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    The Roleplay ‘A Fae Flies into A Bar…’ was begun on June 30th, 2010 shortly after Kiara set up the Role Play forum and, while it had a shaky start after two years, over 90 pages and 1300 posts it is still going. The purpose of this thread is simply to continue on because the other thread is getting so long as to have ill effects, such as posts that won’t show up on newly generated pages until three or four posts have been made on that page.
    Below will be a summery of the story thus far as well as copies of the last posts from the previous thread, from which the role-play will continue as normal.
    If you are a new person looking to join feel free to simply jump into it, but please follow common courtesy role-play (and the forum) rules and have fun with it.

    If you would like to read through the other thread it can be found here.
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    The Story Thus Far…

    ((There’s a lot to summarize so I will be reserving a couple of post spots for it until it is finished.))
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    Previous Posts

    Herrigan nodded, but it was too late to call Brique back.

    Ross cried out in alarm as the Squire charged, drawing her own sword and filling it with brilliant light as she got between the youth and the Freeblood. Herrigan leapt up from his chair, knocking it over and drawing his own.


    Nordri stirred and popped one eye open to stare at Bane. "Mornin', puppy." He sat up and offered his hand to the dog to sniff.


    Grumblefoot nodded to Sam. "Der yer think yer ter kin put th' 'ammer behin' wards like tha'? Ay'm nay sure if Ay shoul' try th' purification again, wit 'ow it reacted. Ay ain't tha' strong anymore, Ay guess."

    "Thank you. All of you are welcome in my home at any time." She smiled and turned as Brienae landed. She glanced up at the city with a paniced a worried look, but pushed it out of her mind. "Is everything alright?" She asked.


    "Was nice meetings you's toos." Bella replied in Ratongan. "Beleska dance withs yous."

    Rothgut nodded, but froze as a shadow appeared behind the others and grabbed Danlore's shoulder, spinning him around. "Are these the traitors, Lady Ventosis?" The guard asked. Danlore swore under his breath, unable to reach his staff with his arm still being held tightly by the soldier and unsure if he should draw his weapon being so surrounded.

    A Tier'dal woman stepped out from behind the other Militiamen, wearing a light purple dress that was close to her skin tone and showed much of it. "They were with him, yes." She said in a silky voice.


    Isatis went to the edge of the platform and looked down, squinting at the people. "I...I think that's my Guild Leader down there..." She said over her shoulder.


    Gregor stepped outside the office. “Simon!” he shouted the squire's name.

    Simon turned in Gregor's direction.

    “What are you doing?” Gregor asked. There was stern yet concerned tone in his voice.

    “She's related to Nedrid. I heard her say something about Uncle Nedrid...” Simon answered.

    Calish drew twin rapiers.

    Telsi stood poised to pounce. Her hands looked like claws. She straightened as the boy spoke “What do you have against my uncle?” she asked calmly as she stepped from behind the Paladin. She had not heard most of the conversation earlier as her mind had been focused on feeding.

    “He killed my sister!” Simon shouted.

    Telsi nodded “And someone has to pay. Vengeance will never bring her back, nor will it make you feel better.”

    “I'm not listening to a wretched monster! Especially not one with the last name Fenris!” Simon hissed.

    Calish laughed “Perhaps we should have married before we left.”

    Telsi smiled “Perhaps... but if I remember correctly the offer was that execution would follow the ceremony....”

    Calish nodded "Yeah true..."

    Gregor closed his eyes for a moment “I thought and hoped that I had taught you better...”

    Simon turned fully to face his mentor. “You did nothing!”

    Gregor felt the sense of failure pressing down on him. How had he failed so horribly? His sadness and anger began to overwhelm him. He clutched his stomach as his emotions brought out his hunger.

    “Where were you?” tears were streaming from the youth's eyes. He turned back towards Telsi “He took the only family I had left! If I could make him feel that pain....”

    Gregor listened to his squire's words. His hands began shaking as he tried to maintain control. His eyes were already red.


    Mist nuzzled the Ratonga mother as though asking to play.

    Alyerra laughed “No Mist, he's too little.”She turned to watch Bane and Nordi “Careful... if he views beards anything like tails, he's found a new toy.”

    Bane sniffed the offered hand and licked it.

    Alyerra said nothing about Shiasia's musings. It actually made her pause to think: Who was her Father? Could he have changed his ways?


    Tim nodded “If you can't find it, I know someone who can help. He only asks five Silver.”

    Carl let out another scream of pain that he had tried to hold back. Tears were in his eyes just from pain.

    Tim frowned “What's wrong?” he asked.

    “The darkness...” Carl whispered “It's growing... I can feel it.” he grunted “Help me...”

    Tim pulled vial out of his bag.

    "I thought you said you couldn't give me more for several hours," Carl hissed.

    Tim nodded "Of the pain reliever. This is a sleeping potion only. It will make you sleep for sevral hours. It's the best I can do."

    Carl nodded and sat up. He took the potion and drank it "That really..." he fell back with his eyes closed in sleep.

    "Tastes like mud. I know." Tim muttered. "I can't leave him alone... but I can't let you go by yourself." he said to Rotwhisker.


    Sam nodded. He leaned against a tree. “Maybe... somehow we need to weaken it.” he rubbed his head “The claws were easy. They just needed to be separated “ Sam swallowed as he tried to continue. His breathing was becoming labored “Sorry,” he said finally “I learned years ago how to speak with my mind, but it is hard... without aid or being able to meditate.” his mental voice was starting to sound strained again “Do you by chance understand sign language or...” he pulled out the stone “Should have asked... have one of these.”

