The giant barbarian bowed his head like a small child and headed towards the cells. Norna flashed an embarrassed smile at her sister and followed down the stairs.
    "The child has not been interviewed yet?"
    Ross shook her head. "No, it was late and she needed to sleep. I had my sister watch over her in my office."
    Alderman nodded. "I can take her statement, if you need to be going."
    Herrigan and Norna went to Mazra's cell and the barbarian unlocked it.
    Bella pursed her lips and tapped the wooden spoon in her palm. "So it wasn'ts really Sholts who did it thens?"
    "O' course it weren't! But Ay got whacked on th' 'ead fer it nonetheless!" The Arasai folded his arms across his chest.
    Rothgut raised and shook his head. "Noes, you's don'ts looks thats olds you's..." he frowned and looked for the right words. "You's...feels, olds. Uh-likes...likes someones wise beyond their years I's means..." He frowned, hoping he had explained correctly.
    Aloysiius stood and went over to the children, kneeling before Fayberry. He reached out and put his palm against her forehead. "Are you feeling alright?"
    Llew turned in her chair, catching some of her grandparents' whispered conversation from where she sat. She bit her lip. "Is everything alright?" She called.
    Alaric turned to glare at her. "You did not tell us what we were inviting into our home."
    "Alaric!" Rene snapped at him. "Be civil to our guests!" She grabbed his arm and whispered. "I will not lose them again. I haven't even gotten to speak with Danlore yet."
    "How do we know their judgement can be trusted?"
    "If we had kept in contact with them we would know the answer to that, wouldn't we?" She hissed.
    Alaric winced at the jab.
    Del grinned. "Oh, Ay'd wager there be a couple o' people out there doin' wha' yer did." She glanced at Xia and whispered. "'E ain't th' huggin' kind o' bloke."
    Padparadisch gratefully picked up the wineglass set before him and drained it in a few, large gulps.
    Nordri nodded, finding no more words to add.
    ((Nothing wrong with favorites. I'm rather partial to Tongas and Elves, myself. I recently got a couple of the free slots and rolled up another Wood-Elf and another Half-Elf. Llew actually took them both in, Llawisii as her son and Thistlie as her apprentice (although there is a daughter/mother relationship between the two). I had just enough item count left in her house to add two more rooms for them.))
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    Ziqua finished eating and whispered to Sylvie “I-I th-think I'm r-rrready t-to t-talk now,”
    “Fine,” Tygarr growled “But I'll have you know that lizarrd has had plenty of time to poison the kitten against us.”
    Mordedana having finished breakfast quietly headed upstairs. She sighed. “Captain, isss there anything you would me to do?” she asked.
    Tygarr snarled “You're the spitting image of that lizard and the armor of Neriak...”
    Mordedana sighed “I have not had a chance to acquire new armor. And I would rather not talk about my mother... it'sss a bit of a sore topic.”
    Mazsra was fast asleep and didn't hear the sound of her cell being unlocked.
    “Actually I had two things to ask you,” Telsi answered.
    Calish made his way down and stepped to stand behind his fiancee “I'm not letting you out of my sight Enavra again.”
    Telsi leaned back into the Dark-Elf. “Vhyrenia, this is my Fiancee Calish Matriel, this is Vhyrenia, she and her husband have offered to help me over come my um...”
    Calish nodded “Thank you,”
    “I'm sure they could teach you some tricks about being Mortal married to a Freeblood.”
    “I don't need help I...”
    “You're going to get your self killed unless you learn your limit.” Telsi answered him.
    Calish sighed.
    “The first favor is we were going to go to the temple today and finally be married. I would like another witness other than the guard...”
    Calish nodded “I'm a Swashbuckler now but guards still make me uncomfortable...”
    “The other favor is I have a job, that I need help with. I need to track someone down... and memories as to where they are are skewed...”
    “Well, there are other ways to get someone's attention.” Senriala answered the smug Arasai “If I hear it happens again you will be out. Do we have an understanding?”
    Tetri nodded “Ah... well I was raised by an Elf...” she paused for a moment “Mother was 898 when she took me in...” she sighed. She looked towards the young Fayberry.
    “I'ms fines,”Fayberry answered between coughs.
    Calarys rushed to her daughter and picked her up “Rests withs mes,” she carried her protesting daughter to the table and sat down.
