20% Hate Gain On Epic... Are you Joking? ((Another RANT!!)) -- ATTN PLEASE DEVS !!!

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Dear SOE Developers.

    20% Hate Gain On Our Best Weapon = /fail.

    Now We lost our OT Roll. ((if this changes effects us to much, we would pull to much aggro and be splatted like Mages since ROK MOBs hit everyone about the same!!)) .....

    Not To Mention... o_O

    WEEE Cap for Hate Gain = 50%, and Dirge Buffs add 40%!!!


    Serious Business....
    Please Remove
    Remove 20% Hate Gain.

    - Add: Make the Proc Affect All Target's in Area.
    - Add: 25% Reuse Speed, Recovery Speed, Casting Speed to Proc.

    ((add proc))
    - On Successful Melee Attack this spell will cast Raging Strikes 25 - 50 - 70 Heat Damage / 25 - 50 - 70 Crushing Damage.
    ((This Proc Does not Count As a Melee Attack))
    ((effect cannot be Resisted))


    Another Problem..

    300% Hate Gain Applies... Are you Nuts?!


    How About?
    + 300% Reposite Damage
    +15% Chance to Reposite ((On Main part))

    ((Wow, that would make up for not being able to use a Kite Sheild...))

    Or More Ideas.

    Remove Penalty's For Defence/Offencive Stances.
  2. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Can't take away Whirlwind. Although if it's truly limited to 4 mobs like Zhon said, then a big FU is in order for whoever decided that.

    *Chance to proc +1 hate position if facing mob?

    *+20 Slashing instead of +20 hate gain?

    *Chance to turn you into a Guardian for 30 seconds?

    *Leave the 20% hate gain, but remove hate gain cap while weapon is equipped?

    *Chance to summon 5 jelly babies into wielders inventory on a successful attack?
  3. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    the hate mod does need to be removed but for the rest, do you even have your mythical or even close to getting it ICM?
  4. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Kurgan@Everfrost wrote:
    LOL !!!
    Seriously, Insane Chaos marine is correct that a 20% hate gain bonus all the time would destroy our OT abilty as the MT "aka Guardian" would NEVER be able to maintain aggro. This buff needs to be add to WhirlWinds effect so that it can be toggle on or off.
    As for Whirlwing I have confirm that it only effect 4 targets just like Open wounds this is why in the /fix Beserker thread i suggest that Open Woudns be give a max of 6 target to give it purpose again.
    To be honest I like the direction that the dev's are going with this 20% hate gain, but the problem as already stated is that the hate gain cap is 50% so the devs would need to make the buff ignore the cap.
    • 20% Hate Gain attached to Whirlwind
    • Hate Gain Ignores Hard Cap
  5. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Aeralik wrote:
    DONE !
  6. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Zhonata wrote:
    /faints dead away
    Wow... that. is. AWESOME.
  7. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    where is that statement from?
    link to post please?
  8. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

  9. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    When someone gets a chance can they post a pic or an exact explaination of what it does.
  10. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Zhonata wrote:
    Would do so if it were on Test, but it's not yet.
  11. ARCHIVED-Aeralik Guest

    Zhonata wrote:
    The part that applies initially with the larger taunt gets a 5 hate position boost. In general, that should be enough to put you at or very close to the top when trying to pick up aggro off a mob or group of mobs.
  12. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Very Nice thank you.
  13. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    I've seen a Zerker parse 7k while tanking multi mobs in SoH, explain to me how they need more hate or snap aggro?
    This is a joke right ?
  14. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Pitt Hammerfist wrote:
    no offense but you sir do not play a zerk and can not speak for us.
  15. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    No but i've seen a Zerker tank anything a Guardian can.
    Aeralik, theres a lot of people getting fed up with you totally ignoring the SK community, i mean the last time a dev came into our forum was to tell us to compile a list of issues, all the while there has been multiple issue threads.
    Do you just not know how to fix us? or are you purposly ignoring us because it's too much work to fix us?
    Seriously im just about to explode in a fit of rage
  16. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    we can, but not nearly as well. zerks have, for the most part, turned into a utility tank class where aggro can be a real issue when you have assassins decapping a X2 as it is incoming or burning as hard as they can bouncing aggro and pulling the mob out of our auto attack range. even our AE combat arts do not do an adequate job at rounding up mobs most times where this will help us do our job better as the "AE" tank class.
    yes i feel sorry for the SK community and i certainly wish i saw more feedback in your favor, i just think this was an easy fix which is why it got addressed more quickly.
  17. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Sound like a zerker to me.... :)
    All seriousness I can understand your frustration.
  18. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    Yes thank you, and trust me your not the first person/class to say they feel sorry for the SK's. Everyone else seems to understand except the people that can do something about it.
    I mean we are a bunch of ferrals with gnashing teeth, everyone puts in thier 2c worth and nothing gets done, because the class has no real direction or purpose. Are we a tank or are we dps, or are we very poor at both ?
    Do the Devs understand that SK's are the red haired step child of the game ? I think they know, and i think Aeralik enjoys it when people get frustrated with SK's, after all he plays an Assassin doesn't he, thier problems are non existant.
    Bottom line is Sk's are tanks too, give us more tanking ability (Not a weapon that tries to make up for our shortcomings, as weapons have an expiry date)
    Tanking ability such as more defense, no taunts over time, you try casting while a mobs hitting you. etc etc you pick something Aeralik, anything.
  19. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Pitt Hammerfist wrote:
    Yeah I think some zerks like to make it like its worse then it really is for them
    Dont get me wrong they have their issues, but alot of zerks I group with do some pretty freaking spectacular dps when tanking.
    As a bruiser my dps gets cut into almost half when I tank as I am pretty much forced to drop into my defensive stance.

    Fighter classes with the biggest issues: bruiser/sk then zerkers, monks, paladins.
    Guards are fine and if anything need nerfed.
  20. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    If it's not obvious by now that SK's are the LEAST WANTED class when it comes to raiding, i don't know what else i can do.
    For gods sake, i can count the number of raiding SK's on 1 hand

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