6/28/10 - Rangers officially "fine"

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Sydares, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    A: The reason that rangers have not seen tweaks to their class is because according to our investigation and data from other sources (including parses) there are rangers that are able to parse even with assassins. When their abilities are timed correctly, and standing in the correct range, rangers are a mighty force. Obviously gear and buffs play a factor as well. That isn’t to say that there will be no adjustments to rangers or mechanics that work differently for bows in the future
    What a friggin joke, occasionally I too run across a ranger (myself) in full raid gear, mastered out and in a group with a dirge troub coercer, warden and inquisitor who can compete with a badly equipped assassin who's in mastercrafted gear and Adept 1's, in the mage group. Hey Xelgad you know what? I see that happen too!
    He even indicates that 'some' rangers can provide assassin like average parses, Though it says nothing about all Predators being lower on the DPS scale than mages.
    Xelgad it should be proportional "less utility = more DPS" conversely "more utility = less DPS". Point to a class with less group/raid utility than a Ranger. Then show us how you are offsetting that lack that with our tremendous DPS. I will even accept ivory tower math.
    Easy to see that your view of class balance and that of the ranger community are vastly different. It is incredible that developers could be so absolutely clueless as to fail to understand that it is the ranger that is put in the Mage or group 4 not the assassin because EVERY OTHER 'DPS' has something to offer the group that they need.
    It is incredible that developers could be so absolutely clueless as to fail to understand that it is not the assassin topping the parses it is the mages.
    You say you play a Ranger, for what harvesting? How can you know so little about the reality? How can you understand so little about grouping logic.
    SOE made DPS a commodity, you can get it anywhere now. Tanks and healers can do good to great DPS. Traditional utility classes compete with predator's for DPS.
    Predators have to do TOP NOTCH DPS to be viable, PERIOD. Even you indicate that Rangers and assassins are not on par DPS wise (with your qualification of 'some' rangers) let alone in desired utility. And Predators in general are not parsing well against Mages.
    Xelgad=Major Fail
    Now how the heck to you spell death knell ?
  2. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    Noob1974 wrote:
    Now that I've calmed down a bit I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this was the case. Velious and wanting to get the "New User" experience just right. If I had to make a serious guess as to what happened I would say that they probably pulled out the master design docs and said we're fairly balanced at the baseline and then looked and found that we do excel in certain areas (mostly solo and BGs). The problem is that the most significant amount of complaints and concern deal not with those areas but rather raiding. And when looking at raid balance you can find parses that prove anything you want if you look hard enough and isolate your sampling properly, especially if it's not something you wanted to do to begin with.

    But it no longer matters. We have expressed our thoughts and concerns and a good number of the non ranger community (or at least the raiding aspect of it) agreed. A large number of our best players have either betrayed so they do more DPS with less work, switched to alts or just quit the game. The dev team is showing that they do not agree and/or simply do not care what we think. As long as that is the case nothing is going to get done and I'm afraid we're going have to wait until we are as broken or worse than Coercers and Summoners were before they can be bothered to take a real look and make adjustments. Better in the end that they spend time and make sure that fighters don't get confused by that taunt button at level 1.
  3. ARCHIVED-Magnethjelmen2 Guest

    How on earth can you pull this on us Xelgad? After so much time... Seriously? I will show you every single parse I have from the last 5 months I have.I will allways lose to an equal assassin in a raid. I CANT BELIVE THIS! JESUS
    Why do you think no endgame guilds are looking for rangers? It is a very simple answer. The assassin does more DPS and comes with a pretty nice hate transfer and apply poisons. Did you take a look at what other guilds are recruting here? I am talking endgame raidguilds.
    Did you even compare our CA's?
    1. assassin CA's does more dmg
    2. assassin CA's you can cast faster
    3. They even have more CA's than the ranger do.
    HOW IS THAT BALANCED? Its so obvious it is not balanced WHAT so ever. Damn, I am starting to cry now
    Go to your freaking CA database, and fix our CA's. It will take one of your devs 10 mins to fix it. How can it be so hard?

    I will quote what one of your devs said a couple of months ago about people complaining about the 0m buff.
    Fyreflyte wrote:
    Get your facts and communication togheter @SOE. You admitted that there was a prob. AND NOW YOU PULL THIS BS?
    Oh yeah, and one more thing while we are at it here Xelgad. WHY, and I repeat WHY! Do you think 90% of the serious endgame rangers betrayed to Assassins? Think about it....
  4. ARCHIVED-crumpledmonkey Guest

    troll here!!

    what you need to do is get off the forums and learn to play your class.
    rangers can and do out parse assasins with the same gear and aa on end raiding.
    I do it all the time and the class is more fun to play.
    so if you cant cut it then roll to easy mode assasin or LTP.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    thank you for letting me know I can cancel my sub.
  6. ARCHIVED-nipxur Guest

    crumpledmonkey wrote:
    Please post some screenshots of your parses, I'm sure a lot of us would like to see them.
  7. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    crumpledmonkey wrote:
    This is essentially what I see Xalgad saying. I doubt that was his actual intention but its what his statements seem like. Apparently people who have been complaining for literally years including 'above and beyond' players and contributors like Safana just have no idea how to actually play a ranger.
    I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt and think he is talking from a 'on average' standpoint including casual and PvP type stuff. Or in the sense of 'good enough' since we are DPS class and aren't getting consistently beat by healers and some other classes in DPS. Even with that margin its still no where even close to correct for results rangers get on raids.
  8. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    Amongst the angst in this thread I find it funny that some of you are expecting an answer. As should be obvious by them answering to a third party and not to any threads on the official forums, their communication is lacking.
    Accept that rangers won't change, accept that they won't answer you, and enjoy your life. If that means betraying or quitting, so be it.. but yelling and screaming is only going to get you a sore throat. Speak with your wallet.
    Yes, I have a ranger, he was my first toon ever in both EQ and EQ2.. I love rangers. Granted.. I don't play him anymore, but he's still on my account. :)
  9. ARCHIVED-nipxur Guest