    Fayberry stopped her struggling as her mother sat down next to the new mother. “What's his names?” she asked fascinated by young infant.
    Calarys sighed with relief glad to see her daughter relaxing and feeling better.
    Kyriu sighed. She wasn't sure what else to say for awhile “The balance in this case is you saved Alteriq's life... you were the only one who could do that.”
    “Yeah and I don't regret that... but... you don't understand, you can't understand...”
    “Aly I'm trying... it could have easily been me...”
    “No it couldn't have.”
    “You don't know that,”
    “You're half-Feir-dal Ky! Feir-dal can't be turned! Even if it were possible you're a Monk! No one cares what you are or what your diet is. I'm a Bard. If people find out what I am they're not going to come listen to me. They'll just want to see the Unnatural freak!”
    “Aly that's not true...”
    “I've seen people change their opinions of me... just because I'm careless in my smile... or just now because I was honest...”
    “Aly I...”
    “She accused me of turning Little Al.”
    “Aly...” Kyriu struggled for the right words of comfort but none came. “You know you didn't...”
    “But to have someone even suggest...” she bit her lip to stifle the scream of pain.
    “Someone needs to look at it... and I have an idea who. I'll be right back.” Kyriu turned and headed into the other room. “Toska, think you could look at Aly's wound. I think she has an infection, but we need someone we trust who has some experience with undead.”
    Bettana nodded. “Aye, well I should probably be letting you get to your ship captain. My daughter will serve you well in what ever you are doing.”
    Xia frowned “Hm... well if he's coming with us then maybe we can be friends and I can cheer him up.”
    Bettana smiled at her daughter's words.
    Carl continued to look away from Samuel his next words were deep with his shame “I received a pair of weapons which made me stronger... but while they made me stronger... they changed me. When they sent me out after Jake, I barely remembered who he was. And when I did remember it didn't matter... I slashed his throat with void energy from the claws....” he shuddered “The Elf I... it doesn't matter... I heard her whisper something before I felt the pain in my back. When I woke up I was in the slave quarters and I couldn't feel my legs.” he hung his head lower “The first thing I asked for were my claws... but as soon as I touched them they rejected me. It burned like nothing I had ever felt before. Shortly after that I was betrayed and possessed.”
    Zach started walking towards the Guardhouse “Captain Yenter I believe is the one on duty. He's nice, but you really need to work up trust with him. He's also a Fae, but don't let the size fool you, he is a very capable warrior.” he explained as they walked.
    “Sorry,” the Lieutenant apologized to the Fae who gave a hmph before gliding away. The lieutenant helped his charge up before nodding to Brienae.
    Brienae sighed and glided up to the ramp. She jumped off the side of the platform landing gracefully on the ground below.
    The lieutenant gave a mischievous grin towards the Iksar “So would you like to jump” he asked as he stopped at the edge where Brienae had gone down.
    Relane heard the cry and used her Shadow Walk Ability to teleport to her daughter “Stinsmia, I'm here,” she whispered “You're alright, it was just a bad dream.”
    Finara glided around the temple until she found Lamia. Seeing her appear frozen she assumed that the screaming must have startled her “That's Lazera, she was a promising young Warden, but she had a run in with a gang of sick Freebloods in Qeynos and became a Freeblood herself, we're not sure what to do with her.”
    Inside the room Lazera snarled. She was trying to fight back for control.
    “We know what she needs,”
    “Aye, a stake through the heart.”
    “Please help me...” Lazera managed “I just need...”
    A wood-elf priest bumped into Lamia on his way into the room with a bleeding raw steak.
    The Freeblood tore into the steak like a ravenous beast. A few of the priests in the room with her wretched.
    Next to Lamia Finara could see into the room and lost her own breakfast almost on Lamia's feet.
    As she drank from the meat Lazera returned to normal. The vines still kept her movement restrained.
    “Lazera, we can't doing this.” One priest said who was clearly in charge.
    “I just need more time to adjust. Nature hasn't destroyed me so I think I can overcome the pain that comes with healing.” Lazera answered looking up “But I can't ignore my dependence on blood.”
    “Well if this happens again Lazera we will have no choice but to destroy you.”
    ((I also like Fae as well as Freeblood.))
  13. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia's thoughts were interrupted by Finara's words. Looking up, she glanced at the woman and nodded in understanding. She frowned and then shook her head.
