85 and still cant get a group

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  1. Lygerr Active Member

    LFG shouts are also a waste of time, i would almost wager that most people tend to invite those who don't let the server know they are LFG first and use those that are as a last resort.

    why? because i can't remember the last time i made an LFG message that actually got some attention, more often than not it was silence followed by a PUG message looking for the class i was playing, then message the person forming and either filled or no response. i may still use it, but i don't even expect anything to come of it any longer.
  2. Salty21db Active Member

    Problem I've found finding groups in EQ2 is that the majority of players seem to be followers with very few leaders.

    Starting/forming the group will be 10x faster than setting LFG and hoping to get in one. Not saying that it will be instant as other games but will be a ton faster than LFG. For some reason nobody wants to start/lead one but they'll jump at one getting run lol.

    As for the comments about the new DF "failing." I still blame a lot of that on the players. The current DF is flawed quite a lot but I also know plenty of people who dismissed it as soon as it came out, half without even trying it. This community is TERRIBLE with new things and change.
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  3. Salty21db Active Member

    *Eyes forum mod* Yeah I'm posting again, wanna fight bout it?
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  4. Thand Well-Known Member

    Basicly the grouping problem is Cultural, and very few people want to step up and form there own groups.I know people who will only join a group if the group IS ready to go when they join, because they do not want to wait around 10 15 while a group is forming
  5. Lygerr Active Member

    or failing to find the important classes like healer/tank which will end a group before it starts.

    one of those 2 are usually the ones who form the groups, also the classes i rarely play these days.
  6. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Gratz on finding a valid use for DF.
  7. Dethrayzin Active Member

    Thank you. I've been doing it to level up all of my alts. lol
  8. Torvaldr Well-Known Member

    Great post. I think there is definitely an expectation that group starters be familiar with the dungeon/zone.

    I'm not into raiding either, and although my guildmates like it, they are kind enough to run zones with me. My guild is small though (Sun's Soldiers/Everfrost) and we don't always login at the same times even though most of us live on the West coast as well.

    I remember doing more pugs several years ago and it being a lot more fun and relaxed. Now it doesn't seem that way, or maybe I'm just way out of the loop at 82. People running the 80's zones are focused on powerleveling or just doing their own thing. That's fine, but I do miss seeing the dungeons.
  9. Torvaldr Well-Known Member

    Not to get nitpicky because I do understand your dilemma and frustration, but it's not a PUG if you're all wearing the same guild tag. It's a PUG when you get random people you don't know to fill slots and hope for the best.

    Guilds are there to take care of their members and help them along. As a member of a guild you're supposed to be there to help your mates as well. If a guild members treat each other like strangers then it's time to move on and find a new guild. It's not easy and EQ2 and GW2 are the only two games where I'm guilded, but guild runs and pugs aren't the same.
  10. Estal Well-Known Member

    Count the players who meet the following criteria:

    1: Capable of figuring out the scripts of mobs faster than the group falls apart (we've all seen it, one or two wipes and suddenly random people go linkdead all over the place).
    2: Willing to risk having no loot due to no guarantee that the pug will succeed at killing the mobs.
    3: Willing to deal with the potential drama should anything desirable drop.
    4: Willing to explain the scripts on mobs over and over again to players they have never met before and will prob never meet again.

    Plus very often the Tank will be expected to lead, so even if the players would be spread out evenly among the classes you would still have to wipe 75% of the players that meet the criteria for group leader right of the list again.

    So not much of a surprise that players mostly group within their guild / existing circle of friends rather than strangers.
  11. Lygerr Active Member


    5. kick members from group because the group DPS can't destroy a mob in 10 seconds or less avoiding the script completely, or bother to ask that person if they could change to another toon or do anything differently to make up for the rest of the group's shortcomings.

    snarky? yes, because many groups tend to be this way.
  12. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    I dont think that qualifies as overdue. some of these guilds only have 30+ online on raid night. so that doesnt truely reflect playerbase as with those guilds they most likely are on alts in more populated guilds.
    Also there are a lot of guilds out there with restrictions on joining them. must register with our forums, must have ventrillo/teamspeak, must be 18+ years, must be 30+, must be active, must fill out our 3 page application, must be geared for our raids ect ect the list can go on and on

    So you figure many guilds may not have players on because of a restriction of this or that so will easilly have less online. those folks in those guilds still stay in them and enjoy them, some i am sure even prefer a more quiet guild
  13. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Sorry i did not want to sound rude at all. Probably we speak of a different SS zone, there are many of them.
    The one I was refeering to is the open zone. And well I m a quite experienced warden, and my class has a lot of assets
    (it's by far the best class to solo heal and heroic group), she is a cure machine and she is at ease whenever things are messy ;-)

    And we would probably had died due to recklessness with my mystic, mostly due to stuns and stiffles ;-)

    So well SS is not trivial, but you will get much better teamplay is Velious original instances.
  14. Zion New Member

    i have a suggestion for the LFG tool, when its forming a group, lets say it gets 3 people looking at the same time : instead of putting random classes together, have the LFG see what classes are present,

    if a healer is missing, an npc could fill the roll

    same thing if there are healers/tanks and no dps, an npc dps could be added.

