“Summoner dps is currently in a place we are comfortable with at the moment”

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  1. Phaedrix Active Member

    P.S. For example, a guildie just pointed out that I haven't upgraded my wand in a while. This is because the only 40s/50s wands I've been able to find have crap stats apart from DPS because of horrendous TLE itemization at midgame. But perhaps I should simply ignore the non-DPS stats, given how that a sizable chunk of caster DPS come from wands. That is the sort of insight I'm talking about. Wands weren't a factor ten years ago.
  2. agosborne Member

    Totally decent dps is subjective. If you'd link an ACT zone wide screenshot please, I'm sure you'd get some constructive feedback. When people talk about lifeburn being OP on raid mobs that take 30 seconds to kill-- well yes, that is dumb...and so is mana burn in a 20 sec fight, and so it grave sac on a 4 sec AE pull etc....if you talk about something, please put in the context of zone wide damage. I'm more than happy to help you.
  3. agosborne Member

    This is what a conj zone wide on SH should look like.

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  4. Kalika Well-Known Member

    As most, and even almost all summoners you gave your pet your name, this is childish since we all know how to make and addition. Mine never ever did it, this allow her to better evaluate the pet. And in raid our group nobody ever complained and someone would have done i would had tell them how to sum two numbers.

    It is sad to see the frozen water and roaring flame so low, but they have long recast may be they do better on a boss...

    Also it seems that the zone has lot of trash and is heavy on mutli target (earthquake and detonation are high).

    I don't see well the pet, except fiery sorcerer flame which is so low, he may have some part of the crushing or piercing but it unclear. Anyway the pet seems to underperforms, have you tried with the scout ?
  5. agosborne Member

    Naming your pet your name is childish----lol I'm done here...some people just don't get it.
  6. Phaedrix Active Member

    I found the comment stupid as well. Thanks again for your input!
  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Just adding that there are very good reasons to give your pet a pet name ..

    First you will see how you perform and how he perform and will be able to compare fire and scout, even if currently scout is probably better.

    Second the issue of the dps chart is irrelevant, ACT allows to redirect actions (damage, heal whatever) to someone else, so you simply may ask to reidirect you pet on you for boss parses and so on. This also hold for shammies, this way they can see how often their dog cure and so on.

    Third sometimes is the fury of the batlle we may be lost and think that the summoner is attacked while it is his pet.

    Last it is a good way to show that you are not lazy and that you deal much more damage than your pet.
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  8. Greene Active Member

    Just report the obvious troll and move back on topic folks!

    Thanks for posting the parse, looks similar to mine, except again autoattack (aka crush) is a bigger % of my overall dps.
  9. Beee Well-Known Member

    That's why Epic 2.0 pet (Planeswalker/Reaper) on Live can not be renamed and is calculated automatically to the player ;)
  10. Greene Active Member

    Is the 2.0 pet functional? On TLE we're used to buggy raid gear, but to even have my special mythical weapon bugged (the pet has a decimal place off somewhere, it's way worse than an apprentice pet)....
  11. Beee Well-Known Member

    Seems to work almost fine on live:
    * Can be upgraded to Ancient (by PQ Fragments)
    * Since a patch only 20% of the meleestats are transfered to the pet (+swarmpets)
    * Epic 2.0 pet does not have own aggro - so AA deaggro / aggro spells are useless (for aggromanagement of the pet)
    * aggro counts direct to the player (seems there is a bug when the mob has stoneskin.. this produces huge aggro too)
    * some player spells count for the pet too (Soulburn, conjurer Elemental Blast, FireSeed, PlaneShift)
    * Pet is almost undyable even with 1 HP after soulburn
    * Pet is unrenameable (Planeswalker / Reaper of Char)

    In longer fights: Including buffs / procs / spells the (ancient) pet makes about 50% of the dps (Overall 18 pet spells/attacks). This is quit nice and almost twice the ascendions part

    Overall a summoner can do really nice dps and can get aggro very often ;)

    If I would have a wish for the Epic 2.0 pet.. I would choose a lower aggro transfer factor :)
  12. Sprok Active Member

    This zone is heavily single target, detonation especially is used early in rotation even on single target as outside of maybe communion it is a conjurers highest damage spell (currently on TLE), if you aren't casting this spell on single target fights you're wrong.

    This is with the scout pet, I'm not sure how a conjurer could even infer that a mage pet was ever used on that parse. The names of the pets you are seeing in the parse are from communion.
  13. Phaedrix Active Member

    For those of you who had constructive contributions to make, thank you very much! I feel I've learned a lot. It's interesting to look in more detail at the intersections between TLE and live through this prism.
  14. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    For your information, all lands now occupied were not the original inhabitants. (Other than the frozen artic zones). They were either driven out or assimilated into the new races that forced their way there. The pure strain of whatever race lived there no longer exists.
  15. Greene Active Member

    I believe on TLE our Mythical weapon pet is a toned DOWN mage pet. Like you're better off using an adept mage pet. Noone ever uses even the master mage pet, unless fights are all like 4+ linked mobs.

    I still have no idea what our Hydromancer pet thingy is supposed to do.
  16. Jacklambe New Member

    Elite heals, or at least slightly better than standard regeneration :)
  17. Caiss Member

    Yea Conj dps is hurting and you know when its hurting when you can name almost every 80 conj main on TLE. They said they are happy where summoner dps stands at the moment and i disagree. But hey who knows, SF is just about here and maybe summoner dps will even out in SF. Conjs imo get the better end in SF with EB so maybe we will see them come up and be able to be more viable. Only thing that worries me is that EB comes from the pet and may not do as much damage as where used to.
  18. Sprok Active Member

    I'm 95% certain EB uses player stats, it was good before the stat sharing pet fix a few expansions ago, so the -60% pet fervor should not impact it.
  19. Kalika Well-Known Member

    For SoH i disagree somewhat, i disliked this raid the tank switching on the 3 girl was annoying since you needed at least 2? or may be 3 different tank types, another guy was heavy on tank snap since i sort of remember him resetting often and wiping the raid if a tank was not snapping back quickly .... the guy that wanted music to be played and cursed healer forbiding them to heal was such crap .... what a **** when cursed landed just at the end of the cast of the templar group reactive ,,, I duoed it also when it was not current content anymore with DoV gear cause we were looking for some weapons, armor etc since they had very nice graphics.

    But the zone has a lot of unlinked flying gremlins and with the current gear no need to single pull them, so the raid probably massively pulled those which may explain the relatively high parse of open aoe like earthquake and detonation.

    For the pet you are very right, i forgot about communion, my conjurer is 71 and it s likely to be a level 80 spell ;-)
  20. Zelox Active Member

    necros even without lifeburn but with 3 tick UT are gods, conj is just a bad dps class right now