29th Dirge "Dissoant Rhythm" Garbage or Bugged -- /Bug it --> Reason inside

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-OkusSuko, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-OkusSuko Guest

    Hellos all.

    I'd love to use this song/art as it is our upgrade to Alin's Keening Lamentation (15th level) AE damage art, but sadly our 29th "Dissoant Rhythm" does MUCH less damage then our the first one we've gotten. They claim it to be lower resist, however I notice the exact same resists as with Alin's Keening Lamentation. We're talking a 20 point damage difference in most cases from a 15th to 29th level upgrade, where the 15th level song is better -- 15th doing 65-70ish to all targets and the 29th doing 40-50.

    Reguardless, in 3.0 secs of time, We can usually dish out way more damage then this song even has the possibility of doing.

    Damage on this needs to be upped by a bit, I'd say 30% more being that is suppose to be an upgrade. My suggestion is to /BUG it...

    While you at it, tell them to fix the **mods 4 teh win!!1!** drop rates on our adepts. *smirks*

    Again, this is solely my perspective.

    33rd Ratonga Dirge
    Shadow Company
    Antonia Bayle
  2. ARCHIVED-Xeryna Guest

    Actually, you have to consider 6 seconds, rather than 3. Why? Because Alin's and Dissonant both have a 3.0 second *recovery* time, during which we can not melee or cast etc. Alin's was always horrible, even in beta, and it was amusing week after week seeing patch notes mentioning how they "increased damage on Alin's Keening Lamentation." So I'd try it once or twice, see it was still a joke, and clear it from hotbar. The fact that Dissonant is even worse for higher power cost...well, I don't see dirges as doing any worthwhile damage any time soon. (Interesting side note, templars get an AE damage spell in the low 30s, not an upgrade to any lower level spell, and theirs hits for over 100).
  3. ARCHIVED-Kublikan Guest

    plus you can chain the two back to back.
  4. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    Alin's dropped off my hotbar several levels ago. I've found it to be of very little use. Dissonant Rhythm probably won't make it onto my hotbar either.
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  5. ARCHIVED-Donte Guest

    I find alin's usefull in groups of 4 or more only and usually to finish an HO chain. The damage times each mob adds up to quite a bit.

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