2018 Festival of Discord - AB server - Oct 26th-29th

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    Festival of Discord!

    The dates have been chosen as 26th - 29th October.
    Antonia Bayle Server
    Commonlands (instance 1)

    Friday 26th
    7:30EST - Opening Ceremonies (Tajar)
    8:00EST - Stick and Pike (Tajar)
    9:00EST - Guud Eatz (Lera)

    Saturday 27th
    3:00EST - Joust (Tomias? Or Tajar)
    5:30EST - High Dive (Daenee)
    6:30EST - Pumpkin Carving (Slipps)
    8:00EST - Bug Munch (Daenee)
    9:00EST - Scavenger Hunt (Lera)

    Sunday 28th
    3:00EST - Ranged (Daenee)
    4:30EST - War Pup Training (Tajar)
    6:00EST - Bardic (Slipps)
    8:00EST - Arena (Serrest)

    Monday 29th
    7:00EST - Closing Ceremonies (Tajar)
    7:30EST - Game of Unrest (Elquinjena)
    10:00EST - After party at the Soulfire

    Volunteers for judges very welcome!!
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  2. Momo Well-Known Member

    Uh, oh, uh, this is it, right? Its happening! How cool, so great!
    I was told to read some books that explain this.... and need to dust of li'l Stormhold toons...
    *runs off inna hurry, skippin' in between*

    Hey wait, "Bug Munch"? :eek:

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