    “Well, in the city yes everything is fine,” Brienae answered “We managed to convince Lamia to repent and change her ways, however I think her mind is fractured.” she sighed as she thought of her words “It's like she's two people, but she's not possessed. I was hoping maybe you could help her. The other personality is what caused her to follow the Necromancer. She would rather be a conjuror or Illusionist, but I'm afraid if that other side is not suppressed it could overwhelm her.”


    “And yous,” the sleepy child whispered back in Ratongan.

    Tetriemmy twitched her ears.

    The children quickly fell fast asleep “Bella, Aloysiius gather close to me.” her voice did not leave the room as she stood in a corner. She sighed “Tunare please give that girl some sense...” she whispered.

    “Traitors?” Calarys asked “There's musts bes some mistakes.” she began to shake as she thought about what would happen if they accused her of aiding traitors “Theres has to bes a mistakes...” she said almost pleading for it to be true.

    Canty hugged her Aunt who was beginning to cry.

    Kyriu cursed. She reached for her staff but stopped short of drawing it. She decided to try diplomacy “We were actually just leaving.” she said “If you just let us go we won't cause any trouble.”


    Henris sighed "I assume that is good news. If she is a friend of my daughter's then I have no doubt she can be trusted. He glided over to Lamia “Are you alright my dear?” he asked.


    The High-Elf smiled and then laughed “Two of the 'evil faeries' are of a noble family which is well respected around here. Lady Brienae was the one who informed us.”

    The clerk nodded the charm on him having broken “I would trust the word of Lady Brienae over just about anyone.”


    Carefully Galabrin set the Ratonga down. He wanted to make sure she realized he was not holding her against her will. “I'm your friend.” he whispered.
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    Lamia was busy in thought when Henris spoke. She perked her ears and glanced at him. "O-Oh me? Yeah.. I-I'm fine.." she said distractedly. She nodded. Her tail swayed slowly. Her hand raised up and necromantic magic unwillingly came up, much to her surprise. She squeaks and dispels it, shaking her head as if trying to get it off of her.

    "W-Wha?! N-Necro- But.. But I've.. never even touched that school of magic before.." she stutters to herself, bewildered


    Zulgahr frowned and crossed his arms

    "Hey.. Ya can't blame me for trying.." he said wryly, smirking. He searches his person and feels some daggers and poison vials in his pockets. But he makes no move in taking them out.

    If he was going to get out.. he was going to have to act harmless at first.. And if the cell door opened.. Run for it! He'd try the charm one last time on his slave before he'd wait some time.. He put his hands behind his back and began secretly re-casting the charm spell on Stinsmia.


    Stinsmia's collar started the red glowing again and she shrieked. The longer she resisted, the more her mind became fractured and damaged. She bit her lip and put her head in her hands

    "M-Mas..ter.. Master.." she whispers softly, trembling. She was trying so hard to resist the command and urge to go to the Iksar. So far it was working.. But.. it wasn't going to last.

    "No.. No I don't have a Master.. I don't have a Master!!" she repeats to herself, shaking her head. It was becoming a little easier to resist, keeping that in mind.


    Shiasia chuckled softly and sighed.

    "Maybe if Rotwhisker becomes a paladin.. and maybe changes his name I'll.." she mutters to herself, slowly walking off to a different spot as she pondered.

    She also noted that Senriala was taking a rather long time.. Was something wrong..?


    Rotwhisker watched curiously. After a moment to let things calm down, he went back to searching. Eventually he found a small square mirror, which shimmered with magic.

    "I can understand that. But well I found it so.. I'll just use the room right next to this one. Be right back.." he said, skittering out of the room and into the room nearby, closing the door gently.

    As the changing occured, there were several grunts.

    "Gahs.. Stupids earrings.." he mutters, eventually fitting 3 in each of his ears. He looks himself over again briefly. A wave of his hand and he changed his fur pattern and colour to a solid white, also changing his tail slightly to be longer. He made his snout a bit longer, also making his eyes a little more squinted.

    He stepped out and sighed

    "Thats is probably the last times I uses one of these stupids mirrors!" he muttered, having also changed his voice slightly


    Ramoana sighed softly as she watched her sister cough and wheeze. She looked through a cabinet, pulling out a small vial. She handed it to her sister.

    "It'll help you sleep.." she whispers, watching Adhara promptly drink it. The younger sister yawns and promptly falls asleep.

