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  1. Twofeets Active Member

    How are tanks dealing with mobs that hit of obscene amounts of damage without warning? My pally is starting to come along, resolve 3450, 320sh mil health solo, high 40sk mit, etc but some named seem to randomly hit him for 400-600k+ damage (of varying types) without warning. One of the mobs in Vault of Ssraeshza used an attack 39 times during the fight which hit for hundreds of millions. The first 38 times I had either damage reducers or stoneskins up, but that 39th ended the fight with under 20% to go. The trouble is, the first 38 'blocks' were pure luck on my (and my healers) part.

    Ive seen the same in Rumble with the first mob (burn), and in a few other zones. How are tanks with limited death saves dealing with this? There isnt an emote for most of these, the casting times are FAST, and I have yet to see an ACT trigger which would help. Its truly frustrating to maintain a stable fight, follow the script, only to be randomly one shotted without rhyme or reason.

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  2. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Are you referring to barrage? Barrage being the script to focus in regarding use of bulwark. Outside of that, unsure what you’re talking about.
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    Nope, not barrage, that's easy to manage with bulwark. There seem to be random hits for huge spike damage from a few specific mobs. The first one in Rumble and one in Vault come to mind.
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    Your character is relatively under geared for those zones and that is your problem. Do the over land drop quests and point of interest quests to get some 165resolve gear, 170 cloak, and 175 ring.
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    I'm in the same boat on the healer end of the spectrum. Our group has the resolve for T1 heroics. The fight will be going smooth and out of nowhere a random attack with no cast bar or mob emote will just chunk our tank to pure red or dead. Luckily we have enough stone skins/damage immunities to get him back up, but still frustrating.
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    My character is undergeared for T1 zones? Contrary to your belief, not all of us live for EQ, not all of us can raid and get phat lewts. I have been playing since launch, I spent my time in high end raid guilds, but now real life takes place.

    In previous expansions, if you had most of the solo gear, and a few pieces of heroic, you were more than capable of running T1 (or the easier) zones. Sure, it took longer, but it wasnt 'under geared'. My pally has completed most of the quests you mentioned, however due to a lack of mitigation I am wearing lower resolve gear which has better health and defensive stats. A resolve of 3400+ should be more than enough for T1 heroics. The issue isnt resolve, it's trying to figure out mechanics to allow those of us who have real lives to be able to enjoy the game.
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  7. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Those random attacks are from mob auto attacks. They can instant one shot you randomly (Recall Vulekerr's dominion from back in ToV before the nerf). On normal difficulty the issue gets resolved with better gear and group setup. On challenge you just need to rotate your saves with the healer. Stoneskins/DRs do not work, you would need 100% avoidance/parry buffs to avoid them. Pretty annoying as you cannot anticipate them but thats the way it is right now.

    In ACT they may come under zap/freeze hits. The last boss in Vaults challenge has ridiculous incoming damage from auto attacks when the adds spawn.
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  8. Arclite Well-Known Member

    The Rumble mobs has an effect called Toadstomp stool which if you examine has another effect called defensive breech which does max hp damage that tickes fast and hard. That is causing you ridiculous damage. As I mentioned above, rotate your saves.

    There is also the second mob in Maiden's eye which has the green misty cloud AE which you joust. As soon as it finishes casting and you run back in to re-engage with the mob it places an uncurable dot on you that also does max hp damage that is very difficulty to mitigate and will most likely result in a death on the closest group member if they are not deathsaved. There is no trigger for that as far as i know.

    Nothing but lazy design. It does not add challenge except another RNG element to a game that is filled with RNG right now.
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  9. Drona Well-Known Member

    I don't believe your gear is the issue and I think its script fail or coordination issues. You have better defensive stats than my SK and I don't believe I had any issues in t1 heroics so far and not seen this random auto attack 1 shot. I always have 1 of my saves running and coordinate with the healer when I am out of saves.

    Other issues could be DPS. If the overall group DPS is low and its taking time to kill things then you have more chances of things going wrong.
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  10. Suidakra Member

    We also saw this in Rumble from first and second named. Also in village. Our tank will be full health and the fight will be smooth sailing. No cast times, no detriments/curses. He just drops. Instant rez gets him back up. My damage immunities wear off, he drops again. I have to blow through 2 instant rezzes and group immunities/deaggros with all my fingers and toes crossed that he doesn't randomly drop again afterwards. Quite annoying.
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    Agreed that if group DPS is low then run out of saves and tank (me) dies...
    I did "solve" that issue by getting HP above 350million but I do understand that is hard to do for casual players..
    I added hit point barding to my mount in all the slots and that really helped..
    Plus the new crafter max hp% white adorns on all my gear..
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