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Discussion in 'Warden' started by ARCHIVED-UnderToad, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-UnderToad Guest

    Hi there. I've just made 92 and got to Skyshrine. I've done the Tilgoth solo probably 20+ times but don't seem to be getting much healer kit beyond a belt, two bracers and a crappy buckler. I guess I have to start grouping to improve, but I'm not sure where - I don't want to be wiping groups :/

    My stats currently are:

    Could you tell me which areas I should be concentrating on?

    Many thanks.
  2. ARCHIVED-torri Guest

    Without seeing your AA and gear it's a little tough to make an informed opinion, since that's a lot of important information, even when simply dealing with stats. I had a mix of DoV 1.0 EM/HM/Drunder EM gear when Skyshrine released, so I don't know what is possible from gearing up on quest/solo farmable gear (If that's what you're wearing). Adornments on gear can really help out problem areas, so it's all tied together and hard to give good advice without knowing all the facts
    Your crit chance looks fine for EM skyshrine instances. EM raids need 285 if I remember right off the top of my head. Crit Bonus and Potency need to come up. Unless you have all 3 Jewelery set bonuses from DoV 1.0/Drunder raid pieces, I'm not sure how you got so much ability mod with so little CB/Pot.
    The solo instances are such a poor way to try and find useable upgrades with such giant loot tables, and at least for me I see more Fighter shields and Brawler/Beastlord claws than everyhting else combined
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    If you are comfortable with it, would you go to http://u.eq2wire.com/ , find your warden and link that URL to us? That would let us see not only your gear but your spell quality and AA choices.

    Your stats, although decent, look to be a little low to be solo healing the Skyshrine instances comfortably, and definitely not on HM. From your stats, it also doesn't look like you have enough gear to raid Skyshrine, either. You don't have enough crit chance, for one - but that might just be an adornment/reforging issue that we can help advise you on.
    It might be possible to be the 2nd healer in a group for the access quest, which would get you very nice shoulders, boots and a secondary item...not to mention access to the raid zone.
    Torri's right, though. It's very tough to get the Skyshrine gear you need solo - and you'd need to have some of the top end gear from DoV to be more competitive ...which is tough to get solo, as well. Hopefully we can have you healing groups in no time!

    Seeing what your actual configuration is, though, would help us give advice. You might only need a few tweaks to be up to fighting trim.
  4. ARCHIVED-UnderToad Guest

  5. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    You have the most interesting combination of really nice bits of gear and complete cr*p! LOL...
    Your Amorine Bone charm, Ring of the Stonebrunt Savior and Bangle of the Attentive Adherent - just take those out and burn them. Level 92 mastercrafted would be better than those. If you are having an issue with plat to buy things, see if you can get a friend to run you through Protector's Realm a time or two.
    Your AA's look fair - the best advice I can give you is: at 92 have 320 AA. You are missing a few of the good endline things because you don't have enough Shadows and Heroic AA. I'd change a couple of things in your AA setup:
    Take the 5 points you have in cure disease and put it into Enhance Verdant Whisper.
    Get the additional 7 points in the Druid line you need, and get Tunare's Grace.
    Take the 1 point you have in Force of Nature and put it into Nature's Walk.
    Get the 2 points you need in the Shadow's Line to get your DPS stance
    Since you are not raiding, take the point out of Supplication of the Fallen in Shadows and put it into Litany of Combat. When you get more points, max that out. (If you are melee'ing)
    Overall, the way your spec and gear looks might be ok, and you might be able to do the Skyshrine instances. What will wipe your groups on the first pull is the fact that pretty much every spell, buff and damage past level 80 is Adept I or less, unless you have upgraded all those between the time EQ2u captured this and you posted it.
    You have to have at LEAST Adept 3 spells to be comfortable at 92. I'm honestly not sure how you are doing the Tigloth zone unless you have a Tank or healer merc doing the damage with you that doesn't really need healing.
    Your health will go up with Adept 3 buffs, for one, as well as your ability to actually heal. All the Skyshrine stuff will get easier if you upgrade those. I'd even upgrade your nukes to Adept 3 - I like being versatile and you never know when you have to stand back.
    I'm assuming you have a better BP than your Artisan Tunic Also make sure every adornment slot is adorned. Even if you get the cheap adorns, it's better than leaving them blank. If you need yellow adorns, either find a group or grab a merc and go do the quests in each zone that will get you the white shards. There is a solo quest you can do every day for 1 shard too. Just chip away at those, but don't let any slot go unadorned.
    I also can't tell if you have your Epic Repercussions buff (in lieu of mythical) and the x2 Priest buff from TOFS. You DEFINITELY need the ER buff, and the x2 buff is important in raid zones if you want to start getting that gear and can get in DoV raids that people may be doing.
    If I am going to carry a person in a group - which you will have to be right now - I am more than willing to do it if it looks like they are trying. Someone that doesn't have a regular group or is new to the level or is learning the class is welcome in any group or raid I'm in - as long as they are making an effort.
    Hope this helps!
  6. ARCHIVED-UnderToad Guest

    Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it.

    Yeah I'm still trying to get my gear up to spec, but the way gear works now is an absolute nightmare for me. Before, I'd just go to a tailor and a jeweller for a full mastercrafted set and work from there but now it just seems completely screwed up (all recipes randomly distributed between classes, all time based so cant rely on a crafters level to know what they can make) and there's nowhere I can find to just get a list of kit.

    I did give PR a go with a tank merc but the first mob just insta-nukes for 45k and fight over. As soon as I or the tank walk into the room, bang, dead. I don't even see get to see them move. No matter though, I should make enough money from harvesting and stuff for now I think.

    Re spells, I generally do okay tbh (solo, at least) but I've been harvesting to get the rares, so 8 or so of them should be up to Ad3 soon and any heals not already mastered will be researched up to master soon enough.