    "Good.. I hate hearing her cough.." Ramoana says quietly and sadly.
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    Ross kept her sword out but put a hand on Simon's shoulder. "This is not the answer." She said sternly. "Your vengence, if any, is with him, not this woman. Being a relation does not make her guilty and responsable for his crimes. That is not Marr's way."
    Herrigan glanced at Gregor's hands. "Are you unwell?" He asked in a low voice.
    Ginnar sniffed as the dog licked his hand. "Wha' is tha' wonderful smell?"
    Grumblefoot nodded and pulled out his own stone. "Let me see if this will 'elp yer breathin' though." He put his hand on the man's chest and prayed under his breath, sending cool, rejuvinating energy through his hand.
    Llew sighed with relief, glad that it was not another attack. "I can cast the spell as I did for Alyerra's mother, but it is only a temperary fix. If her split in personality is due to trauma or an imbalance of the humors there is little I can do in the long run though."
    Aloysiius stepped close to Tetri but Bella hesitated. "Buts-"
    "Bella." The bard whispered as Hoddmimir sat up. "Please. Hurry."
    She glanced at the other room, chewing her lip, but stepped forward to the Druid finally.
    The Militiaman holding Danlore's arm laughed. "No one leaves until this is sorted out. The Overlord does not tolerate traitors lightly." The man scowled, noticing Kyriu and Danlore's ears. The Wizard swore in his head as he realized that all of the Militiamen present were Teir'dal.
    The Lady Ventosis leaned to look behind Danlore. "Where had Padparadisch gone to? He is not hiding in there, I should hope."
    Isatis turned from watching the people below. She readied her bag of seeds, just in case the Ratonga needed to be rooted until Brienae returned with help.
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    Simon lowered his sword. A part of him knew the Captain was right. “I'm sorry...but... I have to do something...” he muttered tears were streaming down his face. He looked up “You could tell me where he is!” he exclaimed
    “Honestly I have no idea where Uncle Nedrid is. Last time we spoke we didn't see eye to eye,”
    Calish still held his rapiers “That's an understatement... he was trying to control her.”
    Telsi shot her fiancee' a look before speaking“Even if I did know where he was I wouldn't tell you.”
    Calish shrugged. They were far from him now.
    “Then you agree with his actions?” Simon asked.
    “No, but he's still my Uncle.” Telsi answered.
    Simon sighed “Last time I saw him he was in Kelethin and he claimed he was going to become a conjuror.”
    Telsi raised an eyebrow.
    Calish spoke first “Wow what changed his motivation?”
    “Something to do with a zealous Rat.” Simon muttered.
    “Windfoot?” Telsi asked.
    Simon nodded
    “From what I have heard, she'll turn any Necromancer into a Conjuror.” Telsi said.
    Gregor swallowed “Th-that's one way to put it.” he blinked red eyes at the other Lieutenant “Emotions sometimes trigger....” he turned his head in shame as he clutched his stomach.