    "Sigh.. I see. Sounds a lot like a friend of mine. And my little friend, who I think of as a cousin, was actually turned recently. I had recieved word by a letter from his mum.." she replied, shrugging.
    She stepped through into the room Lazera was in and merely watched, stone-faced, not at all appalled by how the Freeblood ate the steak.
    "I don't see why any of you are so disgusted.."
    She stepped a little closer to Lazera briefly, but looked back at the priests with a grave scowl.
    "For goodness' sakes! The reason she was out of control is probably because you have her restrained! If perhaps you let her out into Antonica to feed on wild game, then she might be okay!" Lamia said in an exasperated tone.
    The male arasai nodded to Senriala and sighed, with a response in Thexian
    "Clav'ik tas verklana." Which was Thexian for "Of course, miss."
    Shiasia yawned and glanced at Calarys, giving a smile. She took a notice to Fayberry and smiled weakly.
    "His name is Nazsuss.." she whispered, noting that her son was asleep.
    "He's asleep." she said quietly.
    Jhyskitches nodded and continued walking with Zach.
    "I see. My mother used to say "Never judge a cheese by it's looks!" Guess that applies to people too in a sense." he replied with a chuckle
    Zulgahr grumbled and stood up by himself, shrugging off the Fae's attempt to help. He blinked as they walked to a platform's edge.
    At the liuetenant's words, he shrugged. It's not like he really had a choice!
    Stinsmia jumped in fright at the sudden appearance of her mother. She merely sat there for a moment, her lips quivering before bursting into tears and running into her mother's arms.
    "It was a bad dream..?" she mumbled, a bit confused.
    She looked up at her mother with fear-filled eyes
    "I saw him Mama... Mama I saw him! M-Master came back for me.. S-Said I was a bad girl.. Said he would k-kill me and beat me.." she said weakly, snuggling into her mother again.
    Vhyrenia's ears perked.
    "Oh? What might those be?" she asked. Watching the dark elf come down and Telsi's reaction, she could possibly guess.
    "Hehe, I could teach your husband a few things, yes.. And I'm sure my husband could teach you some things as well." she chuckled. With the introduction of Calish, she gave a curtsey and let out a purr.
    "Pleased to meet you, Calish. I'm Vhyrenia Moonsword." she said politely. A light entered her eyes and she let out something similar to a cat's mew.
    "I would be both delighted and honoured. If you don't mind, may my husband come as well?" she asked. Then turning to look at Calish she nodded.
    "Yes, I could help with your job." she responded.
    Yukie-Onna yawned and continued with his mother to their home cabin. He looked up at her and smiled. Within about an hour of hiking they arrived at their destination.
    Yukie-Onna yawned and stepped inside, helping his mother with the groceries. Shortly after finishing the little chore, he closed his eyes and concentrated, taking on his bat form and fluttering onto a nearby perch, hanging upside down
    ( I don't remember what the Freeblood bat ability is called XP )
  14. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Sylvie smiled at the girl. "Alright. Let's go find my sister." She stood and held a hand out to Ziqua.
    "If you would like to get some new armor I am about to escort a couple to the Temple. The blacksmith's building is on the way."
    Herigan approached the Iskar carefully. He stood far enough away to be out of arm reach, as the regulations said to. "Ms. Mazsra. It is time to go."
    Hoddmimir scowled at Bella. "Do I git an apology?"
    The Ratonga brandished the wooden spoon under his nose. "This times you's does. I's is sorries I's hits yous."
    Rothgut shook his head. "Th' things she's must haves seens in her's lifetimes. The changes to the rhythms."
    Aloysiius looked to the boys. "Well, how about some more music, eh?" He took out a flute. It was old and carved with symbols and halasian letters. The dyes were long faded but a light hint of their once vibrant colors still clung to the worn wood.
    Toska pushed her chair back and slid down. "I's cans looks, buts I's was nots longs into my's apprenticeships whens I's gaves its ups."
    Aleteriq looked up at his sister. "Is something wr-wrong with Miss. Al?" Llew was not sure what to say. Aleteriq slid from his chair and followed Toska into the other room before she could stop him. "Are you al-alright-t-t?"
    Alaric watched Llew walk past them after her brother. He turned back to his wife. "I was hesitant to let someone who looked like a Teir'dal into my house, but a vampire? You know what they've done to Felwithe."
