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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Supremedragon01 New Member

    You posted in the thread that "You didn't like the change. The only change we are making is that we're now going to make you claim it monthly. You can still hoard it though I realize this is a bit of a pain but honestly it's the best compromise we could come up with that solves the problems I mentioned in the other thread. ". This makes no sense. If we must claim it each month, credit is automatic so the actual claim makes no sense, that means you must be referring to using it. If we must use it how can it be hoarded? Am I missing something here? Before I go back to GOLD I would like to understand this better. I know I must be misreading or misinterpreting something.
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    Your post is very hard to read because I think your improperly quoting someone else.

    Here is a recap of the original messages two major points that one should note:
    - Gold Members stlll get 500 SC per month, however this will not be credited to the players Wallet unless they log in and claim it once per month, once claimed this acts like normal SC and carries over between months. If a player does not log in that month, they do not get the 500 SC Bonus.
    - All Access is going away instead Gold is now going to be All Access. This in my opinion is a great offer and really puts value back in Gold for anyone who plays more than one SOE Game or has been thinking of doing so.
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  3. Kickya Active Member

    So Gold is now going to be All Access. eh.

    So will Gold aka All Access renamed give any access to EQN or EQ Landmark ?
  4. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    From his interview with Massively (http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/0...recent-events-and-soe-philosophy-in-intervie/)

    Smedley explained that members of the Prosiebensat.1 team are meeting with SOE in the next few weeks, and one of the top topics on the agenda will focus on working out how EU players will benefit from benefits. While he couldn't go into details before the business meeting plays out, Smedley said his team has an idea that he says "should make European players exceedingly happy."

    Maybe I'm a cynic, but this doesn't sound as if this is about sorting out the core issue with PSS1, that of being forced to use PSS1 accounts, rather than SoE accounts, going forward (i.e. EQN/EQNL) but more about a method of making sure SoE's cash shop/Player Studio is available via PSS1.
    I hope I'm wrong and hopefully will learn more after the meeting. I'm anxiously awaiting details. :(
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  5. Jesilyn New Member

    I was excited for the change. 2000SC a month to spend on one item sounded AWESOME. I pretty much only buy houses and mounts. I would save and save, wait for a 50% off or rebate sale, then buy the mount or house. So, a mount for 1950SC would then be 975SC....which would take 2 MONTHS to save up for with the 500SC a month. I would rather get the 2000SC and spend it on one mount or house each month.....especially since there are always new mounts and houses....I would never run out of ones to buy, and I wouldn't have to wait for a sale to buy them.


    You said you are lowering the price of ALL ACCESS to $14.99. I pre-paid for several years at the old price. When this goes into effect, will my ALL ACCESS time be EXTENDED to reflect this price change??
  6. Wanic Active Member

    Please read below quote, it pretty much sums up the whole thing without having to repeat it in a colourful way.

    Also i imagine more light might be shed on your problem, but that probably won't occur intil February sometime,
  7. RadarX Community Manager

    We will have more details coming very soon on but these types of situations are being taken into consideration.
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  8. Darsch Member

    That's pretty much what I am doing now. Would be more inclined to pick up dragons prophet if it was to be included in the all access pass, but since its not, meh. I might get around to goofing off in it if I have time.Until then, College, work, The Repopulation, EQ2, DCUO, Vanguard, and PS4 will get my time.
  9. mouser Well-Known Member

    I've still got an OEM XP w/SP2 with COA and key.
    They can pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    IIRC, someone on these forums (or maybe it was Next) was worrying about what will happen when it reaches EOL, and what SOE will do, etc... Windows 95 and 98 (and I think 98 SE) reached end of life years ago. People still use those and the internet and computing world hasn't fallen apart yet. I think there may even be people out there still using ME :confused:.

    I've still got a laptop that I use for old games. Pentium II - upgraded it to 192K (yes you read that right) of RAM, a wireless ethernet card, and XP runs smooth as silk on it. King's Quest, Diablo 2, I think the Zynga games (but I broke myself of that habit a while ago so I try to not to go back there...). Cool thing about the machine is the power supply is built into it and it has every port you'd want already in the back. Of course, that makes it weigh about fifteen pounds, but if I ever lose the power cord it's only $3 to replace.
  10. Darsch Member

    maybe they did, then again maybe they had more important things to do then chime in on how much they liked something that was presented as a done deal going into effect starting in feb.

