2014 Membership Benefit Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Kilar Active Member

    This truely MUST be read, especially if you come to this thread late. Sums everything up nicely.
  2. Flatline Well-Known Member

    /Tinfoil hats ON

    So... everyone else did of course connect the fact that gold members now level faster, make more gold, get double tokens and
    hence get endgame gear .... faster? :cool: Could that be a albeit highly FUD'ed version of p2w?

    *whistles as he walks away, wearing a tinfoil hat still*
  3. Kilar Active Member

    Just make sure you have an extra 3 empty/unused character slots so that you can use all of the characters that you have created and go silver. Honestly you won't notice the difference unless you sell a lot on the broker or use the mail a lot.
  4. Wanic Active Member

    Well to be fair, we've had a very diluted version of p2w since EQ2 turned free to play.
    Now they're just adding more cordial into the mix.
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  5. Mermut Well-Known Member

    My quote was from the post that started this thread.... to me, at least, it doesn't seem at all confusing. The details left out where what is excluded, not that the item couldn't be saved or use as a discount on a more costly item. The original post also stated that it did not carry over from month to month.

    I'm not in favor of this change, as I mentioned, but I don't understand the large amounts of confusion. Most of the information was in the initial post.
  6. Sandyfoot Well-Known Member

    Maybe they should just randomize a treasure box with items that can total up to 2000 SC and let the players claim it and get whatever is inside. But, at least with the proposed plan, there is an ability to choose an item. There is still a choice left along with some flexibility, although it is not as flexible as the bonus 500SC in which we were able to save or spend as we wish. When this is gone, I will miss it.

    Personally, I don't know enough to make an informed decision and can't say with certainty that I like or dislike the impending changes. I'm paid up until October of this year. My daily costs for the game is .333 cents a day. I don't know where else I can go and enjoy a romp in a fantasy world for .333 cents a day.

    If I took advantage of the 2000SC voucher, or whatever they decide to call it, the claimed item would be twice the value of the Gold membership. I could cancel to make a statement of protest, but it is clear to me, that the value offered is greater than what I currently pay for the game and it would be silly for me to cancel at this time and loose any advantages I do have as a recurring Gold Member.

    Will this change the way I spend? Probably not. Only thing that will change my viewpoint of the game is if it loses it's entertainment value and it gets to the point I find myself no longer playing. When that happens, then it would be time to stop the sub, but for right now, just haven't reached that point yet and I still find value in subscribing.

    Maybe they need to bring back the Platinum Membership for individual games, giving players an opportunity to pay an annual fee for a single game with all the bells and whistles. A sub with some real meat on it's bones that will give the player the sense that they are really getting their money's worth.
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  7. Wanic Active Member

    Goblin Games 2.0 confirmed.
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  8. jazmeena Member

    I think the confusion over entitlement comes from the stance of "I want the 500SC or else" or the "I paid $15 dollars for them to give me back $5" that some are making. Business circumstances change and there is a big change in circumstance with eqnext on the horizon. Putting your arguments that the gold subscription is not valued enough and should have more benefits seems to be the more winning way to present this. If they can no longer give away free SC what will you accept in its place?
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  9. Mesotone New Member

    Radar X, I know changes are hard. I know why this change was implemented at the time it was implemented. I think most have figured it out. SOE doesn't want to loss a potential revenue stream from the Alpha. I love this game and again I have to ask the question is the re- Occurring revenue worth more then a one time peak. I caution you sir to elevate this project as a red light item to be reviewed again or we are all going to loss. Losing players is not beneficial to the user base and losing accounts or refunding Yearly subscriptions is not beneficial to your organization. Which is going to happen. To those that say I'm willing to pay $15 for updates etc.... Think about it. Unless SOE released a XPAC every four months your not going to get the value for your money to pay monthly there has to be something more. The best thing SOE could do would be to establish a polling system in game or at game launch to get an understanding of what users want. You need to get closer to the average players wants/needs. I hate to say it but this is the major reason WOW succeeded in days past. They listen to there user base better.
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  10. Flatline Well-Known Member

    Ding Ding Ding, ladies and gentlemen we have a winner :D
  11. Misstake Well-Known Member

    The only problem I see is when I want to get a rounded tile which is only 10 station cash. With the 500 station cash a month I could pick up 50, but with the new way I could only grab 1, because it is not in a bundle. That to me seems a tad bit ridiculous. I like being able to get a higher amount but at least the 500 rolls over. But it is something. =D Thank you SoE for everything you are doing.
  12. Nesissa Member

    At about page 25 of this thread I stopped reading all the individual posts/suggestions, so forgive me if what I'm about to suggest has already been said, and just count it as my vote towards that subject.

    RadarX, I think, as someone did point out, that we need more information to give valid suggestions. Like: MUST the 500SC/month for GMs go away? Or, are we simply trying to discuss how this new voucher system needs to be handled and divided up?

    My husband and I both have subs, and getting that 500SC/month was the deciding factor in us getting those subs. We are a military family who has to take advantage of savings where-ever we can get them. Since we knew that we would use SC, the 500SC was viewed as a rebate of sorts when we were making the decision to go Gold. Since going Gold in September, we have taken advantage of every SC sale you've had, so like many other GMs we ARE utilizing that 500SC and purchasing more, and with the exception of a couple of purchases between the 2 of us, all of that SC has gotten used up purchasing items worth a small amount of SC each.