    “Kelethin Toast,” Alyerra answered Nordri. She sighed “I never knew my father. I never even knew his name. Mom never told me. All I know is how I came into this world. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I could have met him...”
    Bane shifted his attention to the Dwarf's beard.
    Tim nodded as he watched the Ratonga go out in the hall. He rearranged the covers around his brother and waited. “Zach, Ethan where are you?” he whispered. He stood and ran down the hall to Kyriu's room only to find she wasn't there. He cursed and headed back. He caught sight of Rotwhisker “Looks nice... any thought to a name?” he asked.
    Sam's breathing calmed “Thank you,” he said through the stone “It's exhausting sometimes trying to communicate with the mind, but I have no choice...” he sighed “As for containing this hammer as we did the claws. We could possibly do the same thing, but we need to find a way to weaken the hammer. The claws that Carl owned functioned as one weapon. They had to be together. They were still powerful separate but not nearly. If it's of the same type it feeds off the person's anger and amplifies it. After he was paralyzed both claws rejected him.” he sighed “I'd love to tell you I was completely immune, but Stareye was the one who picked them up and separated them. After she applied some divine wards I used some of my own abilities. It's complicated to explain, but first we need to get the hammer from Sharptusk.”
    Brienae nodded “She mentioned interest in studying as an Illusionist. Maybe that training could make her mind stronger. I don't know.” she turned back towards the ramp.
    Tetri sighed. She had forgotten Hodmimir. “Sholt,” she hissed “Over here now,” she turned to Bella “We won't abandon them Cub, but we can't help them if we are caught.”
    Kyriu made the same observation and swallowed. She remembered Senriala's words and Padparadisch's words of confirmation. One of the Tier'dal grabbed Kyriu “Should we go ahead and escort these Halfers to their quarters?” he asked.
    Calarys stepped back “Please come ins. Just pleases don'ts wakes my pinkies.” she tried to giggle “I justs gots thems tos beds. I'm sures yous knows hows it is.”
    “We'ves dones nothings wrongs!” Canty snapped “We're goods loyals citizens yous has no rights to barge intos our house likes this!”
    “Canty,” Calarys pulled the teenager back “Please forgives my niece.” she hoped that her guests would understand. She did not want to endanger her children or risk losing them. She stepped back farther pulling her niece with her so as to allow th Militia into her home.
    Henris watched the Ratonga closely. “Are you sure you're alright?” he asked. He turned back to watch his daughter and the others below. He worried that she was losing control again.
    The High-Elf glared and then smacked himself. “Watch him, I need to check for weapons,” he told the clerk. He unlocked the door and stepped in. He shut the door behind him so the prisoner couldn't escape “Give me all of your weapons,” he ordered.
    Galabrin saw the collar glow “That's right, you have no master, you are among friends." he said trying to encourage her.
    ((Thanks Bella for putting this together. Very nicely done.))
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    Lamia sighed and nodded.
    "Y-yeah.. I'm fine.." she frowned. She shook her head to clear her senses and she crossed her arms, going back to her walking in circles.
    A conversation started between herself and the voice in her head.
    "Blah blah blah.. I don't care.. Just shut up.. You've already tainted this body by forcing it to conjure necromantic magics.." she mumbled quietly
    Zulgahr looked at the high elf warily and shrugged. He crossed his arms and sneered
    "Try me, sssoftsskin!" he hissed tauntingly. He thought for a moment. If he could just get his hands directly on the high elf's head, and then channel the spell.. Maybe that would work.
    Bluffing his cooperation, he sighed and shrugged, pulling out two poison vials and one dagger, tossing the three items onto the floor
    "There.. That's all that I have.." he mutters, rolling his eyes. Truthfully he had indeed taken out both of his poisons yes.. But he had a single dagger hidden somewhere.
    And he wasn't going to tell either! The control spell on Stinsmia dissipated once more.
    Soon a white female kerra stepped into the acorn, holding a paper. She looked up and scowled at seeing Zulgahr
    "You again!" she growled
    "Ah.. Xandriala.. Haven't seen you in quite some time.." the Iksar said casually.
    "Who in the name of Marr have you enslaved this time?" she asked in disgust
    "Eh.. 15 year old Ratongan brat.. But what's it to you?" he responded, grinning impishly
    The kerra scowled further, now just not even bothering him. She turned and started looking through the bounty board.
    "Next mark.." she muttered
    Stinsmia whimpered loudly, gradually calming down from the most recent mental attack. She trembled, eyes wide. She unwittingly ran up to the wood-elf, clinging close to him.
    "M..M-My head hurts.." she groans weakly.
    Shiasia looked at Alyerra and smiled rather grimly
    "Sometimes.. You're better off not knowing.." she whispered, coming back over slowly. She looked towards the kitchen with a rather worried frown
    "Is Miss Senris alright? Is don't means to sound pushys, but she seems to be takings an awfullys long times.." she said quietly
    Rotwhisker twitched his whiskers and gave a slight smile at the compliment. He stroked his chin for a moment in thought before nodding.
    "Heh, thanks. As for name.. I haven't quite decided.." He pondered further, conjuring up in his head a myriad of possible names.
    "Maybe.. Jyiskitches.. " he said quietly.
    Ramoana sighed softly and left the house quietly, closing the door gently. She wasn't going to pickpocket anyone this time. But rather get some groceries and a refill on her sister's medicine.
    She left the inn room, quietly, thinking she heard some sort of confrontation with her next door neighbours. She made sure to be hasty, not wanting to disturb anything.
    She left the inn building and headed to the nearby store, looking over a list she wrote down
    "Hms.. Breads.. Waters.. Medicines refill.. Ingredients.. Etceteras.." she mutters quietly, looking through wares and plucking them from shelves, eventually going back to pay for it with about a gold; the total cost.
    She started walking back this time to the apothecary's.
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    "And did he become a Conjuror?" Ross asked, her hand still on the Squire's shoulder, just in case.
    "Y-you need to feed?" Herrigan glanced down the hall at the kitchen. "Let's see what raw meat the kitchen still has."
    Ginnar gently pushed the pup away and stood. He went towards the kitchen. "Ma'am? Be yer needin' 'elp in there?"
    Grumblefoot nodded. "Aye. We'll 'ave ter do tha' firs'." He took a deep breath. He glanced behind him and felt lonely without Rotgut. "Ay may 'ave ter perform a Callin' an' see 'oo answers."
    Llew chewed her lip before speaking. "That may be the best. An Illusionist is the master of psyche based magic and must know their own mind well enough. They must keep their mind calm and ordered and perhaps that will help her." She glanced up the ramp. "Meditation is the first thing an Illusionist learns. Even if she does not learn the magic, that may help her."
    The Arasai frowned, picking up some of the conversation from the other room. He considered calling to the Militiamen that he had been held by the traitors, but the Fury scared him more than them. He floated over, not making a sound and stood with them, folding his arms across his chest.
    Danlore bristled to be called a 'halfer' but held his tongue. The one holding his arm pushed him into the house roughly. "Now, now. No need for theatrics." The Teir'dal sneered to the teen. "Lady Ventosis? Which ones exactly did you see?"
    The woman frowned, following the guard in and taking stock of her surroundings. "I don't see all of them here, Sir K'Niris. I saw him with the halfers, an Arasai and a Human at one of the Taverns. There was a little rat-oh, Ratonga, there too. A tiny one."
    K'Niris looked at Calarys. "You said something about..." He chuckled darkly. "'Pinkies'? Is that what they're called?"
    Isatis glanced at Henris and back down. "I do hope your daughter isn't too long."

    ((Oops. I switched Nordri and Ginnar. Nordri was at Brienae's house and Ginnar was at the Tavern. ))
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    “No idea,” Simon said “Never saw him conjur anything.”
    “Tetriemmy 'the Rat' Windfoot is the nightmare for all Necromancers.” Telsi answered “From what I have heard you either turn conjuror or you die.”
    “So he could lie,” Calish added.
    “And risk Windfoot finding out? She'd destroy him.” Telsi responded. “Actually from what I understand... anything Unnatural she destroys.”
    “She should have destroyed him!” Simon shouted “But because of Aly, she wanted to give the unnatural freak a chance!”
    Calish sheathed his rapiers and walked over to Telsi “Your mentor is a Freeblood, do you really think all need to be destroyed?”
    Simon glanced back at Gregor “He's different...”
    Gregor nodded to Herrigan. “Never thought of raw meat,” he whispered “I've been feeding off of animals...”
    “No,” Senri called “Almost done, just making extras.” she plated some of the toast and balanced three plates on her arms. She pushed the door open and took the Kelethin toast to a table.
    Alyerra sighed “Maybe you're right, but I don't even know who my Mom's family is. She dropped her last name... to protect me, but still I wonder who was she before I was born?” she met her mother's eyes as she set the plates down.
    Senri blinked. “If I tell you, you have to promise you won't go looking for them.” she went into the kitchen and returned with bottles of syrup. “Eat up,” she told Ginnar and Shiasia. She nodded towards the high chair “Nazzus should be comfortable in there so you can eat.”
    “Jyiskitches... interesting, might be a little hard for people to pronounce, but if you don't mind correcting people often or going by something shorter then it's fine,” Tim said. He sighed “I was going to send my niece Kyriu to the temple, but she's not here.” he shook his head “Best I can explain is Carl is very sick... and I don't know what to do... all I can do is mask his symptoms.”

