A Compilation of Fae & Arasai Lore

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    You say, "Hail, Kora N'Vaxin"
    Kora N'Vaxin says to you in Fayefolk, "Hello again Meribel! I've heard that there is supposed to be a speech tonight, are you attending?"
    You say to Kora N'Vaxin, "Yes. I need a Thexian that I can use as a disguise. Would you know anyone?"
    Kora N'Vaxin says to you in Fayefolk, "Zarual X'Tazindar. He's a middle-aged Teir'Dal that has been giving us some, at times marginally useful, information on what the Thexians are doing. His use as a spy is limited though."
    You say to Kora N'Vaxin, "What else can you tell me?"
    Kora N'Vaxin says to you in Fayefolk, "The Thexian's have made a strong push and captured the central plaza. For some reason they've taken an exception to arasai being in the area, so make sure you're dressed properly for the occasion if you're going to the speech."
    You say to Kora N'Vaxin, "So where can I find this Zarual?"
    Kora N'Vaxin says to you in Fayefolk, "Zarual has a small shop just down the alley. You should be able to get to him before he leaves for the meeting."
    You say to Kora N'Vaxin, "Thank you Kora, may the Queen watch over you."

    You say, "Hail, Zarual X'Tazindar"
    Zarual X'Tazindar says to you, "Yes? How may I help you?"
    You say to Zarual X'Tazindar, "I understand you've been working with Kora N'Vaxin?"
    Zarual X'Tazindar says to you, "Shhhh! Not so loud, others may hear you and my usefulness would come to an end."
    You say to Zarual X'Tazindar, "Actually, your usefulness already has. [Attack Zarual]"
    You have killed Zarual X'Tazindar.

    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Fellow Teir'Dal. Fellow exiled. Fellow betrayed."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Some of us remember what happened nearly three centuries ago. The War of Fay as it is called now. The might of Neriak had swept aside the pitiful armies of Faydwer. "
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "The Feir'Dal, hiding in their trees were unable to prevent the Dragoons of Neriak from making camp in their precious forest!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "The high and mighty Koada'Dal were unable to prevent King Naythox Thex and his Dragoons from seizing the capital of Felwithe and plundering its vaults in the name of the Father, Innoruuk!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Yes! All of the wretched land of Faydwer was soon to fall under Innoruuk's shadow when two tragic events, stole Neriak's glory at the pinnacle of our triumph."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "The first: An assassin's blade that spilled the life of our great King while he set on the throne of Felwithe. Grievously injured, the King was spirited away to the healers in Neriak, but he, the King, was never to lead his armies into battle again."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "For it was shortly there after the second tragedy struck: The destruction of First Gate. Now Fallen Gate. The passages into and out of glorious Neriak were sealed, along with the reinforcements for the armies. We were forced to fall back."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "But fall back where? Neriak was sealed, with no way in or out. Those of us on the surface were now Exiles. Stranded on the surface of Norrath, we were forced to beg for this hovel in which to dwell."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Then the final insult... Maybe we'd become complacent. Maybe, by allowing the House of Thex to fall we lost His favor, but Dark Father turned from us and spoke to us no more."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "We'd lost everything! Our Home: Lost! Our King: Fallen! Our Father: Silent!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Then, a few short years ago, the heir of our King, Prince Talvus Thex, thought lost to us, found us here in Freeport and called for our support!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Shortly after that Neriak was found, unharmed from the Rending! Protected in the Lungs of Innoruuk! Then the Seraph of Hate returned the words of the Father. The truth was revealed and once again the Teir'Dal grows strong!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, ""What truth do you speak of?" I hear you ask? Is it not obvious to you all? Are these things unconnected? The house of Thex was believed fallen, then our Empire was lost and finally our God turned from us."
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Then a few short years ago, the rightful heir to the House of Thex finds us here, Innoruuk once again guides us and Neriak is found!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "The Thex Dynasty was molded into shape by the hand of Innoruuk himself. The Chosen of Innoruuk led us to victory over the combined forces of Faydwer. We lost the House of Thex and everything was taken from us. Now we have the chance to show our true allegiance!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Join us brothers and sisters in Hate! Our Prince fights a war for the soul of Neriak itself! Christanos, the usurper, has cost us nearly everything, now Innoruuk and his Champion, Prince Talvus Thex, ask that we fight to regain what is ours!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "If you heed the call of our Prince, our future King, join us in the fight or support our efforts! Remind others of the glory of the Teir'Dal and what we have to regain!"
    A Thexian Lieutenant says, "Thank you, loyal subjects of Thex, for your time this evening. Hate conquers all!"