    Make the npc very very good, so people want to use the LFG tool, and on top, make it so there is a req. of 3/4 people before the npc helper is added, so its not just a free merc, it only works for actual people trying to make a group.

    hope that helps.

    God Bless you all.

    May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you :D
  15. Atan Well-Known Member

    Yeah yeah yeah, all that aside, if there is still not a single guild fielding that many online every night, something is off IMO.
  16. Bladespirit Member

    i have been playing on oasis since 2004, nov.

    i have seen change of trend in LFG messages in last couple of years. about 1/3 or bit less of the time, some ppl that are LFG, have been saying that they are looking for someone to "run me through" some zone as if they are looking for power lvl session.

    this kind of LFG message annoys me, very passive n sheepish.
    change of mentality and attitude perhaps.

    LFG messages used to be simply," lvl ## (class) LFG for (some zone)" or similar. there always have and always will be ppl just are only mindlessly following tank and given the ride.

    back when PUG were at least enjoyable or endurable, around time of TSO, i used to participate often. sometimes even as casual T2 shard legendary tank with only mythical-ed epic and occasional T3 shard armor piece or 2.

    then my real life got too busy and i became behind in gears and knowledge of zones, feared of revealing myself much less effective in performance until age of DoV PQ days.

    then came massive jump in gear power in withered land n on. i became 99.9% solo player. only willing to join grp only if i knew players and have space of failures or trivial contents or old zones.

    PUG ppl that are LFM seemed only wanting participants that are raiders with huge DPS potential or immotal tank with infinite agro and great DPS or at least enc/bard.

    probably SoE should add casual legendary LFG channel? or so called "scrub" LFG channel :p j/k
    i wont bother unless its old friends asking. my casual guild since 2004 have been dead n became my personal guild when TSO were current.

    eq2 is just solo game with chat lately most of the time haha.
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  17. Kari Well-Known Member

    Having a good guild is a make or break for me in any MMO. It's worth putting some time and effort into finding the right one. You can start by pressing the U hotkey and looking at all the guilds advertising.

    I would recommend finding a casual raid guild that recruits for non raiders as well. Don't go for the ones listing all kinds of hard-mode achievements, unless they specifically say they are looking for non raiders for casual play. Ideally you want one where there are enough numbers to support a raid but not one where people just log in to raid and then log out again.

    Make up a list of your top prospects and do /who all guild name. Write down the names of the guilds and the numbers. Try to find one with some level 85's. Do this for a week during your normal play time and look at the pattern of how many people are on. Look for guilds that have 20-30 people on every night. Once you have it narrowed down to your top few, look at their web sites and then talk to the recruiter for your top choice.

    Once you join the guild, talk to people in chat, help out anyone asking for help and use the guild window to see where people are grouping. If there is a partial group in a level 85 zone, for example a couple people are two boxing, send them a tell and ask if there is room in their group. If there is a full group, let them know you are interested in joining if someone drops out, or the next time they form up.
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  18. Morg Well-Known Member

    Hello Sebastian,

    While being a "vet" to this game, I have a few newbie suggestions for you.

    1. Take the quests in the spot where you pop into game at. They are easy ( until you get to the Tower of Shadows instance ) and will give you a good idea of how that character works. It's the reason SOE plopped people into game in that area. There are quite a few to do and you will get a couple of gear upgrades.

    2. Dungeons are NOT the only way to enjoy the game. There are tons of overland zone quests to do. Most of them soloable.

    3. hit your U key and look through the guild lists to find a guild that fits your style, play times.

    4. The lvl 85 heroic character you get is overpowered for most of the solo quests, so they go fast. You will find you need a group to do the dungeons in the area.

    5. Have fun learning your character instead of being frustrated by the lack of groups. Some of your skills will be solo based and some group based, learning both is a great idea.

    6. get www.eq2maps.com and load it while you are OUT of game..

    7. there are lots of player run websites that are up to date, www.eq2.zam.com, www.eq2wire.com are just 2 of the most valuable and UP TO DATE.

    8. There is a New player tips and tricks section on these forums with tons of great tips and advice.

    9. If you continue to have problems, look up Morgie on Freeport server and I will try to help you out. Usually days/evenings West coast time.
  19. Raff Well-Known Member

    This so true, Kari. EQ2 is a mature game...so new people coming in are going to have do some footwork on their own and try to find a guild or group of people that (1) They like being with and (2) is interested in doing the group content they want to do.

    You can't just stand around spamming LFG anymore. Most guilds are pulling from their membership to fill groups and if they have any holes, they use mercs.
  20. Estal Well-Known Member

    Agreed, but try to get the message through to people like below:


    Thats the public chat of like 3 minutes lol, no doubt they'll soon be on the forum demanding server merges cause they can't get groups not realizing everyone just has them on ignore.