24hr Double Ethereal Coin?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ugloopni, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. ugloopni Active Member

    24 hours? Wish you'd warned us, thanks though I managed to get 2 missions doubled!
  2. Jrel Well-Known Member

    It is odd it was for only one day right before the weekend. An error maybe?
  3. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I think it was an error or the intended way a wave changes. Either way I got lucky and finished the weekly as well as 1 daily under the conditions. 16 tokens yeah baby.
  4. ugloopni Active Member

  5. Maldek Active Member

    Annnnnd my weekly reset when all I had left was SK. Awful event DBG, awful.
  6. Arieva Well-Known Member

    several folks have been reporting oddities with timers. I've had the weekly lag behind as much as 10-15 minutes from when it was supposedly available, and I've just had to wait that long past other players being able to get it, before it was shareable or available from them to me. I don't think the appearance of "double" currency today was anything more than a glitch possibly related to the same bug. Some clock function failed when one currency should have been deleted from the quest when the new was introduced.
  7. ugloopni Active Member

    Very plausible, I could see that happening. Hopefully someone that knows will talk to us so we don't have to brainstorm what's going on. I did find it odd they didn't announce the event, but they didn't announce the new wave either so I just assumed they weren't announcing anything at all.
  8. Kaarkula Active Member

    They did announce double ethereal coin for yesterday.

    But... nothing today...I hoping its an error... only one day?

    That can't be right.
  9. Maldek Active Member

    I think Ari's right, it had to be a glitch with overlapping timers.
    The quests now only offer a reward of coins, runes, the wrist, or the new charm. Neck is no longer a random reward
  10. Carni Active Member

    Never did see a neck, then. Perhaps I'll see something by the time I hit four hundred coins.
  11. Bloodguts Well-Known Member

    Really disappointed.

    Just when i thought you guys made a really effective and worthwhile Event for EQ2 where you actually got two coins for double the chance at the rewards those coins give, you took it all away.

    Doubling the chance at rewards is soooo much better than doubling the amount of coins you can get.

    Please bring back this event for a longer period of time.
  12. Retlec New Member

    Yeah I'm blown away by how awful that is, I was just waiting for today to finish up the weekly on a few guys since maj'dul is basically dead. Daybreak making sony look like a bunch of champs. Really bad work guys.
  13. Wrathburn New Member

    Daybreak....mistake or not, letting double currency run for one day then turning it off is just completely messed up. Even if it got turned on by mistake, you should have let it run through the weekend. All you did was annoy a bunch of people with your decision to turn it off.
  14. Kaarkula Active Member

    they clearly said it was intentional for yesterday... but the only one day thing was pretty dumb
  15. Brightlyz Active Member

    Go ahead and feel free to link this announcement you speak of.
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  16. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    This was not the double token event they announced, that is yet to come. This appears to be a simple mistake where wave one rewards didn't get turned off for a day after wave two was activated so missions had both waves active during that time. It was an unintended bonus so be grateful if you got it and quit your whining if you didn't.
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  17. Kander Developer

    The actual double Ethereal Event starts today and it will go for 7 days,
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