    You say, "Hail, Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath"
    Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath says to you, "Welcome back Meribel! Have you ever noticed that trolls will eat anything you give them? Unfortunately they seem difficult to poison that way as well... I wonder if my dosage was wrong."
    You say to Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath, "Should you be trying to poison random trolls?"
    Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath says to you, "I was curious about this Grazmak...Gromzok...something along those lines. I actually think he liked the flavor of the poison. It's rather discouraging. Either way, enough of my entertainments, how was the party?"
    You say to Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath, "I was able to plant the scrying orbs without much trouble."
    Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath says to you, "I really am sorry you had to listen to that rambling. You'd think that kin of our great Queen Cristanos would be less...whiny. As much as I try to respect and honor the Teir'Dal out of reverence to our Queen, it'd hard to face the truth that they're not all equal to her magnificence."
    You say to Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath, "Hopefully the information was useful."
    Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath says to you, "The information you were able to send back was top quality. Working with Kora, I've been able to identify the most important Thexians. I believe that once these individuals have been eliminated, the remaining Teir'Dal will remember their loyalties."
    You say to Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath, "Then I shall go talk to the Thexians about loyalty. "

    You say, "Hail, Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath"
    Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath says to you, "So how did the conversation with the Thexians go?"
    You say to Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath, "We had a very pointed discussion. Unfortunately they lacked a proper defense against my arguments."
    Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath says to you, "Your service in the name of Her Divine Deviousness will always be remembered, unless something happens that causes me to forget. Thank you Meribel."
    You say to Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath, "Thank you Ambassador."
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    Nice to see all this information wasn't lost. Nice to see you again Sapphy, hope you've been well

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    Nice to see you as well! No, it hasn't been lost. I duplicated everything on the Town Square forums. None of the links work anymore though, and I never saved the entirety of Jindrack's posts about how the Fae & Arasai lore was changed very early in beta. I just assumed it would always be there. :p Thank goodness I saved Owlchick, Kaitheel, and Vhalen's posts!

    As you can see, I still haven't lost my obsession with the Fae & Arasai, especially their lore. The only thing that confuses me is coming back from my last break to find that someone completely changed the Fae lore again. There's a new Fae mentor quest in Qeynos that says Fae come from flowers. Interestingly enough, the other quest that says specifically Fae aren't flowers is still in the game, as well as the quest that states spirit buds are the glowy wisps of light.

    It did occur to me that the flowers could be what occurs once the spirit buds merge with the Fae who's just come of age. That would make sense... except for the part where Queen Amree says that the flowers are "unborn" Fae children. We know from past lore that Fae merge with their spirit buds when they mature, so they definitely wouldn't be "unborn."

    At some point, the devs need to sit down and agree upon one life cycle for the Fae & Arasai because this is getting really hard to follow. One moment, they come from flowers; the next moment, they don't. Six years later, they come from flowers again. Wha huh what?!

    Also, it has been pointed out to me that I need to include the dialogue for the Fae/Arasai flight quest, where it states that, as Fae evolved, they became too large and heavy to fly. I'll be adding that as soon as I can. I'm going to look to see if there's a difference between the two flight quests for Fae and Arasai. If there isn't, then I'll post one log as belonging to both races.
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    Very well put together and very interesting.
    I can confirm that the Fae and Arasai dialogue during the flight quest is different. I can't remember exact words right now. But there are differences. The primary difference I remember is my Fae says something along the lines of surely Tunare did not mean for us to grow too large, while the Arasai at that point accuses Tunare of meddling and says that Cristanos saved the Arasai from that meddling a touch too late. As I said not exact words but that's the gist of it.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the information. I've already done the quests on one of my Fae and one of my Arasai, so I just need to parse the logs... which can be time consuming. That will be my weekend project.
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    actually I had a different take on the flowers being unborn fae children. they are starting/establishing a Nursery in Qeynos...so those spirit buds will only merge to fae born in Qeynos. and considering right now that supposedly no fae have been born there, they've all been immigrants from Kelethin, that any of those flowers/spirit buds lost is literally killing the chance of newborn fae to have a spiritbud to merge with. not to mentionm less flowers/spirit buds = higher chances at losing the fae that are born there..thier spirit buds won't have a safe place to gather/go to. the loss of a flower could mean the loss of a newborn spirit in that manner as well.

    we also don't know exactly what would happen if a fae doesn't merge with a spirit bud. for all we know that very well could be fatal.
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    I'm sure that we can find a helpful shadowman to help guide the poor spirit-bud deficient fae in his brand new life.
    From what I gather the spirit bud is a sort of racial memory...well not really the entire race but the previous incarnations of the bud. Not proper memories either, but a strong influence over personality.
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  8. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I like that take. I like it very much, and that's the one that Torryn was going with until we got to the line where we tell the assassin that each of the flowers would have contained a Fae child if we hadn't tricked him. That was the point where I became a little irritated with the author of the quest.