    Sam nodded. “I saw the spirits vanish...”
    Brienae nodded. Her thought turned to Mizria briefly but she dismissed them “We have to try. This way.” she said as she glided towards the ramp.
    Once Hodmimir was in the corner Tetri cast Untamed Shroud turning herself, Bella, Aloysiius and Sholt invisible. She prayed to Nature that her shroud would hold against scrutiny.
    Calarys trembled “Faeberry? A humans and Arasais broughts my daughters homes...”
    The Tier'dal holding Kyriu followed the lead of the other one and firmly pushed Kyriu inside. “Such an ugly creature...” he growled. “Sir K'Niris what shall we do with these traitors?” he nodded towards his captive and Danlore.
    Kyriu said nothing. She tried to collect her thoughts and remain calm.
    Henris sighed “So do I.” he whispered to Isatis “Don't worry, we'll help you.” he said to Lamia.
    “You know this man?” the clerk asked. “What more can you tell us?” he asked the Kerra.
    The High-Elf picked up the dagger and the poisons “Is this really all?” he asked the Iksar suspiciously.
    Galabrin hugged the young girl “It'll be alright.” he whispered.
    The Kerra priestess raised a hand “I might be able to help with your headache. I need you to trust me.”
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    Lamia growled softly. Her paws twitched a few times as she walked around, her tail swaying. The Ratonga came down and laid on the floor of the wooden platform. Her feet kicked the air slowly
    "I..I'm.. not sure I want help.." she replies quietly, her alter having an influence on her answers. She sighs softly
    Zulgahr nodded innocently to the high elf.
    "Yesssss, that issss all I have weapon wisssse, sssoftsskin.." he hissed angrily, frowning. He looke at the kerra pleadingly, a slight smile on his face
    "Come on sssweety.. No need to hold a grudge for sssso long...Now convince the good man I'm innocent.." he said quietly. Xandriala scowled and shook her head
    "Don't you "sweety" me you poisonous snake!" she snapped. She looked to the clerk
    "He's... my biological father.. And he was also my mother's Master.. I was born under his slavery.. He promptly killed mother after she tried to escape." She shudders
    "His full name is Zulgahr Ssul'Vassk.. He's part of a Norrath wide slavery ring. He's constantly capturing, breaking and selling slaves almost all the time.. And if not that, killing and plundering." she explained coldly
    "Despite him being my father, which I didn't find out until recent history document researching, the two of us were a couple when I was still under his control.. I promptly left him and escaped after I witnessed him kill just a single person." she narrowed her eyes
    "No need to be so harsh about it.." The Iksar said weakly, afraid of the possible sentence he could recieve. Not community service.. Too light.. Maybe prison sentence? Or worse, execution..
    The ratonga girl snuggled into the wood elf. She looked up with wide eyes at the Kerra and screeched, batting the paw away
    "D-D-Don't t-t-touch me!" she exclaimed, still frightened and trembling.
    "I don't want to be hurt anymore.." she whimpers.
    Shiasia grinned, a rather rare something coming from her
    "I bet you ten platinum that I'm right about you not wanting to know!" She laughed. She walked over to the high chair and gently set her son in it, slowly leaving him there whilst going to the food at the table.
    She sat down and ate hungrily.
    "Wow.. This is good.." she said with a goofy smile
    Rotwhisker chuckled and nodded
    "I don't mind at all. I've had some people mistake my name for Fatwhisker" He laughed. He yawns and leans against the wall nearby
    "So.. What now?" he asked quietly
    The Ratonga girl soon left the apothecary after she got the medicine. She sighed and frowned, looking around warily. Glad that there were no guards around to harass her, she quickly went back to the Jade Tiger, opening her apartment door and stepping inside
    She set the recently purchased goods down on the table and sighed. She went to the nearby kitchen and started cooking a meal for her and her sister.
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    Ross shook her head, putting her sword away. "
    Herrigan began to lead Gregor down the hall. "I don't think that it works as well as something live, but in a pinch..."
    Ginnar took a step towards the table and pulled out chairs for the ladies.
    Grumblefoot's jaw clentched. "Tha' 'ammer...Ay think it absorbed th' spirits or maybe it banished 'em. Either way, Rotgut ain' commin' back. It feels...empty. Ay've 'ad 'im by me side since Ay foun' me path." He glanced up at his niece and began to follow up the ramp.
    Llew followed Brienae. "Although, the Illusionary arts can be a double edged sword. Some Illusionists don't fully order their mind and let things get out of hand. Or they can get caught up and trapped in their own Illusions. Perhaps just the meditation for now."
    Bella felt uncomfortable hiding, but said nothing seeing Tetri's logic.
    Rothgut and Charlemin stepped in front of Calarys and Canty as the other guards came in. K'Niris tilted his head one way. "That depends on the level of the traitorous act."
    "And what is that act?" Danlore asked.
    K'Niris reached out and held Danlore's chin, forcing his face to the side so that he could examine his ears and features. "The first act we must discuss is whether or not either of your parents betrayed Teir'dal blood with a Human." He hissed.
    "You remember the deal, Sir K'Niris?" The woman asked a little impatiently.
    "I do, Lady Ventosis. The traitors are ours and the Dirge is yours." He let go of Danlore's chin. "So then, what have you done with the Dirge?"