    "From my understanding the Freeblood are victims, Alaric. They've nothing to do with that." She set her jaw and he knew the look she gave him did not bode well. "And you will give every hospitality to our guests. Go find someone at the House of the Arcane who can help her."
    He bit his lip, glanced around and then turned, opening the door and stepping out.
    Rene turned and bowed. "I am very sorry. We have been such poor hosts." She indicated a couch to one side of the room. "Please, you should rest until someone gets here."
    Padparadisch scoffed and made the sign for another drink. "Has your girl ever met a Teir'dal before? I'm not going and I'm not making friends." He reached for the glass as soon as it was set down, but Del pulled him away from the counter before he could pick it up.
    "Yer commin' wit an' yer gonna git some sun an' some good sea air in yer an' Ay kin't care less if yer make friends bu' yer make enemies an' Ay'll boot yer over th' railin' meself." Padparadisch scowled and growled, but did not struggle too much while she led him through the door. "It were nice ter finally git ter meetcha, Ma'am. Ay'm sure yer girl will make yer proud."
    Nordri considered the words. "Well, Ay guess if we kin't defeat this Sharptusk, we kin always try ter incompacitate him an' 'ope th' 'ammer rejects 'im. Tha' migh' give us th' time we need ter purify it."

    ((I think it's something like 'Cloud of Bats'?))
  15. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Ziqua accepted the hand offered to her.
    Mordedana nodded.
    Mazsra stirred and opened her eyes “Time to go where?” she asked with a yawn.
    “Of course,” Telsi answered. “Then after that we have some paperwork to fill out.”
    Calish hugged Telsi to him “Thank you for the offer. I'll have to take you up on that.” he sighed “We met before she became a Freeblood. Her diet may have changed, but I still...” he paused “love her... love is not a word our people use often, but it's the only one I think fits,”
    Telsi smiled and nodded.
    Senriala nodded and headed back towards the kitchen.
    “That's a nice names,” Fayberry answered. She frowned to hear he was asleep.
    Calarys hugged her tiny daughter “Not longs agos yous weres thats smalls.” she smiled “You wants to tells hers your's names?”
    “I'ms Fayberry,” the young Ratonga said. Her ears perked at the sound of the flute music.
    “Nos yous are stayings heres a littles longers.” Calarys said gently.
    Tetriemmy nodded “I grew up hearing some of the things she saw.” she frowned “Changes to the Rhythm?”
    Kyriu followed the others back into the other room
    Alyerra smiled at the young High-Elf. “I'm fine,” she answered. She didn't want him to worry. Although the thought crossed her mind again if he shared the empathy. Then again it seemed to only be emotions. She turned as Rene spoke “Um thanks... someone else is coming?” her face seemed to pale more as the scene rushed through her mind of being surrounded by a group of mages casting black energy. She tried to dismiss the memory which caused her to shudder.
    Bettana laughed “Aye same,” she said after the departing elves.
    “Camina was Tier'dal before she joined us wasn't she?”
    Bettana smiled “Aye she was, go on. And I know you'll make me proud.”
    Xia nodded “Now Mama no storming into Nettleville.”
    Bettana frowned “I won't do anything too foolish. Although I have an idea. You'd best be going,”
    Xia nodded, hugged her mother and dashed out the door after the Elves.
    After she was gone Bettana grabbed the wine from the counter. “Not bad,” she commented.
    “It wouldn't be enough to incapacitate him temporarily it has to be permanent,” Carl answered “Maybe it is a mixed blessing. If I can get it from him, I can hold until we do whatever... hopefully that wouldn't take too long it hurts like hell when those weapons deem you unworthy, but I'll do it if need be.”
    Sam took out the stone and thought of Grumblefoot “How goes your research? I was reminded that the weapons that Carl had rejected him when they realized he was crippled... if we could get him the hammer, it won't corrupt him, it will reject him. It'll be painful for him, but he says he's willing to endure that pain if it means we can purify it or get rid of it.”
    At the Guardhouse in Kelethin Yenter sighed. He'd have to get some one from the falling stars to come here and fix the prisons, but he seemed to be out of guards.
    Zach stepped in.
    “Ah Flamefist. I have a favor to ask you.” he paused seeing the Ratonga. “And who is this?”
