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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Jesilyn New Member

    No, I am not trying to get a refund for previous years/months....they're already used. I have maybe a couple years worth of All Access subs in waiting. I was simply wondering if the amount of time that is left on those subs would be extended to reflect the price change. Example: 2 years at a $3 difference = $72 / $14.99 = 4.8 or rounded down, 4 more months.

    I don't understand why I would have to voice my preferences/concerns when I was happy with the change SOE was making per the e-mail they sent me on January 3rd. I am only now voicing my preferences/concerns because I learned that they are changing it, although they have not verified that with us by e-mail as they did with the original plan. I felt no need to "sing its praises" when SOE sent the e-mail. Of course the naysayers were in the majority. People usually voice concern when they are unhappy, as I am now.

    Thanks for your response, RadarX.
  2. Brezard New Member

    I would dearly love for you to be correct with this statement and that I'm wrong. Until a full disclosure is made as to what we will and will not be received I'm not holding out too much hope after the conversations I've been having with Customer Support.

    I think the greatest frustration for everyone is waiting for that clear and concise listing of what is receivable with what subscriptions and payment methods. Of course the operative words are "clear and concise" with no ambiguity.
  3. Pippers Active Member

    I know there are other official posts stating ALL gold subs will be treated the same now no matter what type of payment plan they use. Honestly I've read all the posts and don't feel the need to read them again to find it. :rolleyes:
  4. Brezard New Member

    LOL Many thanks Pippers. Like you I've read probably 95% of the posts both on this thread and the previous ones. Being in a different time zone here I tend to read things out of sync to those of you in the U.S. so had missed that particular post.
    Until I see an official page - detailing everything though - I'm just going to sit back now and watch what unrolls. As an EQLandmark Trailblazer, I will probably be busy there instead. That is if I can ever get out of my comfort zone of here :)
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  5. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I don't think krono purchases @ $17.99 each counts :rolleyes:
  6. Grazel New Member

    Keep in mind that Customer Service is only allowed to talk about CURRENT policy. They aren't allowed to comment on new policies that are taking effect until those policies are finalized and announced. Our only source of official information on this is RadarX and Smedley.

    How do I know CS's limitations? I work in a CS role for a different company. Even if I personally know something about the internal workings and plans of my company I can't relay that to a customer unless it's been made official policy at which point the customer will get a notification of the change from the Account Managers. After that point I can relay that information to a customer who inquires, but not before. This is done for long term customer satisfaction, less confusion (which as can be seen even mentioning proposed changes here on the forums has caused a lot of it), and possible legal issues (since the customers I deal with are on very large monetary contracts and if they cancel could get my department wiped out).

    CS are generally tier 1 people and only know what they've been told by higher ups. Asking them for information about upcoming corporate policy changes is like asking the cashier at McDonald's to verify the rumors that McDonald's is going to be introducing a drone delivery service. They most likely don't know any more than you do, and if they know something likely aren't allowed to share that information because it's not finalized.
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  7. mouser Well-Known Member

    No, what All Access means is pretty clearly defined (at least, for the US - I have no idea about across the pond). I made the mistake of thinking it included Dragon's Prophet because I can play that game along with all my others (but apparently so can everybody else - no 'subscription' perks there). Any SOE game that has a 'Gold' or similiar 'subscription' tier is included in the All Access package - so you get to play the "special" mini-games in CWA while you wait for the zoning server in EQ 2 to wake up.
  8. Jesilyn New Member

    Oops, a $3 difference wasn't correct, I wasn't paying $17.99 for Kronos. I paid for yearly subs at one time, so the current All Access price for a one year purchase works out to be $14.99 a month. From what I've read, I'm assuming the new $14.99 change is going to be the new monthly price of an All Access. If this is the case, from the chart they have now, it would seem the price for a one year sub should end up pricing out to less than $14.99 a month....maybe $9.99 a month like the Standard Game Pass is currently priced (monthly is at $14.99). Therefore, we now have an example of 2 years at a $5 difference = $120 / $9.99 = 12 more months
  9. Meri New Member

    When the new plan goes into effect, there won't be a difference between recurring and non-recurring as far as benefit go. This works out well for you and others in the same boat ^^
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  10. Wanic Active Member

    Then chances are you missed out on the change, unless they decide to change it again and go do a 180 on their decision,
    imagine what could have happened if you and many others voiced their in favour opinion when it was originally announced, things could have been different, but that's the cards we've been dealt, time to hoard 500Sc/month
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  11. Brezard New Member

    Yes you're right Meri. It's fascinating watching the wheels of change in motion throughout these threads on this subject. As I said earlier:
    Now to sit back and wait for the "Official Announcements" :D
  12. DreadRoberts Active Member

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  13. Grazel New Member

    The best part is that with that post I started the rumor about McDrone delivery service (I figured McDonald's would want to jump in on Amazon's idea after all).
  14. Belenos Well-Known Member

    Hoarding? What's that? :confused:

    Never been a month since I started playing EQ II actively that I didn't spend more than 500 SC each month. Just bought another 5k SC yesterday, and 4k of that is already gone.

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  15. Therendil Member

    At the moment, I have somewhat over 11,000 SC on hand. Some of this was bought retail, but most is accumulated from the monthly stipend. As a rule, I have no money whatsoever to spend on SC.

    In the last month, I have spent around 1,000 SC. No purchase was larger than about 100 SC. Except for those rare times when I buy a prestige house for someone, I make small purchases (usually instant revival and instant upgrades on spells/arts). I spend more now than I used to, but all the growth is in small purchases and I expect that to continue.

    The original 500 per month stipend was perfect. The proposed change to one purchase per month of up to 2,000 SC was totally worthless to me. If this goes through, I would regard it as a serious reduction in the value of a subscription.

    I don't mind having to log in to get the stipend. I'm on every day with very rare exceptions so this is no big deal. It didn't bother me when it was done for Legends of Norrath and I won't mind it for Station Cash.

    My 2c worth, since you asked.

    -= Therendil =-
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  16. mindfury New Member

    I'd prefer the change they'd intended, with the higher sc amount to be spent on whatever item I chose, be it a 100 sc item or a 2k sc item. It's too bad so many are rather short sighted in this. SOE I wish at times you'd stick to your ideas, and not let folks influence you to change your mind.
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  17. IZELLIA Member

    I have a quick question - before January ends - I need to know about the monthly "January's" station cash for the gold members. I didn't receive automatically and with the transition I thought I might have to "claim" it. But it's a no go. I'm sure I missed the instructions somewhere so can anyone help?
  18. Finora Well-Known Member

    If you are not a recurring membership in January, you wouldn't have received it. The changes to how membership is rewarded have not yet gone into effect. If you are a recurring member and have been receiving the SC monthly before, you should have already gotten it. If you should have and hadn't, send in a petition.

    They are generally pretty good about fixing it quickly. I've had to do that a couple of times in the past for my account that has two separate gold subs for different games on it.
  19. Burningice Coldfire New Member

    You should get it on your subscription renewal date. I got mine for January on the 7th.
  20. Atana New Member

    Do we know when the changes are happening?
    Was thinking of going Gold now, just found out there are changes happening. If I go Gold now, will my account become "all access" automatically? Or will I need to cancel Gold and then go with the new billing method?
    Sorry if the question has already being asked. I am way too lazy to read all the info. :)
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