    Isatis frowned at the Ratonga and turned towards the ramp, glad to see the others coming up it. "Oh good, that is Miss. Redmantle. I'm sure she'll know what to do."
  16. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Telsi sighed “Where did you want to discuss matters Captain?” she asked.
    Gregor nodded “Of course...” he answered following Herrigan.
    Senri smiled at the Ratonga “I'm glad you like it,” she turned to look at the Dwarf “Sir Oldale I believe it was... one of these plates is for you sir.” She sighed “Promise me you won't go looking for them,” her eyes were directed at her daughter.
    Alyerra nodded “I promise.”
    Senriala swallowed “Baroness Senriala Mahariel, was my full name before you were born.” she took one of the seats which had been pulled out.
    Alyerra sat the table next to where the toast was.
    “I had two sisters, twins.” she swallowed “Namira and Jasala.” she smiled “They were never leading ladies because they were not that great.” she smiled “Being nobility can only get you so much. I wanted to perform, but my family was afraid that if I were on stage and started having my hallucinations it would embarrass the family. Before the incident which led to your birth I was betrothed to a coercer. He was Tier'dal and a Coercer.” she shuddered “He could control my mind. His only interest was money and power. My Father accepted that. He expected me to spend the rest of my life locked in my own mind, but I had no other choice. The troll as I called him didn't want to marry me when he discovered I was with-child. You known the rest.”
    “What about my father? Did you ever find out who he was?” Alyerra asked.
    “Yes,” Senri answered.
    “They don't know I exist do they?” Alyerra continued.
    “No, to my knowledge they think I'm dead.” Senri answered. “Aly, Teir'dal consider it treason for Tier'dal to taint their blood with a human. You existing is a crime in their view.”
    Alyerra nodded “But, I'm no longer Half-Tier'dal.”
    Tim shook his head “I don't know... hopefully my brothers will be back soon.” he sighed “Guess we wait.” he turned to head back into the room where Carl was sleeping peacefully.
    Sam nodded If he absorbed the spirits you summoned... that's not good at all. If he banished them we can get them back...” his thoughts raced through the stone “unless it caused a back lash into you... if somehow he severed your connection... if that's the case we might be able to renew it.”
    The small children stirred in their sleep.
    Tetriemmy twitched her ears listening. She hoped they wouldn't come in here. She did not like where the conversation was headed regarding her Half-Elf cubs as she now considered the Redmantles among them.
    Kyriu wondered if the fact that she was the most common type of Half-Elf and Danlore was Half-High-Elf if that would hurt them more or less. She decided to risk herself. If it worked in her favor she hoped Danlore would follow. If it it did not then hopefully she could save herself “What if I could prove to you that neither of my parents were Tier'dal?” she took a deep breath and spoke the truth “My mother was Feir'dal,” she placed as much emphasis as could on the F. “I have her skin tone. That should be obvious.”
    Calarys spoke up “I's only saws the humans and the Arasais theres was no others.”
    “I think that would be best,” Brienae answered “I had two friends studying as Illusionists. Twins, rare among Fae, but Mizria and Nesria...” she paused “after a terrible accident... well I think you met Mizria... no one has had the heart to correct her...”
    Henris turned as Brienae and Llew arrived.
    “Father, Lamia this is Llewenayah Redmantle. The friend I was telling you about”
    Henris bowed to the Ayr'dal “I am Lord Henris De'Esalcoda, any friend of my daughter's is a friend of mine.”
    The clerk nodded “Thank you madame, would you be willing to put that in writing?” he pulled out a stack of papers and offered it to the Kerra. “With this testimony and the testimony of Lady De'Esalcoda he won't be leaving for a long time.”
    The High-Elf sighed “From what I just heard you'll be lucky if we keep you in here.”
    Galabrin hugged Stinsia “It's alright, no one will hurt you, I won't let them.” he promised “She wants to take away the pain.” he explained.
  17. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia looked up from her thoughts when Brienae arrived back with her friend. Her temperament was different this time, her arms crossed and a sneer on her face.
    "Feh.. I've seen better.." she spat. Obviousely her more unsavoury personality decided to take over for a bit. Said person then spoke with a roll of her eyes.
    "Lamia, Lamia, Lamia.. When will you ever learn that no one can be trusted? You've been stabbed in the back before.. so what makes this person any different? I'm just looking out for your hide.." she mutters.
    Xandriala nodded, smiling grimly
    "All too happy to do so, sir.." she replied, taking the stack and pulling out her pen, going to sit at a nearby desk. She got the ink flowing and then began writing, surprisingly putting flourishes in her elegant penmanship.
    Zulgahr growled in frustration. "Grreaaattt... Just what I need.." he muttered sarcastically. Hm.. Maybe the kerra was weakwilled..
    He raised his hand in an effort to cast the charm, but stopped as Xandriala laughed
    "Don't even try it, lizard. I know your tricks all too well. That stupid charming won't work on me that easily.." She retorted. Well that burned his hopes to a useless crisp.. Unless..
    'Might as well try it anyway..' he thought to himself, this time casting said charm, but putting his hand behind his back. The quill dropped onto the floor from Xandriala's hand. She went wide eyed and slumped forward at the desk, her head thudding against it