    We know that the spirit buds are the glowy lights that float around Kelethin, the Nursery, and Neriak and that they range from old buds with lots of memories to brand spanking new with no memories at all. According to one quest, when that bud is ready to return, it lands somewhere and forms a flower. It would make a lot of sense that these flowers would hold the spirit buds ready to merge with Fae.

    No, we don't know what would happen if a Fae doesn't merge with a bud. I assume, since they've lived their childhood with no bud, that they would continue to live as an empty vessel. It could be fatal, but who knows? It's kind of unprecedented in the lore.
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  9. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Amazing job, I have always been curious about these two races and this answers pretty much everything I wanted to know!
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    I'm glad to see this return! I have a question I've always wanted to ask.

    If the Fae are ruled by a queen the succeeded by a princess, and Fae are born like humans and have families, then why are the fathers of the princesses never mentioned? Do they exist at all?

    Also in the broader sense, how equal are male and female Fae?

    I've always wanted to know.
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  11. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid there is no information on the princes/kings or family life amongst the fae.
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  12. Vallaria Member

    It really makes you wonder then...if they don't even appear in the royal records. Then perhaps there is a aspect of the Royal line that may be hidden from the general population.
  13. Freyja Member

    Oh Cool! Possibility of a new quest line! One that starts about level 60 or 70 and runs up to at least 90 level. THAT would be outstanding for our little flying critters. The quests could be interchangeable with good and bad. No raiding to get the end story would bring a LOT of Fae and Arasi

    Super idea Vallaria! I hope the devs will take your idea and run with it. My four flying alts would definitely run the quests.
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    I was wondering about the differences in wings between not only Fae and Arasai, but also the Aerakyn as well, and was looking for the old Look and Feel forum, but I guess that doesn't exist any more. :-/

    The main issue I have with the wings of the li'l bug folks isn't the shape (though the Arasai "moth" wing shapes can be pretty nasty-looking, I agree), it's the COLORS. I don't have too many issues with the new sort of neon colors of the Fae, but there was a time when on character creation, they'd use the same spectrum to choose from as the Arasai did (or maybe vice versa, considering the Fae were first ;->). Lovely, brilliant, rich, lush, true colors! :D At least, on the color wheel... X-P

    Then you'd actually get a look at the wing color selections on your Fae toon, and go bleagh! Awful, muddy, washed-out, bleached, etc., like someone had washed 'em in Hot instead of Warm or Cold and used the hottest setting on the dryer. If they were based on flowers originally, way back when, then Tunare apparently picked the most boring possible pastel flowers to replicate in biped form. :-/ (EDIT: Apparently, when folks complained, or at least muttered [I couldn't've been the only one], that's when some mad artist decided to change the Fae's spectrum palette to colors not really found in nature...the end results are still pretty boring, imho.)

    I'll give Cristanos this: the nicer colors (vs. some of the ickier colors) and shapes in her poor, tortured bug folks' wings are stunning! Bright, true, rich, jewel-toned, lovely colors! Crisp, cleanly delineated, etc. (as for the Aerakyn, their colors do improve a bit as they "age" [= gain in level], or you spend more money on them or whatever, but initially, they're just as boring as the Fae). At one point, a while back, I'd tried to create an homage toon on Halls of Fate (pretty much my Homage Server ;->) that was a Fae version of Captain America from the Avengers: "blond" hair, blue eyes, blue and white clothes from Frostfell, red gloves and boots from the same, a red/white striped Candy Buckler for an appearance shield, Cloak of the North Star, Blue Dust Blade, etc. Tried to make his Tunare's Defender wings that lovely expanse of one color (white) with edging "stripes" (red [back when they had it, vs. the "rainbow sherbet" nowadays :-/]), and got dirty, muddy white and sort of off-pink. X-P

    I finally got tired of looking at those eyesores (seriously!) and ran up an addendum for his bio:

    "Steffel Rudigeren has an unusually strong memory of his past life for a Fae; he often feels displaced in time, and remembers the wars in Greater Faydark with startling clarity, as if he himself was fighting in them on the front lines. The world nowadays seems worse in some ways, better in others, but the threat to Greater Faydark seems to have reared its head again, or continued. He gets the feeling he'll always be fighting, indefinitely.

    Recently, he escaped from a very traumatic captive situation..."

    Basically, I saved up enough monthly DBC to turn the poor sod into an Arasai (still a Paladin, though; they couldn't break him that much), using a Race Change Token from the Marketplace. His wings are gorgeous now; check out his Bio tab picture! :)

    From this point on, I think I'll be creating all my bug folks as Arasai and then having them Betray. ;->

    The main PitA will be having all the Fae NPCs in Kelethin constantly yipping about how "absolutely overjoyed and surprised and thrilled and ooh, ooh, ooh! they are to see them there! Huzzah! :D" ;->

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