    “A new recruit sir,” Zach answered.
    “I see,” The Fae glided up to the Ratonga “Alright lets start with name,”
    The Lieutenant sighed and walked down the ramp with the prisoner.
    “It's not that much farther,” Brienae said once the two reached the bottom. “Just around this rock,”
    Relane hugged her daughter “Yes it was only a dream. You are a very good girl and if he does come near you... I'll drink him dry,”
    “It's alright,” Lazera said “They didn't restrain me until after I lost control.” she sighed “I thought that perhaps I could ignore the dependency on blood... it seems I can't...” the vines and chains which had bound her receded. “It won't happen again Fenoru, I promise. I'll make sure I feed as much as I need to.”
    “See that you do.” Fenoru turned to Lamia “As for you, I don't know who you think you are, but we do not need your advice on how to run this temple. He left taking all of the priests with him.
    Lazera sighed as she picked up the steak. She drank more blood from the steak before speaking. “Sorry you had to see that... kinda stupid on my part. I went to Qeynos, because well I thought since Freeblood are becoming more common and are welcome that there must be some way we can treat them. So I went to Qeynos to do some research... and became a Freeblood. That really was an accident” she smiled “It has advantages though regarding my research. I was hoping to find a Freeblood that would be willing to undergo some experiments.” she sighed “But not knowing what it would do to them... I don't want to hurt anyone. Now as a Freeblood myself I can experiment on my own body and not hurt anyone else.” she smiled “So far I've learned I really do need blood.” she drank some more “I'm sure you caught it, but I'm Lazera.”
    ((I think cloud of bats is correct or it's something like that. None of my Freeblood have it because I rely on the free sc that sony gives and well... the bats are kind of expensive in my opinion. Well that and I seem to have problems saving my sc (lot of nice appearance stuff)
    In other news I heard recently that they're going to be revamping the forums... in the process deleting all posts. Apparently we'll still be able to access them for about a month after the revamp, but to be on the safe side I have started copying the original into a document so we have it.))
  16. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia completely ignored the priests and leaned against a nearby wall. She looked at Lazera and nodded with a slight smile
    "Nice to meet you Lazera. My name's Lamia." the Ratonga said happily.
    Shiasia smiled.
    "Nice to meet you Fayberry. You too Calarys." she replied. She kissed her son gently on the forehead and sighed.
    The male arasai, still at his table, began grumbling as Senriala walked away. Grumbling about how tall blueberry elves always ruined his fun. Heck how all races seemed to ruin his fun.
    "Stupid dark elf.." he muttered.
    Alucard sighed as he managed to hear the Arasai. His own panpipe music resumed in tune to Aloysiius' music.
    The male Ratonga followed Zach for a little longer before stepping into the guardhouse with him. He blinked as Zach volunteered him as a recruit.
    "Ohs! My names is Jhyiskitches." he replied, nodding his head
    Zulgahr gave a sigh and grumbled to himself about stupid pixies.
    Stinsmia whimpered and hugged close to her mother. She coughed a few times and shuddered, giving a sigh.
    "O-Okay m-mama.." she stuttered weakly, sniffling
    Vhyrenia smiled and nodded.
    "I've got plenty of time, so just tell me what time you need help with the job." she said with a smile. A moment later her husband entered the guardhouse, searching for his wife and yet happening to find her there.
    "There you are, my little furball.. And who are these two people, love..?" Vaska said and then asked, coming behind his Kerran wife, wrapping his arms around her hips and giving a gentle nibble to her neck.
    The kerra purred softly for a moment.
    "These are Telsi and Calish. Calish, the dark elf. Telsi the freeblood respectively." she explained. Her husband held up a finger.
    "Just.. give us a second please? We'll be right back." he said, slowly pulling his wife with him out of the guardhouse and nearby, but out of said building. A moment later there was playful squealing.
    "Aw stop it! What's gotten into you fang face? You missed me too much, hehe.." came a hushed voice. Then Vhyrenia cleared her throat and dragged her husband back with her into the guardhouse. She was dragging him by his ear.
    "Ow.. ow.. ow.. Stop.. Ow.. I was just kidding, sheesh!" he grumbled. Vhyrenia gave a half-hearted frown
    "Next time you do that, I'll pull so hard your ear'll hang to the ground!" she scolded with a wink. She cleared her throat again.