    This was a battle of wills. One that she would luckily win easily, but it'd take a little bit.
    "You will obey..!" the coercer hissed mentally, his gaze dark and intent on the Kerra. He wasn't going to give up yet.. Not quite yet.
    About ten minutes later, Xandriala gasped, suddenly coming back to her own head. She picked up the quill from the floor and growled, going back to the writing
    Zulgahr was rather tired out by the feud apparently.
    The Ratonga frowned and whimpered, trembling in Gelabrin's embrace. She snuggled into him slowly and spoke
    "I-I'm.. s-s-still scared of her.. S-She's one of those c-c-cats.. A-And K-Kerras tend to eat R-Ratongas.."
    Shiasia listened to the conversation intently, eating the toast slowly. She frowned
    "That's kinda mean.. I mean.. I wouldn't think it would be a crime.. Especially if it wasn't your choice!" she said quietly. She perked her ears when she heard the woman's title
    "Oh? Yous is Baroness?" she asks quietly
    "Outs of curiosity, hows woulds thats title compare tos a marquise of Maj'Dul, like myself..?" she asked. She winced. That really sounded to her like she was bragging..
    She finished the toast finally and went over to pick up Nazsuss, who merely clapped his tiny paws together gleefully at sight of his mother
    "Little rascal cutie.." she said quietly, giggling. She picked him up and came back to the table where Alyerra and Senri were.
    Rotwhisker shrugged and nodded
    "Fine with me.." he said quietly, leaning against the wall and closing his eyes, reflecting on his past deeds
    Ramoana finished the two servings and sighed softly. She went ahead and ate hers, setting Adhara's portion on the bedside table for when she awoke.
    The smaller 'tonga coughs raspily a few times. She wakes up eventually and sighs softly. She looks to her side and picked up the plate, slowly eating the food without many words.
    "T-Thanks big sister.." she whispers before putting it to the side and laying back down on the pillow.
  18. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Ross tapped her toes as she thought. "My office is currently ocupied." She glanced at Herrigan and Gregor. "We can use the Lieutenant's office for now." She indicated the open door to the right of the hallway.
    Herrigan walked into the kitchen and frowned, not seeing the Halfling at first. He rounded the kitchen island and stifled a laugh. In the corner Brique was laid out, sleeping soundly on a sack of flour twice as big as he is.
    Ginnar sat down in another chair and began to eat as the women talked. He brandished a piece of toast on the fork in Alyerra's direction. "Ay think yer Mum be righ', lass. Bes' nay go tossin' rocks at a horne's nest."
    Grumblefoot paused in his walking. "Ay...Ay 'adnae though' o' it tha' way." He looked up and continued, picking up the pace.
    "Arasai?" K'Niris scowled. "One of Christanos' little pets is here?" He nodded to one of the others. "Search the place." He turned back to Danlore. "And you? Do you have Foul'dal blood too?"
    The Wizard straightened his back and returned the haughty look to him. "Koada'dal."
    K'Niris scoffed. "I don't know which is worse."
    Llew nodded. "I suspected that was the case." She curtsied to Brienae's father. "A pleasure to meet you, sir." Grumblefoot caught up to them, a little out of breath. Llew turned to him. "This is my Uncle, Thrain Oldale."
    The Mystic stuck his hand out to the Fae. "Every'un calls me Grumblefoot. Dun rightly remember why." He glanced sidelong at the Ratonga.
  19. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Telsi nodded.
    “I'm coming with you,” Calish said.
    Telsi turned “This won't take long.”
    “I'm not worried about that. I want to hear this.”
    “Calsih the less you know the better,”
    “Ah huh,” he walked over to his fiancee' and cupped her chin “This is all in the past. If it's what I think it is we're going to want to shut it down. I can help with that.” he kissed her forehead. “No more secrets Enavra.” (He used the Thexian word for angel)
    “If I'm able to get into The Eye of Bayle there will be somethings I can't tell you.”
    “That's different.”
    Telsi sighed “It's not up to me,”
    Calish nodded “Captain would you mind if I joined you?”
    Simon yawned.
    Gregor followed Herrigan into the kitchten. He smiled when he saw Brique. He found the meat stores and grabbed a raw steak. “Marr forgive me,” he whispered as he sank his fangs into the meat and drank.
    Senriala sighed “I was just above a lady. Marquise would be a higher rank.” She reached a hand over to her daughter “I thought I had lost you. Don't make me go through that again.”
    Alyerra sighed and nodded. “But if they discovered that it wasn't your fault...”
    Senriala shook her head “Doesn't matter, in truth if I had...” she sighed “My Father ordered a priest to come to our house after it was discovered that I was heavy with-child. They were going to as they saw it cleanse my body of the abomination. I refused to go through with it and that's why my father kicked me out. As they saw it by allowing you into this world I was a traitor.”
    Alyerra nodded “Alright I won't go looking... what about the surname?”
    “No, you can never use it. Given your age and you still have the ears... they would figure it out and kill you.”
    “But, Mom I'm not going to age...”
    “You still look enough like a Half-Elf they would kill you and don't you dare use the excuse that you're already dead. They'll find a way to destroy you.”
    Alyerra sighed “Alright, I won't go looking.” She stood “I need to go see about my own breakfast.”
    Senri nodded “Come home this time and stay.”
    “I'll try,” Alyerra answered before heading out the door.
