92 Defiler (Returning Player) Seeking Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Zeutral, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Zeutral New Member

    Hello fellow EQ2ers. I am thinking about coming back to the game after about 2 years of not playing (Other than the casual few days here and there). I am looking for a guild who can utilize my defiler in a raid setting. I do currently have lvl 92 Raid gear. I have lots of raiding experience and have played MMOs since EQ1. I am willing to transfer to any server that fits my schedule. I am mainly looking for a casual raiding guild for now as I will be hopping around the country for the next year or so. I also have a 92 Monk who is decently geared (90 Raid Gear) and other varies 90-92 ti include a Dirge, Coercer, Trouby, Warden.
  2. Jolemai Active Member

    Welcome back :) What timezone are you?
  3. Zeutral New Member

    Right now I live in Cali, moving to Mississippi in a month for about 1-2 years then back to SD.
  4. Athilia Member

    pm sent - YUND has a spot for a shaman !

    If interested visit us at yunodie.guildlaunch.com or send me an in-game mail/pm

    /t crushbone.athilia