    "Anyway.. I assume the marriage ceremony is to be held in the temple I guess?" she inquired
    Yukie-Onna huffed in his bat form and fluttered from his perch, coming to rest on his mother's shoulder.

    (Okie dokie. So uhm.. Should we save our most recent posts or something when they re-do the forums?
    New discovery: Apparently the word n*ip (without the *) is not allowed in forum posts XP)
  17. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Sylvie smiled at the Priestesses. "It was very nice to meet you ladies."
    Herrigan paused. "Oh...did no one tell you? We’ve agreed to a prisoner exchange with Kelethin. The wards on their cells are not working and they’ve a Coercer giving them trouble. So they’re bringing the Coercer here and we were going to move you there. Captain Ross figured you’d be the least likely to give them any trouble."
    Nerry looked up. “What, she doesn’t trust me to not cause trouble?”
    “Nerry, nobody trusts you to not cause trouble.” Herrigan replied over his shoulder.
    Bella followed Senri back into the kitchen. "Okays...let's sees..." She climbed back up onto the stool. "Okays, nows we's cooks the berries."
    Hoddmimir folded his arms and leaned back in the chair. Were the people outside of Freeport always this boring?
    The flute’s voice was soft and well toned. The music felt old and enchanted. It had been a while since he had played this flute and Aloysiius continued the tune.
    Rothgut glanced around. Satisfied that no one was within ear shot he began to explain. "The Rhythm is in alls things ands all things is a parts of the rhythms. We's feels its with paw ands whisker ands tail. We's reads its ands adapts to its. By readings its we's cans prepare. That's is why our peoples was nots afraids when the grounds shooks ands the moon fells. The changed in the rhythms tolds us it would be such before." He glanced at his son and the kitchen where his daughter was and continued. "Alls Ratongas feel its to some extents. Somes, likes Bellacouste feels its stronglys. That's is why she does nots cover her feets, but walks upons the earth. I thinks, sometimes, that thats is why she wents to Qeynos, because she felts in the Rhythm thats that is where our peoples woulds belongs, before we’s felts its ourselves. She says thats walkings in shoes is likes listenings to musics with her ears covereds or lookings at arts with her eyes half closeds. It is why she fears heights sometimes, because she is so connected to the rhythm of the earths. Others has little awareness with the rhythms. Charlemin barely feels its at alls." He took a deep breath. "The rhythm is why we's dance ands what we's dance to's. It is..." He struggled to find the word. "It is...felt."
    Aleteriq reached up and grabbed Llew's hand. He felt scared suddenly.
    "You should rest. He's going to get some mages who might be able to help you." Rene said.
    Padparadisch was still growling at Asphodelus as she dragged him across the little bridge over the canal. By the time they passed the statue of Queen Antonia he had managed to get his ear out of her grasp.
    “I am not going.” He growled.
    Del folded her arms across her chest.
    Nordri nodded. “We’ll ‘ave ter see wha’ we kin manage.”
    In the library of the Guild Hall Grumblefoot thumbed through a book. He reached into his pocket and grasped the stone. ‘Tha’ migh’ be our only option.’ He sighed aloud. ‘Ay ain’ findin’ much ‘ere. Ay’m gonna keep lookin’ though.’
    ((I've got every post from this and the previous thread saved to my computer. It’s so much more than I thought it was. Two years of RP makes for a lot of text. ))
  18. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Priestess Anna smiled “Nice meeting you dear,”
    Elena had finished her breakfast and seemed to have fallen asleep on the table.
    Ziqua clung tightly to Sylvie's hand.
    “We met before,” Telsi said to Vaska “You were here earlier to help me,” she sighed “After we've made everything official I'd like to start tracking.”
    Calish frowned “I wish you would take some time to relax Enavra.”
    Telsi turned to look at her Fiancee “The longer I put off tracking him, the more people he can hurt.”
    “What about you?”
    Telsi made no answer.
    “I'm not losing you again.” Calish continued
    Mazsra nodded and stood up “Alright then whenever you are ready.”
