A couple questions (spell and overseer related)

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  1. Ghoul New Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering, how do players get ancient and celestial spells/combat arts (normal spells, not ascension)? Also I have heard the best way to get mount and mercenary reduction potions is by doing overseer quests, is it best to do the green and purple quests or is it better to spam the yellow quests? Lastly I'm unsure if charged quests drop these reduction potions or only the non-charged quests?

    Sorry for all the questions, but any replies would be much appreciated.

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  2. morderir Active Member

    for overseer quest both the charged and non charged one can drop potion. personnaly i priorise the green-violet but not sure its the best way .
    ancient and celestial can drop in game but rare and usually on the raid drop.
    you can also research spell up to ancient level (knowledge book- upgrade) but it is perhaps not available to ftp player . you can hasten the research with db cash or research time reducer potion ( rare drop from overseer quest or heritage/cobalt/... crate too )
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  3. Moss Well-Known Member

    Research potion only comes from the crates that you could buy in the marketplace.

    You could get them on:
    - the daily overseer quest
    - the 10 monthly crates that you could exchange against the claimable 500dbc you get every month
    - the broker, as some players prefer to sell the one they get for plats
    - the marketplace

    They do not drop from the other overseers quests.

    There is also some temporary research potion that drops during specific time limited events by doing as many quests as possible.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Spell research. Alternately, checking recipe books discovered since the xpak release, Ancient Vetrovian Teachings Volume I through V have Ancient spells., and those recipes require a Grandmaster in your possession. To date, I don't see a recipe book for making Grandmasters out there.

    OTOH, I have had a couple of GMs drop in solo instances, so...

    Charged quests absolutely drop the various training potions.

    Right-click and examine the loot boxes from the various Overseer Missions. As long as the rewards include the training potions, then that mission will work Just Fine. I pick the yellow charged quests myself, because I want to use the fewest Overseer Agents and the least amount of time per mission.
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  5. Ghoul New Member

    Thanks for the answers everyone, really appreciate it!
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  6. Arevalo New Member

    Hi there!

    For upgrading your Spells, what is for me the most important thing in game (and of course doing every ay yellow overseer + charged yellows on my three toons for the XP booster, Mount, familiar and Merc) i try to do every day Dens 2

    You can buy after u kill the last Boss from the Merchant a rare drop. Most of the time you get the time adorns...

    But i got for example Moderate Celestial from him few weeks ago!=)

    the gear from raids and dens challenge will be in dezember trash items to transmute...so im focusing on upgrading my Spells

    So you doing good buddy!

    May i ask in which Server u play ? I play i Antonia Bayle. Let us know if u need help with Dens 2