    They have just as much freedom to post in outrage over this as everyone else did in outrage over the 2k voucher considering this threads OP asked for the feedback to keep coming.
  11. Darsch Member

    if eqn is using the newest version of directx it will be windows 8 only >.>
  12. mouser Well-Known Member

    If it were me, I would've waited at least a month to let people 'forget' about Frostfell before putting that up there. But this is the company that asks you to 'upgrade' to the latest expansion of Everquest whenever you log on - right up to the day before they launch the new expansion, which would include the one they're trying to sell you today for no additional charge.
  13. Trevynoae Member

    we should not forget one important thing here:
    The EQII community is just one of many communities involved and I strongly suggest to check the PS2 boards and you may be surprised. Obviously over there they found the 2k voucher even less useful.
  14. mouser Well-Known Member

    That may explain why they've moved the art design to a 'simpler' style than trying to go all ultra-realistic.

    Even SOE has got to know that would be a deathknell for a game like this. Windows 8 is at what? 10% market share even after all the ways Ballmer tried to cram it down everybody's throats. It will be interesting to see how much, if any of that gets backported to 7 if they get a decent CEO running the ship again.

    My daughter had the choice when we got her a laptop to use in college (came with both install media). She went with Windows 8 because that's what her school uses. I installed some games for her to kill time with (HOG/HOPA type stuff). She now has HUNDREDS of icons spread out over her 'all apps' window that I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of - went into the system files and everything. Good thing I didn't install that 700k games package...
  15. Wanic Active Member

    You're correct, the timeframe from the OP about the changes, to them double backing was the space of a weekend, it wasn't enough time to get a decent amount of feedback towards the change (i've said this in previous posts, but who reads a whole thread right?), however like many things that happen in the game, you have to be there at the time for the intial outburst for a swift change in whats happening; the main part of this is pretty much sorted now(i expect) its just to question the little things, such as those who have prepaid several years in advance etc, maybe a few minor adjustments which they themselves may have overlooked.
    It was presented as a done deal because they went fishing for our reaction, and those who opposed it were first to the pond to do so, however it could still change who knows. Maybe we should have to loot our SC from chests, like we did with the LoN cards ages ago (fun times!).

    Also feedback, the post to which i replied to, only the beginning of it would be considered feedback, the rest was an exertion of disapointment towards a change they would have liked, and a question.
  16. beagley Well-Known Member

    Are you sure I read that right??? 192K whan the min spec states it needed 64Mb? Are you sure its not a Commodore 64 in disguise? :p
  17. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    I assume you didn't read Smed's interview, it's linked in my post just above yours,
    Here's the relevant section :

    On the opposite side of the coin, some of those who have responded to the latest changes to the changes (namely, returning to the one gift of 500 SC per month instead of one 2K SC gift per game) have countered that SOE has cowed to the vocal minority and cheated the rest of the playerbase out of their free goodies. Responding to this, Smedley assured that those who expressed their concerns were definitely not the minority and that numbers backed that up.

    Fortunately, we "naysayers" were in the majority. :rolleyes:
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  18. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I think max number of years is 3 that can be pre-paid? Or are you trying to get a refund for previous years that you used up already via an annual sub? That would be like me saying hey, I add all-access for years, will I get a refund for the difference since its lowering? Or hey that car I bought 2 years ago is a lower in price now, where is my refund? :rolleyes:
    You complain about the 'naysayers' but you never posted your preferences. The team responded to the voices of the players that posted their concerns. You didn't voice yours until after they came to a decision that the current choice was wanted by the majority of players.o_O
  19. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    Aye, I suspect that by 'Europeans' Smed is referring to those playing on PSS1 accounts. It should be comparatively easy to sort out an All-Access sub equivalent for them. The situation is somewhat more complicated for those of us on hard fought grandfathered accounts where games such as DCUO are unavailable to us on our SOE accounts as we are technically flagged as PSS1's property customers. Quite how they can give us All-Access I don't know, you can't even sign up for these forums if your IP is from Europe any more. (Hubby tried a few weeks back). I hasten to add, that forcing us to PSS1 after all is not an option myself nor I suspect anyone else in the same position would support.
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  20. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    I almost did, but gave in and skipped a few pages, but that's irrelivant I guess. I'll blame that one on A.D.D., Lol
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