    Senri sighed “That went better than I thought...” she poured some syrup over her own plate “Was I wrong not to tell her sooner?”
    Tim sighed and walked back into the room with Carl.
    “No leave them alone,” Carl began to plead in his sleep “There's been a mistake... let them go. Sam, Jake... I'm sorry... I'm sorry.”
    Tim placed a hand on the man's shoulder. The potion would keep Carl asleep for a few more hours. “Jyitches, can you stay with him? I'm going to go get us some breakfast.” he sighed thinking he had said the name wrong.
    “Nature please blind them to our presence,” Tetri whispered in Feir'dal.
    Kyriu's eyes changed to yellow upon hearing her mother called a Foul'dal. “No one insults my mother!” she hissed. She elbowed her captor who gasped before grabbing her pony-tail and pulling her head back.
    “Even more foul for breeding with a human,” Kyriu's captor growled. He took out a dagger and pressed it against the girl's neck “Try a stunt like that again Halfer and I'll spill your tainted blood.”
    One of the Teir'dal stepped into the room and looked around. She sighed and turned back “All I see are seven tiny rodents Sir. There is no one else.”
    “Th-theys justs b-broughts my Fayberry homes...” Calarys stuttered. She hoped they'd believe her and leave her and her family in peace. Tears rolled from her eyes “Colby wheres ares yous?” she whispered.
    Henris took the offered hand in both of his tiny hands and nodded.
    Brienae sighed “Ramia was it?” she asked “We can help both of you. I know you think you do not need help, but...” she paused a moment before speaking again “Lamia no longer needs you to protect her.”
    Sam caught up to Zach and Ethan at the foot of the ramp “We should be getting home,” Zach said.
    Ethan yawned “Agreed... it's going to be a full house,”
    Sam grasped the stone “I'll be in touch,” he told Grumblefoot “You'll talk to the spirits again, I promise.”
    The Koada'dal frowned “Nap time,” he growled after watching the Kerra. He brought the blunt of his sword down on the Iksar's head again.
    “Thank you Ms. For your time.” The clerk said “Any other information you think of don't be shy.”
    “No one wants to hurt you,” Gelabrin continued to soothe. “We just want to help.”
    “I understand...” the Kerra priestess sighed “I can't help that.” She stood up and walked to another room.
    A Fae fluttered into the room “Yitarrra told me that you were in pain. I thought perhaps I could help.”
  20. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Ramia scowled at Grumblefoot.
    "What are you lookin' at, hairy?" she asked snappishly. She looked towards Brienae and frowned, taking a step back.
    "You kiddin' me? She doesn't know squat about self defense! I'm just looking out for her. She admitted herself that she would have died if I hadn't come out!" she said quietly with a slight sneer.
    Lamia managed to take control for a moment, suddenly spouting an idea
    "Perhaps.. Perhaps we could somehow extract Ramia and put her in a Personae Reflection mirror image?" she asks
    "Maybe that'll satisfy her somewhat.." she shrugged. What Brienae and the others would notice that Ramia's voice was a little more older sounding. Lamia's was rather soft and eloquent.. The rougher voice interjected
    "What would satisfy me would be me being able to protect my sister Lamia! She's.. She's at least 7 years younger than me!" she muttered
    Zulgahr grunted softly and fell unconscious again, groaning.
    The kerra groaned softly and rubbed her forehead
    "Ugh.. Darned coercer.." she mutters. She now had a bit of a headache. She nods at the clerk
    "Actually yes.. He's crafty and he's escaped prisons before. And here's the reason; He often fakes giving all of his weapons and poisons to the guards or whatever. Usually he keeps one or two hidden in case he plans an escape. I suggest you do a mostly full body search on him while you can."
    She nods
    "Look over at his tail. You'll notice a cloth bandage wrapped around it. That's not an actual wound or injury. That's actually where he usually hides said "backup" weapons." she warned. Indeed he had several daggers hidden under that bandage..
    But unbeknownst to Xandriala, which she couldn't warn the elf and clerk about, the daggers were covered in acid this time that might harm those who tried to take them!
    Stinsmia shivered. Her usual rather insane screaming and raging was gone and replaced by fear. Fear of all around her except the wood elf.
    "Y-Y-Yes.. M-My head h-h-hurts.." she stutters quietly.
    The female 'tongess rocked her son slowly and listened to the conversation without much speech on her part. She glances at Senri and shakes her head
    "No. You made no mistake at all, Miss Senri. Had you told her when she was younger, she probably wouldn't have understood and gone looking regardless. Since you told her now, I think she will better understand what you said." she replied quietly
    The small Ratonga in her arms squeaked.
    Jyiskitches nodded
    "Yis yis of course." he replied politely. He didn't bother with name correction so that Tim wouldn't feel bad. He leaned against the wall and sighed, keeping a wary eye on the human Carl.
    Ramoana nodded slowly and took the dish back when her sister was done with it. She put it in the sink and sighed. Going back over to her sister and checking her forehead, she frowned, rather casually going to the sink and lighting a brief fire.
    She heated the water and dipped a wash rag in it, squeezing it till it was damp and then laying it, folded on her sister's forehead. She was still baffled as to how it worked.. If a fever was the body over heated, why was one supposed to try and keep warm?

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