    Now, IF the 500SC/month MUST go away, here are some of my suggestions:
    1. Instead of creating one big voucher worth up to 2000SC, create maybe 4 (just an example) each worth 500SC, and give them an expiration date (someone already suggested that part) of maybe 3months.
    2. Give snowballing voucher amounts using the time someone has been a GM, much like your current system for Veteran's Rewards. Example: New GM gets 1 Voucher = up to 500SC, 3month GM = 2 Vouchers, 6month GM = 3 Vouchers, 1yr GM = 4 Vouchers. Consider Grandfathering in current GMs to the 1yr mark of 4Vouchers worth up to 500SC each.
    3. Like you have the Goblin Gold payment option in the SC shop, add an option for Voucher payment, provided that #1 is implemented.
    4. As we don't know everything that will be included, take the following into consideration: If the above scenarios aren't acceptable, include everything in the SC Shop in the Voucher deal, take away the "up to 2000SC" thing and just make it 1 item, plain and simple. The vast majority of the items are in reality not going to be used that many times if more than once by the majority of the players. If there is an item that you see might be abused by over use-age, then put an account limit on that item. Or, give those items a dollar amount instead of an SC amount.

    If the SOE Game subsidiaries have been ordered to reduce costs somewhere...... how about these suggestions:
    1. I believe the Silver Membership is a one time fee, if it is: Make it a subscription and include Mailbox options and a limited monthly or weekly selling option at the broker.
    2. I hesitate to suggest this, but look at the subscription costs all around. An "All Access" sub is sitting currently at $19.99/month, and individual games at $14.99/month. Honestly, when I saw that, my first reaction was literally: "For an extra $5 we could have access to all of the games?! Why didn't we just sign up for that in the first place!?" Or, perhaps the "All Access" sub is a lesser sub than the Gold one for EQ2 specifically?

    Basically my point in all this is... just as EQ2 and all the other games are having to cut corners financially, so too are your player base. There is a lot that you as devs are doing right with EQ2, and you guys are definitely appreciated. You are obviously listening to us, or you and the other moderators wouldn't have spent your weekend reading at least this thread. It would really help to know, if you can, what the ultimate directive is with this new decision and what 'wiggle room' we have to find common ground.
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  13. Sandyfoot Well-Known Member

    Building blocks come in sets. A lot of the furniture comes in sets. They also say they are reading and listening. It is not out of line for us to ask that building blocks and furniture that are listed as sets be included as a single item.
  14. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    Heck yeah!! Where do I sign up for that?? The whole marketplace thing is going to be the deathknell of EQ2. Oh sure, it started off harmless enough, but it's on a slippery slope to P2Win. Now, you can repair with SC (there goes the in-game market for repair kits, or for someone taking the time and trouble to get tinkering up enough to make a repair bot). You can revive with SC. You can be fully mastered by just spending some SC (and there went the in-game market for spell scrolls - I just vendor-trash masters now as no one buys them). What next - spend some SC and have someone take over your PC and play for you while you sit at your desk and watch?

    Smokejumper assured us that there would be NO RMT in the game.....then it was for fluff stuff only (appearance items, house items, services).....now it actually can affect your gameplay.

    I would much, MUCH rather have NO marketplace or SC, and have a subscription-based full access to the game.
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  15. Misstake Well-Known Member

    The sets for the building blocks come in a variety pack... which is one of everything, or plain tiles, which they have 10. But there are no sets for half blocks, dividers, rounded tiles and such.
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  16. Sandyfoot Well-Known Member

    True, and it is a perfect time for the types of sets being offered to be readjusted. As a person who enjoys housing I think such an adjustment is long over due and now, with these changes, a good time for them to adapt each block type into a set so they can be included.
  17. Ryzome New Member

    I've been a member since shortly after launch and this issue has aggravated me enough to set up my forum account to show my displeasure. I have 15 Characters on my main account and have been using my 500 SC per month to unlock mercenaries for them.
    I also have a second account that I no longer play that has 9 characters on it. Although it would take a few years of saving up station cash i was hoping to eventually buy the transfer tokens and character slots in order to transfer them to my main account.
    With Landmark/EQnext opening up soon I figured I'd keep my EQ2 account going. With these changes I see less incentive to keep paying for a subscription. And if my main account switches to Free-to-play then there's no point in transferring the rest of my toons.
    SOE with this change you will most likely loose my business, a loyal subscribing member since early 2005
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  18. msgnomer Active Member

    Regarding spending some SC and have someone take over your PC and play for you while you sit at your desk and watch - that's already available with SC, it's called Heroic Characters (except you don't get to watch).

    I would also play a straight subscription, no marketplace EQ2 in a heartbeat.
  19. jazmeena Member

    What is pay to win in an mmo? There is nothing to win. I amend that: You win by enjoying the game. Maybe an argument for pvp servers without restricted cash shops. But this is a digression from the intent of this forum topic and I'll shut up now.
  20. Quinnos Active Member

    If they made a subscription only server with no marketplace I'd gladly pay gold just for that. Heck, I'd even pay for some character transfers there too.
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