    I do have my enervated mythical, but I'm not sure what x2 Priest buff from TOFS is I'm afraid.

    I'll rework the AAs as you suggest, that's no problem at all.

    Re adornments, as you can tell I've put off putting any adornments on because very little of the gear available is worth keeping (save the feet and bracers) but I should be able to fill those when I have the money.

    I did CD & Lyceum group instances last night without any real trouble. Only one wipe, which was due to the tank trying to sprint and backflip through the zone, which looks to be common with tanks now (it wasn't like that in my day! *grumble*). Though I think I'll stick to those two zones until I can replace the ring and charms. Though I'm yet to see a charm drop anywhere, or any decent ones available through crafting, but that could just be down to the messed up crafting system.

    I'll try & get the spells crafted tonight & update the stats.

  7. ARCHIVED-torri Guest

    UnderToad wrote:
  8. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Agree with Torri here (as usual..)
    I box PR with a tank and a healer. What I'll do is go the other way around those 4 rooms - make the deathtouch mob the last one in the front 4 rooms. That way I've kind of 'warmed up' in the zone, and will at least get the plat from the other 3 rooms if I somehow can't finish that 4th room (which doesn't happen anymore, but used to!)
    I also have my merc and my boxed toons mercs up. Hopefully, one of them will 'get it' on the pull and not either one of my toons. If they don't and my healer 'gets it', the healer or dirge merc will rezz and all will be well. Just make sure you dismiss them when you pop the chest or they will take a share.
    Do a deathsave on the pull and then a deathsave about halfway through (you can see the mob cast the deathtouch). Above all, make sure that you are not the last one into the room. If it's just you and a tank, run in on top of the tank just about. The mob deathtouches the person furthest away. I usually sneak in the back left corner so that no one gets left outside and everyone is in the room. Then, at most, I'll get hit with the powerdrain, which is easy to overcome.
    If a tank is body pulling and running around like crazy, just take all proc'ing buffs off him till he stops to fight. Spores and thorns come off if I'm with a crazy tank. Then I'll cast spores if we stop..kill the mob...take them back off when he starts running. If the tank is body pulling and gets hit - spores proc a heal and the mob comes after you.
    Also don't forget to have a /target (you) macro...which, for me, is easier than F1 targeting or targeting in the group list. If you are getting smacked, just stand there and heal yourself till they pull it off you. You can win the fight with just you and the tank alive - you can rarely win it with you dead or the tank dead or both. You can rezz the dps in between heal casts if you are quick. Remember your group heals are very powerful in a poo hitting the fan situation.
    As far as adorns are concerned....even if you got level 30 adorns for 2g each, it's STILL Better than leaving that spot blank. If I was in a group, and you joined and I inspected you and saw the gear you had ..adorned in every slot, ie you are TRYING to be your best..I'd do what I could to help because clearly you are taking your efforts to improve seriously. Otherwise..not knowing you...why would I waste my time helping you gear up if you weren't helping yourself? See what I mean? There are still people in the game that like helping - but even the nicest of people has a hard time just handing gear over to someone. (Ok, dead horse beaten..lol)
    I think your tweaking your AAs and upgrading your spells is going to go a LONG way to improving your performance and making you more comfortable doing the zones. Unfortunately, Skyshrine is all about grouping - you have to do it to get the rewards, or you have to have a ton of plat to buy loot rights for items people are selling.
    Keep an eye open for DoV EM raids that might be happening that you might get in on. Gear is changing hands so fast right now, and the new instances and raids don't drop the blue and white shards needed for adorns, so many groups are going back to the EM zones to get those. The people doing that, at this point, also don't need the gear for either themselves or their alts - so you could make out like a bandit if you went. If you do this, make SURE you have Nature's Walk spec'd in the Warden tree (that's the one I suggested you swap Force of Nature for)
    Work towards finishing up your AA's too. Tortoise Shell is necessary in raids if you start doing some - it's also a nice break in a cure-intensive fight. Everyone but the tank will be immune from dots for a short while and you won't have to be curing like a mofo. Also: (ok dead horse still being beaten). If you pop tortoise shell on the pull on that fight in PR, you'll protect yourself from the deathtouch and can focus on the tank...(lol) )
    I'd make my Left hand column go 8, 8, 10, 1, 8 and the next to left hand column go 8, 8, 10, 1, 8. Nobody likes putting points into Charm and Calm animal...but /sigh..unfortunately we just have to. You want to get Tortoise Shell spec'd. You don't need that when you solo, but you are wanting to group - and it really comes in handy there. Redistribute the points as needed by taking the 10 points out of Hierophantic Grasp (druid tree, 4th column). You don't need that if you have Nature's Walk spec'd. It doesnt' do enough damage to justify that many points in it.

    Also..kind of an off-the-wall bit of advice: You might try doing some PvP. You might get annhilated, but if you tried it I find it builds casting and moving skills, and quick thinking to get out of stuff skills. It's fairly anonymous, so if you screw up..oh well. When I first tried pvp I had always had really really good tanks - and nothing ever touched me. I was like a little healer princess. Imagine my surprise when I found out that ..not only will they touch me, I'm the actual target. It helped with survival skills and helped me learn to move quickly and cast quickly and be very aware of the terrain.
    Like I said, just a thought..
    Keep us posted, I'd really like to know how you are getting on!
  9. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    Hi, I'm leveling my brothers Warden up slowly with my alt zerker and have picked up some useful hints from this post (mainly on AA). Just had a quick look at your profile and spotted that your charms seriously need upgrading. There's a WL quest (Salvage Mission) that rewards a charm with better stats to tied you over. It's super easy to do too, especially with a merc.

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