2014 Membership Benefit Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

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  2. R.J. MacReady Active Member

    They are calling this change "added value". That is not a developer or business minded, but an evasive minded person would call it
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  3. Alenna Well-Known Member

    correction On Silver at least you can get mail you just can't send it. i've sent many mail even with items to a friend of mine on a silver account
  4. Wanic Active Member

    Are you playing rock/paper/scissors/spcok to see who gives us the announcement?

    Remember rock beats all.
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  5. Katz Well-Known Member

    This sort of confuses me more.

    The question was if they wanted to buy something for say, 2200 station cash, could you use the 2000 and then just add to that the 200 or could you not use your 2000 at all?

    The way you answered this, I'm interpreting that as ...No, you can only use it for items 2000 or less. You cannot apply it to items that cost more than 2000. Is that correct?
  6. aspekx Well-Known Member

    from what i have read no, you cannot add anything. the reason being that you are not being given 2000SC. you are being given a one time voucher to use in the store to purchase one, single item.
  7. RadarX Community Manager

    What you are describing seems more like a "credit" which unfortunately is not the intent of this system.
  8. ksheila New Member

    This would be great if it worked like regular SC... For a player like me.. this DOES NOT WORK.. I love to decorate.. It is one of the reasons I have stayed in this game even while playing several others since 2006. It even effects my play style as a lot of my playing is done to acquire housing items. Only being able to buy one item a month is really useless. I mean, lets just say I want to decorate a table. Even just 4 settings or even 4 dining chairs would take 4 months and 8000 SC. How does that make sense? Even certain bundles only offer certain parts of things and some offer things I DON'T want.. which is why it's nice to be able to buy one at a time. But they haven't even made the part about bundles clear yet. What good is 2000 SC a month if you end up using it on an item that only cost 50 SC (cause that's what you need) and then have to wait for next month to buy anything else?
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  9. Circadian Member

    So, this is actually even worse than originally described? Someone's confused alright, but I don't think it's Katz.
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  10. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Like it or not, it is exactly what was described: " a new program that allows you to select one single item valued up to 2000 SC each month."
    I'm not a fan of the change, but it is clearly a voucher for a single item, not credit towards a purchase.
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  11. Mesotone New Member

    SOE. As a long standing dedicated customer I have to say this doesn't appear to really be a benefit as you state it is. I view this as a take away. Honestly, it is my belief you will be losing revenue and here is how.
    1) Those who save up SC and want to acquire some lets say a level 85 toon for 3500 SC. These folks aren't going to want to wait 7 months to get it. However they may wait three months by saving their SC and go to Walmart and purchase a SC card for 15 bucks and get 2000 SC and get that level 85 toon.
    2) I pay a monthly membership fee which is re-occurring that I'm sure your CFO will miss if all of us go to Free-to-play because honestly this was the only benefit of having a re-occurring account. Some may say what about double papers for Gold Membership this should have been a clear sign to you SOE that to get more Gold Membership accounts you need to give more perks to those subscribers or they will become Free-to-play accounts.
    3)You need to get better at Customer Service and at least poll your user base and ask questions about what they want. It is ironic that I have to tell a Japanese owned company to do this as I have been to Japan several times and their people are all about customer service.
    4)This new policy doesn't match my spending habits as I buy usually small ticket items which as I read would amount to one item at 200SC a month for me unless I wanted to start collecting mounts.

    We'll I hope Sony you will retract this clearly non-beneficial not thought through policy. My two cents if you will....
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  12. Kilar Active Member

    As you mentioned, you get the game, updates & fixes for your $15, So do I and I have just cancelled my recurring Gold sub and pay nothing :)
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  13. ksheila New Member

  14. Circadian Member

    It was never stated that you couldn't get an item that cost more and purchase the additional SC to complete the purchase...no that was not provided in the original details. This is literally, one single item, for 2000 SC or less, no more, use it or lose it, and you can't add to it. That's garbage.
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  15. Glassjaw Active Member

    That's the thing of it. People have the choice to play/pay their way. You can choose to pay the monthly sub or not to.

    I choose to pay the monthly sub as I have since I started back in RoK and I choose to continue to pay it because I enjoy this game and want to support the folks who keep it enjoyable.
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  16. Arferbeer New Member

    I have neither the time nor inclination to read all the posts on this topic (there are a lot!) but I feel the need to speak out, possibly for the first time ever. This change is bad for the majority of subscribers and I for one am likely to vote with my feet.

    I've been playing this game for 10 years but if the change proceeds, I will be looking for another MMORPG - Anyone got any recommendations?
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  17. Alenna Well-Known Member

    some of them you bought Slots not characters silver only gives you 4 slots wher as gold gives you 7 you will have to pay for at least 3 more slots to keep the the characters you have open.
  18. Wanic Active Member

    Welcome to the confusion for the past few days.
    Hopefully (hint hint RadarX) we'll have more news clarifying this new exciting deal!

    To qoute John McClaine from Die Hard- Welcome to the party pal, we have cake and a long list of questions.
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  19. Skeezie Active Member

    This is it for me. I would be happy to continue paying for gold if it was more attractive than silver but for the few differences there are, really, gold members are subsidizing the lower tiers. I will continue to pay for gold because of the double tokens, that right now are enough of a difference over silver, and worth the price of the monthly fee, but I know within a month or two those will start to accumulate and won't be of use to me. I need to feel that my subscription rate is worth something. As soon as I don't feel that I'll drop to silver. I love the game, I have no intention of canceling because of the change - but, like anything in life ' you get what you pay for' and broker access and mail privileges are not worth 75 bucks a month to me ( I have multiple accounts).
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  20. Darsch Member

    you can only use it for 2000 or less, other limitations and exclusion will apply. Its a coupon for a free item every month. can not be redeemed with any thing else.
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