    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    The problem is that most people are just playing alts and not cancelling their accounts. There's been forum posts about there being just as many if not more Rangers at level 90 than Assassins. Does this make them equal? No. Does this show that they are still fun to play? I'd say so, it's the reason that I still keep mine around and play with him. They won't fix Rangers because they don't need to fix Rangers, as long as we still have our alts to play with.
    Now if people really did start speaking with their wallet and cancelling their accounts because of the current state of Rangers, you can bet that they'd be getting fixed quickly. But that won't happen. Rangers will just become the alts we play when not playing our 'main' toons.
  10. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    I just want to see this data. Post this data for us and prove us wrong. I want to see parses from rangers and assassins with equal gear, same groups, and equal stats.
  11. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    To be fair they never said they would up our DPS or utility, they just never really denied it either up until now. So he literally dashed our 'hopes and dreams' for rangers.
    Their plan is to just give us some mechanic adjustments. Maybe being able to range better and access to mechanics like flurry and auto ae for our bow. Ideally (to them) all getting done without upping our DPS anywhere near what we need to properly compete because they think its fine.
    Its stupid they are trying to adjust the overall gameplay of rangers when thats one of their only redeeming features they already have, evident by testimonials on several forums and even in this very thread. Wonder if they are going to make it easier to solo content designed for soloing and perform better in PvP while they are at it.
  12. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    LOL. Now that he's specified that according to their parses we're fine he wants "Top End Guild DPS Parses".
    For those of you that are in said guilds, please post here. While I doubt it will have any effect in the end, at least we'll know we tried.
  13. ARCHIVED-Karimonster Guest

    Nevao wrote:
    *just shakes head*

    I wonder how many rangers he'll find in them.
  14. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    He'll find mine, thats for sure. And my methods of tracking it will be exemplary.
    He's about to get proven a whole lot of wrong.
  15. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    xalgad id personally love to see what data you based this on...
    casue i was one of the leading rangers WW and trust me when i say this when i betrayed in APP 1's i was already parsing higher then i was as a ranger fully mastered.. and any time you like shoot me a PM and ill explain to your on my vent server or where ever how a SIN > RANGER...

  16. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    Karimonster wrote:
    im gonna post a ranger parse then a parse as me as a sin if i can find one to prove a point
  17. ARCHIVED-Osp Guest

    Ban me from these boards, hell ban my account if I dont beat you to cancelling it - but Xelgad your a f/ing idiot.
    Try blowing smoke somewhere else, the 6-7 Rangers,80%+ masterd and good raid gear, I personally know of that have betrayd to Assassins were doing 5-15k dps higher on there FIRST F/ING raids as a Sin without there mythicals or ANY masters.
    Cya, thanks for nothing - but guess I really should have known that from SoEs past history.
  18. ARCHIVED-Magnethjelmen2 Guest

    Venez@Permafrost wrote:
    +1 on this
  19. ARCHIVED-nocks Guest

    Assassin Hightest Melee Hit (world wide)Ranger Highest Melee Hit (world wide)
    Rank, Name, Server, Level, Highest Melee Hit
    Rank, Name, Server, Level, Highest Melee Hit
    1 Headiz Kithicor 90 430,619 1 Silvanthalanas Antonia Bayle 90 289,056
    2 Veyna Najena 90 381,143 2 Rillifane Antonia Bayle 90 269,556
    3 Ringi Splitpaw 90 372,965 3 Belina Splitpaw 90 263,345
    4 Nind Splitpaw 90 371,219 4 Xanendithas Runnyeye 90 260,576
    5 Gaige Unrest 90 366,047 5 Acamas Unrest 90 257,322
    6 Cupo Everfrost 90 353,759 6 Palermo Unrest 90 248,112
    7 Devyn Guk 90 347,964 7 Armacon Kithicor 90 246,249
    8 Choke Unrest 90 347,484 8 Krirk Storms 90 245,651
    9 Dreadstrike Rnyeye 90 345,878 9 Chap Guk 90 244,804
    10 Foulou Storms 90 345,818 10 Snipex Nagafen 90 243,446
    Our Top Ranger "hit" beat NUMBER 79 on the Assassin World Wide leaderboard.
    Assassin 79 Pengo Sebilis 90 287,612
    Our NUMBER TWO Ranger "hit" doesn't even make it into the Assassin Top 100 list.
    Assassin 100 Sylow Blackburrow 90 276,860
    Umm I'm no rocket scientist but there seems to be a glaring disparity between these two classes. I'd love to see your data that shows that we're on par with assassins. Also, if you'd be so kind as to please explain to me how the data in the leaderboards is not an issue and why it's ok to have such a huge gap between two top DPS classes? If it shows up here don't you think it shows up in every parse? Ironically the delta between the top 10 highest melee hits (30%) is roughly the same difference in parse between me and the assassin in my guild. It's funny how numbers work out that way... eh?
  20. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    ok i promised ranger vs sin in app one parse differences here it is enjoy
    as a ranger fully master is the 5/16
    as a freshy betrayed sin in app ones 5/19

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