    Tetri listened intently. After Rothgut had finished his explanation Tetri looked at her own bare feet. “She's right...” Tetri said quietly “Though I never understood what it was I felt.” she sighed “I only ever told Mother this... I felt that something was going to happen that day in the commonlands, but that I needed to stay there...” she sighed “I didn't tell my parents...” she looked at him “I was 4, I didn't understand. When I told Mother about it, she said that I was more in tune with Nature than most people, even some other Druids.” she sighed “Since then I've felt other things, but I never thought it had to do with being a Ratonga...” she turned away “Mother did her best to make sure I didn't lose all of my culture, but all she was able to teach me was Ratongan... when she approached Ratonga to educate me in Ratongan ways they refused.”
    “Mommy cans I gos nows?” the young girl pleaded.
    Calarys sighed “Alrights buts bes carefuls,”
    The young Ratonga slid from her mothers lap and returned to dancing with her her brothers who had all started dancing to the music.
    Calarys proudly watched her children as her husband Colby pulled up a seat next to her
    “Looks likes he'lls grows ups tos bes a strongs youngs mans.” Colby said looking at the infant.
    “Oh this is mys Husbands Colby, this is Shiasia.”
    Colby just nodded.
    In the Kitchen Canty stopped practicing as Bella and Senri entered the kitchen. “Ohs is theres anythings elses we needs?” she asked.
    Alyerra froze.
    Kyriu grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled her to sit on the couch. She frowned “Aly you're trembling... I haven't seen you this scared since... we were kids.”
    Once she was sitting Aly was indeed trembling.
    “Aly? What's wrong?”
    “It's nothing...” Alyerra said biting her lip
    Kyriu chewed the silver ring on her bottom lip in thought. She blinked and hugged her friend as she realized the problem. “Aly they're coming to help, and they're the only ones who can. You know I won't let anyone hurt you.” she held the stone so that she could speak privately to Llew “I believe she was turned by mages, and she's terrified of going through that again.. it really is my fault if I had managed to stay by her or even to...”
    Xia caught up easily. “Why not?” she asked the Dark-Elf “Don't you want to help people? I sense that you enjoy music, maybe not in the same style I do... but think of all the appreciation you could gain on this trip.”
    Carl nodded.
    “Of course.” Sam replied via the stone “I worry how much time we have though. I know he regrets his actions... he regretted them 10 years ago, but before he could do anything to atone for it... he was thrown in the void by his so called allies. Now whatever forces are within him if we don't act soon... I'm afraid he will cease to be. I think he needs to destroy these Dark weapons or they're presence may destroy him.”
    Yenter nodded “Nice to meet you,” he frowned “I wish the 2 of you ha gotten here sooner, but it is no matter. “I am Captain Yenter Wispwing. Welcome to Kelethin.” he analyzed his new recruit “So are you training as a Paladin, Gaurdian or Berzerker or Monk or Bruiser?” he asked asked eyeing the robes “or we could use a Mage on the force I suppose...”
    Zach laughed.
    Brienae glided to a stop in the Druid Ring and vanished.
    The Seargeant touched the bush and he and the Iksar vanished.
    The three reappeared in the Antonica Druid ring.
    Relane continued to comfort her daughter “It will be alright, I promise,” she said.
    “Nice to meet you too.” Lazera smiled “Sorry you had to meet me like that first.”
    Finara glided into the room “Actually, maybe the two of you could help each other.”
    Lazera turned to the Fae.
    “Lamia came here so that she could get help for some issues...” she quietly explained the issues to Lazzera who nodded. “Maybe just having a friend would help... and I could use some help as well. As I said I wanted to learn more about Freeblood and then I became one. Now that I am a Freeblood I can experiment on my own body... but an extra pair of hands would be of great benefit.” she looked at Lamia “If you want.”
    ((I'm working on copying the rp to my computer for my own records... yes it is a lot of text. But it has been an interesting story and I think it will continue to be))
  19. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia shook her head and snickered.
    "No need for apologies, my friend. I've met at least one other Freeblood like that." Shiasia teased. Knowing that the priestess would explain her issues, she stood there patiently
    At hearing Lazera's offer, she gave a slight gulp. She was tempted to accept.. But would her alter try to kill the Freeblood? The thought was pushed aside and she nodded
    "I wouldn't mind.. Tell me when we can start.." she said quietly.
    Shiasia blinked and looked at Calarys. She smiled at both her and her husband. Hearing the comment, she chuckled and smileed at Colby, looking at him with tired eyes
    "Yes.. A rowdy, rough boy for a fragile and tired young mother.. What a lovely thought." she teased with a chuckle
    Alucard's panpipe soon joined in with Aloysiius' music.
