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  1. BigBlake New Member

    Currently a 38 beastlord finishing quests in BB. I'm new to the game, does anyone have any good leveling and gearing up guides. Where to hunt and gear at certain levels? Thank you!
  2. Carynn Well-Known Member

    https://eq2.fandom.com/wiki/EverQuest_2_Wiki:Main_Page Leveling up guide. Follow the Solo timelines or venture into heroic dungeons for challenge!

    Gear wise, your best bet at the lower levels are either mastercrafted gear and heritage quest gear. You will get gear rewards from the solo timelines. As a scout, you are looking for DPS, Haste, Flurry, Multiattack, Potency, AB Mod, Crit.

    Beastlord specific, make sure you are using a warder that you like and level them up to full before switching to a new type. The warder levels by hitting an advantage (the left four spells on the BL bar) when the paw comes up at least once in a fight.
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  3. BigBlake New Member

    Thank you so much!
  4. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    I congratulate you on finishing your bucherblock quest and not just skipping to dungeon finder the first time. Its all well worth doing ''amusing'' at least once to play the everquest/quests (get the liittle items, note the npcs and there voices.

    This made me a fan of the game as it seemed less generic 10 years ago, and to get a feel of the world...why return again and again, 10 years later otherwise?

    Never would have bothered based on cross the board ''more or less'' variations of mmo features no mater how generic glossy, gets old ie just raid 9might as well be playing it like a football game or stratagem (only a small part of it)''. I like fun amusing creativity as it is a game, and all that implies (partly adventure with characters you should consider/listen/look). Not a first person/tactical/ entirely.

    I like the ''Sometimes present''' EQ feel of a driven yet stable rambling curio shop of a game, very involved with things to do see and discover.

    Game has its style and character. (so its special and worth it) what you can experience here you cant experience there if you bother to notice I mean. :)
  5. Naramee Active Member

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  6. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    Cloud mount and this are two highly recommended favs.

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