5 extra weekly ascension scrolls, not giving

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Minh, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Minh Member

    Hi mates I was wondering if any of you received your 5 weekly ascension scrolls since the expansion update? It's been 11 days since they have given me 5 weekly extra ascension scrolls. If no one has received the 5 extras then I guess this issue will need to get resolved.
  2. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Ascension scrolls have been done away with. Now leveling comes from the baubles in the new xpac.
  3. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Not if your Ascension level is under level 10. If they've changed it even for the lower levels, it makes those who haven't done Ascension yet even further behind, and harder to catch up.
  4. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Good spotting. Daily scrolls are still there for under level 10, and I was able to get five scrolls from completing the weekly missions in KA ("For More Than a Bit of Coin") on a toon that was at 15 on all ascensions, so those are still available. But yeah, haven't gotten the bonus weekly scrolls...
  5. Nixer Active Member

    Additionally - you can still run the KA weekly quests for the 5 scroll reward (3 KA weekly quests) - even if you have all Ascension classes at 10 or better. I was doing that prior to Pop release and if you would like 5 guided ascension scrolls to help with Pop Ascension leveling then that may help.... See 5 scrolls for someone who's made all 4 ascension classes 10+ is worth 13M xp towards your 180M+ / per level Ascension levels. It's not even 10% of a level but it is 13M more than what you get from daily recharges. Just a thought.
  6. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Yup, said that just above you, Nix. <grin>

    Nixer is right, they don't put a dent in the gazillions of XP you need (301M for 11-15), but they can help round out the banked XP a bit so it can be worth getting them while you can (you don't get daily scrolls after 10, just the 5 from the weekly mission).

    Example: As Snikkety said, leveling after 10 comes mostly from PoP quest/mission reward baubles that grant you a full level; the signature and overland quest lines give you enough for 12 levels. If you want the other levels sooner, you can buy the Tears of Ascension bauble in NC (after you get all four classes to 10) to fill up your banked AscXP and make use of the massive amounts of PoP quest XP (7-10M per quest).

    But sometimes you find yourself with a few million XP banked and you don't want to just lose it by using the bauble, so you can use some of the scrolls to give you just enough for a quest turn-in. It helps make more efficient use of the XP you earn and can ultimately save you time and coin (by not having to use as many of the purchased baubles).

    (One tip: The scrolls are no-trade while the Tears of Ascension are heirloom. Don't be like a certain silly ogre and end up with fully maxed Ascensions and 34 (useless) scrolls left over. :oops: )
  7. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    ahh.. my mistake
  8. Ragna Active Member

    FWIW I still get the "free" 5 scrolls/week for being a member (returning player, so I'm far from being 10+ in the 4 Ascension classes)
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  9. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    I received the five bonus scrolls today - working on leveling up third ascension to level 10.
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  10. Beee Active Member

  11. Ragna Active Member

    I wish it was faction related rather than having one chararcter at lvl 10 in the four Ascension classes :(
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  12. SteveB New Member

    You will not get anything without an achievement for all on level 15, so not really a big need to do it at all, but you get the 5 weekly scrolls in OF still.
  13. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    Exactly. If it was faction related, people could at least have SOME way to start catching up.
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  14. Minh Member

    My ascesions are not all level 10+ and I'm not getting the 5 free weekly. So I'm guessing if you have someone over 10 you don't get them. But someone posted that he did get them with a level 10+ ascension class. Last night I sent in feedback and I petitioned. So I will keep you guys posted on what goes on in the petition.
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  15. Hudi New Member

    You must go to your actuall class tainer in Obulus Frontier to get 5 weekly scrolls, another trainer will not give them to you.
    So if you get only 1 scroll ,its your daily and you timer for weekly is still running so you can try later.
    I got my 5 weekly from trainer today without problems.
  16. Andariel Member

    The solo weekly in COV gives 5 heirloom scrolls upon completion of the quest also. Got it last night and I was currently on my Ascension Lvl 15 Ethrealist.
  17. Charon New Member

    Yesterday I've got my very first daily ascension scroll. Never did any quests in KA before. I'm lvl 5 etheralist (panda).

    Do I have to be a paying member (ftp atm) or do I have to complete any KA quests to receive the bonus 5 weekly scrolls (not the scrolls for the weekly quest)?

  18. Minh Member

    Today after exactly 2 weeks the ascension trainer gave me the 5 extra weekly. The petition still hasn't been answered yet so idk what to make of it. I hope it isn't a 2 week thing now that it will give 5 extra's.
  19. Ragna Active Member

    Yes, the bonus is for member only.
  20. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Similar here: My toon that is working on his first Ascension class (they've been neglected, poor thing) didn't get the bonus five when I checked on Wednesday (for the first time in months, lol), but did get them today. Hopefully it was just a glitch and things are working regularly now...
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