    Jhyiskitches thought for a moment. He really hated being a Shadowknight.. And he liked Paladins.. But he didn't know if he had the magic talent to do so..
    "Hm.." he muttered. He nodded.
    "I will be training as a Paladin, Captain." he replied, nodding
    "But.." he sighed and chuckled
    "Considering a while back I used to- Uh.. Nevermind.." he began to say, then shut his mouth
    "But yes, I would like to train as a Paladin."
    Zulgahr sighed and growled angrily. His teeth were busy trying to chew through the gag. Managing to slide it down just barely asked (still very muffled I mean)
    "Where to next?"
    Stinsmia whimpered weakly and clung tightly to her mother before eventually crying herself to sleep, her breathing calming and herself going quiet.
    Vaska noddded.
    "Ah, now I remember.." he said quietly. He kept his arms wrapped around his Kerran wife and he nuzzled her again. She yawned and her tail swayed.
    "So my little kitty here tells me that you two are to be wed.. I do hope that the wedding goes along well." The male freeblood said with a smile.
    Yukie changed back to his normal Freeblood form and sat in a chair near the fireplace. His mother sat next to him as well, before shortly hugging her Freeblood son.
    Two people, a young couple were walking around near the temple of Qeynos, looking at the birds and flowers. The male kerra leaned down and picked one of the flowers, a rose, and handed it to his dear lover.
    She giggled softly and sniffed the rose, clutching it gently. The iksaress nuzzled her lover gently and sighed softly
    "I love you.." she whispered to the Kerra. In truth the Kerra was a coercer and he had the Iksar under a spell.
    ((...Why in the world do I seem to have a thing for odd romance pairings?! I.E Kerra/ Iksar.. Ratonga/ Human, etcetera..))
  20. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Sylvie led Ziqua back down the hall and into the main room of the Guardhouse. "Mornin' Ross!" She said without thinking.
    Captain Alderman raised one eyebrow. "Are all the recruits your shift got so...informal?"
    Ross shook her head. "My sister sometimes forgets that we are working."
    "Ah, another one? How many sisters do you have?"
    "Six. And a brother."
    Alderman raised an eyebrow again. "Do humans usually have such large families?"
    Ross shrugged.
    Herrigan reluctantly took out a pair of metal cuffs. "You'll have to excuse me, but I must follow protocol."
    Rothgut nodded. "We's is very secretives abouts our ways. Ratonga not raised by Ratonga very rarely learn them. They are not always trusteds or seen as ones of us. They's is treated as outsiders. Like you's they's feel the rhythm still, buts they's does nots know what it is or whys. Is why we's does nots likes our childrens raised by others, because is so hards to comes backs after leavings."
    Aloysiius' song ended and he lowered the flute. He ran his fingers over the old carvings and slipped it back into its pouch. He clapped his hands together. "Now then, would you little ones rather play a game or hear another story?"
    "Yisyis, we's needs cornstarch ands sugars ands waters." Bella put the wooden spoon down on the counter.
    Llew grasped the stone. 'We need to assure her that they mean her no harm.' She said in her mind, but she was not sure of how to do that. Aleteriq clung to Llew's robes as Danlore entered the room.
    "Is everything alright?"
    Rene turned. "Alaric is fetching someone to help your friend."
    Toska shook her head. "Does you's knows if whats made that's wound was curseds or nots?"
    Padparadisch laughed harshly. "You really have never met a Teir'dal before. Very well, I will go, if only to see this one's naiveté wear down."
    Del clapped him on the back and pushed him towards the dock. "Tha's gudd 'nuff fer me! Com'on, mates, th' sea awaits!"
    The Teir'dal scowled. "You've playing word games with that Bard again, haven't you?"
    "Ay dunno wha' yer mean. Jus' look at tha' scene!" Del grinned and motioned towards her ship, which was anchored out in the deeper water of the harbor. Padparadisch rolled his eyes.
    Grumblefoot chewed his lip and got up. Still holding the stone in one hand he ran his fingers along the spines on the bookshelf with the other. 'Ay will try ter be as quick as Ay kin. Ay jus' though o' another tome tha' may 'ave somethin'.'

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